MegaDarknessBagramon is a Composition Digimon. It is the digifused form of AxeKnightmon and Bagramon. By uniting the dark knight and the fiendish demon lord it became the greatest emperor of evil. Its "Imperium Vicious", the evil power spilling out of its body, symbolizes that strength, and if a weak evil is bathed in it then it immediately becomes a grovelling subordinate. Even if you try to resist, it is considered difficult to maintain your sense of self if you are glared at by AxeKnightmon, who exists within its chest. According to one theory, it appears to be planning on destroying all good, in order to fill the world with evil and obtain a world that it can manipulate at will. Even though there are probably some Digimon whose strength is not outdone even by MegaDarknessBagramon itself, it is said that in order to designate its plan as something guaranteed, it expands its power by bringing useful Digimon under its control, and watches out for opportunities for the opposition. Even if the opponent seems to be keeping their distance, when it becomes aware of them it will attack them with its "God of Death Snatcher", one of its Digimon-manipulating techniques, and for opponents whose existence has no worth, it attacks them with its "Eternal Darkmare". The darkness held within the hearts of humans and Digimon is intensified and fused with MegaDarknessBagramon's own fathomless power.[5]


  • God of Death Snatcher: Rips out the opponent's soul.
  • Bale-fire Eyes: Releases its fathomless power from the red eyes in its chest, transforming all of its surroundings into nothingness.
  • Eternal Darkmare: Instantly destroys the opponent's data by flapping its jet-black wings.
  • Terra Infusion: Absorbs the land around it to empower itself.

Attacks in Super Digica Taisen

  • Storm Death Scythe


MegaDarknessBagramon is an enhanced version of Bagramon with influence from AxeKnightmon. It now has AxeKnightmon's left arm, leg, and shoulder blade. It also gains an ornate golden skull as its chest armor. Its left horn becomes golden and enlarged while two of its remaining red horns shrink away. Its cape is now tattered, its eight wings are also enlarged with four additional wings, and its hair is now a mass of dark energy in the shape of hair.


DarknessBagramon (ダークネスバグラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media and in Digimon Heroes!.


Name used in the American English version of Digimon Fusion.


Digimon Fusion

Digimon Heroes!

DarknessBagramon is an obtainable Digimon.

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