MedievalGallantmon is a Warrior Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody[5]. In "Witchelny", it is praised as the "Legendary Hero", as it suddenly appeared and drove out the foreign invaders in ancient times, and although it's not certain, it is said that it transcends time and is still in existence. It battles using armor made by Sorcery, it holds the alias of "Whirlwind General" due to it governing the "Vortex Warriors", and it possesses the mightiest magical lance, "Dynas", which conceals the power of the wyvern. Although there are almost none who have seen its form in the "Digital World", it is called the "Warrior of Fantasy" there, as gaudy ornamentation is applied to the armor over its whole body, and a coat of arms is affixed to its solemn form.[6]


  • Rage of Wyvern: Fires an energy blast in the shape of a wyvern at the enemy from the crystal tip of "Dynas".
  • Final Crest: Fires a sharp, knife-like gust of wind to attack the enemy.
  • Dynas: Attacks the enemy by swinging "Dynas", the strongest magical lance that contains the power of the wyvern.



MedievalDukemon (メディーバルデュークモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used Japanese and some American English media.[7]


Official name given by the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in most American English media.


Digimon D-Cyber[]

MedievalGallantmon is the first form of Duke, one of the Holy Knights who can restore Dragon Spirits. MameTyramon is his servant. When asked, he refuses to give the Dragon Spirit to save Grademon and instead challenges them to battle. Though seemingly defeated, he proceeds to kill Grademon and then implant the Dragon Spirit, revealing that to restore the Dragon Spirit, the Digimon needed to be near-death. When he senses trouble, he digivolves to Gallantmon X and sends the group on their way.

Digimon Dreamers[]

When Wizardmon begins charging the power of its DigiCore so that it could use its Bolt Break attack against Feresmon, MedievalGallantmon is shown as an aura. This causes Feresmon to realize Wizardmon had the power to one day digivolve to it and that it had to kill it before it could as otherwise it would be able to stop its plans as MedievalGallantmon. Wizardmon's Future After Bulkmon defeats Feresmon, its boss Barbamon arrives. Rather than save Feresmon, it tells it that they needed to re-think their strategy to take over Witchelny and that continuing to fight was too dangerous. It tells it that Wizardmon was about to awaken to its potential as MedievalGallantmon and that if they continue to fight they would both be taken out by MedievalGallantmon. Not wanting this to happen, Barbamon simply watches as Feresmon falls to the ground. It then leaves. RITSU KODO

Digimon Heroes![]

Digimon Masters[]

MedievalGallantmon digivolves from Gallantmon X using the X-Antibody Factor.

Digimon New Century[]

MedievalGallantmon DNA Digivolves from WarGrowlmon and Wisemon.

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