Marvin Jackson (マーヴィン・ジャクソン Māvuin Jakuson?) is the second in command of the Sons of Chaos. His online handle is Song Smith (ソングスミス Songu Sumisu?). His partner is Airdramon.


Marvin is one of the develops of GriMM, making him one of the leading software engineers in the world. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-1



Marvin Jackson (マーヴィン・ジャクソン)

Name used in Digimon Seekers.


Many years before leading the group known as the Sons of Chaos, Kosuke Kisakata lead a group hackers — with those hackers later forming the core of the SoC. Marvin was one of those hackers. Marvin and the others, Mindlinked to their partner Digimon, found themselves in the Gateway within the Wall Slums, looking to hack into an impenetrable firewall. It was going well but took a turn for the worst when a the system administrator discovered them which lead to the admin sending a group of gatekeeper Digimon to attack them. Megadramon and Marvin defeat most of them but they are quickly replaced with more. As they had already been Mindlinking for a while, Marvin tells Kosuke he wasn't going to be able to hold off the horde for much longer. All of the hackers, sans Kosuke, had their Digimon at the Ultimate level, but even that wouldn't be enough to defeat thousands of Digimon. Kosuke declares it was time for Phase 3, and had Dorumon digivolve to the Ultimate level DoruGreymon. DoruGreymon charges up its Metal Meteor attack, which has Marvin realize that Kosuke wasn't playing around. He has the other hackers scatter with Megadramon and the other partner Digimon firing attacks at the gatekeeper Digimon in the air. Kosuke begins a hack, which causes all the gatekeeper Digimon to be sucked under the Metal Meteor. They try to resist but to no avail, with it landing on them and killing most of them. Marvin and the others take out the survivors but when their hacking reaches 30%, it stops. Kosuke asks what happened, with DoruGreymon telling his partner that they could only get to 30% with one Prototype Digimon. Not just that, to be able to successfully hack into the system they would need three Prototype Digimon at the Ultimate level with the three needing to consist of Vaccine, Data, and Virus Digimon. Kosuke thinks and figures out that with DoruGreymon a Data Attribute and Shuu Yulin's Ryudamon a Vaccine they would need one more Digimon — a Virus. The gateway had been there even before the Wall Slums themselves, which is why it required such Digimon. Beyond the gateway was the source code, and Kosuke wanted it so that he could change the World. As they muse over Kosuke's goals, one of the Royal Knights shows up and — knowing full well they had no chance against a member of the Royal Knights — tells everyone to flee. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-1

Kosuke later creates the Sons of Chaos, with Marvin and the others joining.

One day, having heard about Eiji Nagasumi's exploits in defeating the DigiPolice, as well as the fact he had applied to join the Sons of Chaos, Marvin sets up a meeting to meet him.

Upon time for the meeting, Marvin, having logged into GriMM at some point to access the Sons of Chaos' channel, notices Eiji and Loogamon were there, and scans the dog. Loogamon notices this, and so, Marvin, flanked by his partner Airdramon, approaches them.

They exchange introductions, followed by Marvin asking if Eiji had ever applied to the SoC under a different name or if he had belonged to other cracker teams, as it was unusual for such new cracker to be able to defeat the DigiPolice like he had. He figured either the information was a lie, or Eiji was up to something. Eiji, now fearful that the SoC had already caught on to him, states he hadn't and had simply been a freelancer until recently, with Marvin figuring that a Mindlinker probably wouldn't be stupid enough to pull something. The four of them go into Marvin's private room, where he tells Eiji about their upcoming plan and that they don't have enough members to pull it off. Eiji questions that, since the SoC have a lot of members, though Marvin says they need A class hackers that can Mindlink and that there are very few of those. With Eiji fitting that criteria, he instantly offers his services without listening to what it was with Marvin surpirsed since it would obviously be dangerous. Marvin praises him for defeating the DigiPolice, whilst Eiji asks if Tartarus will be part of the mission claiming he idolizes him with him being the entire reason he joined. Marvin becomes distracted as Airdramon begins to play with Loogamon — Marvin deciding to join in too — though answers Eiji after doing so, telling him that though Tartarus set up their missions, he rarely gets involved in himself. He shares a file with Eiji, telling him that the mission was named "Operation Infinity", and that he should return Mindlinked the next day. Just as Eiji bids farewell, Marvin asks him if he had heard anything about a BlackAgumon though Eiji states he only knew that someone was looking for one. Marvin reveals it was actually the SoC that were looking for it, with Eiji surprised, since the reward was 100 million. Marvin informs him that 100 million was nothing for SoC, especially as Tartarus was obsessed with getting his hands on a BlackAgumon. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-2

The members of Operation Infinity meet up in Marvin's SoC room, with there being eight users there total. The monitor displays the mission, which is to hack Nation X's server. Eiji is surprised, and questions the other users about doing such a thing, which leads the others to laugh at him. Marvin tells him that all members need to be on the same page, then informs him that hackers from Nation X had performed lots of cyberattacks and had even recently stolen billions worth of cryptocurrency – with Eiji surprised to learn that they were the ones responsible for it. Since the SoC use cryptocurrency they couldn't turn a blind eye to them doing such a thing, especially if it caused a major shift in the World's financial powers. Eiji continues to be surprised, since hackers do so to become rich meaning this was hypocritical, with the other hackers stating they just wanted to destabilise Nation X's leader as well as get revenge on them, as they had done crimes using a Machinedramon and framed the SoC. Tartarus arrives, introduces himself as the leader of the SoC, and then tells them to render their server useless and capture their Machinedramon. After cheering, the hackers – including Marvin – summon their partner Digimon and Mind Link with them. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-3

