(メガローケンタモン MegaloKentamon)

3-26 MegaMightyKentamon

3-25 MegaMightyKentamon

Debut Digimon Tamers,
"Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure" [26]

MegaMightyKentamon is a spoof Digimon.


  • Broom of Magic (Kenta Shower): Sweeps its broom to spread dust.


In Kenta's imagination, MegaMightyKentamon is a man with gray skin, long limbs, and long white hair, which is tied with a golden ring, and red claws on its right hand. It wears a black suit with a detached right sleeve, multiple belts in the torso, sleeve, and left lef, and two long white cords hanging from the waist, each with a red claw-like ornament in the end. It also wears a golden shoulder pad on the left shoulder, a golden in the left arm, a golden greave with the red claws in the left leg, a golden gorget, and a golden mask with pointy ear-like ornaments, and a red visor.

In reality, it is just Kenta wearing red gloves and a white cloth around his mouth and forehead.


MegaloKentamon (メガローケンタモン)

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Tamers.


Name used in the American English dub of Digimon Tamers.

  • Mega. An unit prefix denoting a factor of one million.
  • En: Mighty. An adjective meaning "very strong".


Digimon Tamers

When trying to convince Babamon and Jijimon to become their Partners, Kazu and Kenta tell them about Digi-Modify. When Babamon fakes a Digi-Modify, Kenta imagines how he would look like if he were a Digimon, and comes up with MegaMightyKentamon.

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