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Debut Digimon World 4
Mecha Rogue

Mecha Rogue X is the original Mecha Rogue.


Mecha Rogue X has three forms. Its first form is a bipedal, purple knight. It has a skull-like mask and has skulls patterned on its shoulders and breechcloth. It has two red wings and a wields red blades on its arms. Its second form is a spiked, pod-like robot that is immobile. Its third form is an extremely large creature that stands on four, squat legs and has a large tail. Its upper torso is large and almost insectoid, with large arms and wings.

Its first form resemblances to Craniamon, except Craniamon lacks the wings and swords. Seraphimon speculates on a connection between the Royal Knights and the Mecha Rogues due to the presence of LordKnightmon among the enemies.


Digimon World 4

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