The Sons of Chaos have their eight members split into teams of two, with the Mindlinked Airdramon/Marvin travelling alongside Loogamon/Eiji. Eiji asks Marvin what Tartarus will do with X Nation's Machinedramon once they have it, with Marvin becoming annoyed at Eiji for being more interested in Tartarus than the mission. He tells Eiji that even as Tartarus' right hand man he barely knows him and has no clue why he wants Machinedramon. Eiji insists that isn't the case and he was super focused on the mission, even to the level he hadn't slept – which causes Marvin to realise he had been overestimating Eiji as not sleeping could cause him to make a mistake and ruin the mission. Eiji continues to ask questions about Tartarus as they travel, with Marvin answering with theories rather than actual answers. A vortex appears, though it quickly disappears, with Marvin warning Eiji about them. Eiji and Marvin discuss rumours of people supposedly going into them and living with Marvin not believing them as he hadn't known a single person to go inside one and come back. They eventually reach X Nation's servers, and begin their attack.

Airdramon and Loogamon fight and defeat Digimon belonging to X Nation hackers, with Marvin telling Eiji not to digivolve to Champion as staying at Rookie will allow him to Mindlink longer and get both of them out once Marvin runs out of time. The other teams were simply decoys for Eiji and Marvin, making it even more important for them both to avoid running down their times any longer than needed. They are stopped in their tracks by a wall, with Loogamon stating Machinedramon was behind it. Airdramon complains at how much power it will take to destroy it, though Loogamon tells Eiji to set his tool to Decode which – to the shock of Marvin – allows Loogamon to decrypt the wall in an instant.

As they pass what used to be a wall, they are greeted by the roar of Machinedramon. They see it was held in place by a bunch of tools, meaning it wasn't a threat, with Marvin sending his Airdramon to attack it. He has Airdramon digivolve to Megadramon and attack Machinedramon, trying to free it. Eiji's monitor suddenly alerts him to the fact another Mega had just shown up, which proceeds to easily defeat Megadramon. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-4

Eiji and Loogamon looked on in shock – unaware of who had even defeated it. They panic, looking over Megadramon, worried for Marvin since if it takes enough damage it could kill not only Megadramon, but Marvin as well. The other SoC members arrive, and ask Eiji why they hadn't captured Machinedramon yet. They see Marvin's Megadramon knocked out and wonder who had done it, since they had acted as a decoy to keep most of X Nations defences busy. They shoot down Eiji's suggestion that maybe the DigiPolice had caught onto their plan, since the Japanese police hacking another countries server would cause a massive international incident. Kazuchimon proceeds to defeat every member of the SoC, including Loogamon, with the SoC members realizing who it was as only Leon Alexander was known to own a Kazuchimon. Unable to do anything, they watch as Kazuchimon kills the still trapped Machinedramon. Leon tells it to return to being a Digi-Egg and hopes that upon its revival it would be taken in by a nice person, rather than an evil hacker. He tells the SoC that he had decided to help their operation to stop X Nation doing crimes but couldn't allow them the pleasure of doing it themselves as he hated all hackers. Loogamon tells Eiji they need to flee as the mission was a failure, with Eiji refusing to leave Megadramon/Marvin behind. Loogamoon protests as they weren't friends with Marvin, but Eiji refuses to budge as he thought Marvin was as nice guy and he actually had become friends with him. He tells the other members to get Megadramon to safety, and as they do so he will distract Kazuchimon. The other members doubt he could defeat a Mega but Eiji simply tells them to do as he says.

As they try to do so, Leon demands to know where Tartarus was and tells the SoC he will ruin their reputation as he had heard none of their missions had ever resulted in one of their members dying. Feeling cocky, Leon has Kazuchimon de-digivlve to Boutmon figuring that as he had already taken out Megdramon and Machinedramon he no longer needed to waste some of his Mindlink time at Mega as he would still be able to kill the other seven with his partner at the Ultimate level. Loogamon points out that as Leon was mindlinking he was on a time limit as well, and figures they could save everyone by stalling long enough. Loogamon digivolves to Loogarmon and attacks Boutmon, with the force of its attack enough to stop it before it could reach Megadramon. Leon is surprised at just how strong Loogarmon was, with Eiji mocking Leon, telling him that he had actually de-digivolved as he was almost out of time. Megadramon wakes up, with Marvin telling everyone to flee as well as telling Leon he had committed a grave mistake in making an enemy of the SoC. Boutmon de-digivolves to Pulsemon and as Eiji looks at it, he recognizes it and wonders why. He then remembers, his childhood best friend Leon had shown him his partner Digimon a long time ago with it being the same exact Digimon. Realizing that meant he was fighting Leon, he Hololizes – which also causes Leon to hololize as well. Not only was Eiji surprised to see Leon, Leon was surprised to see Eiji. Their reunion is cut short however as more X Nation hackers arrive, causing everyone to flee before they could be taken out by the reinforcements. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-5

As Marvin is in his room in the SoC's GrimM channel, he is visited by Dorumon and the Hololized Tartarus, who was using a generic avatar. Dorumon asks how Megadramon was, with Marvin stating that it was okay but would be out of action for a while due to the injuries it had sustained. He tells Dorumon that Eiji, the hacker that Tartarus had personally scouted, had saved him and wonders if he should retire having lost that badly. Social media had become ablaze with rumours about how Judge had single handedly defeated the SoC, with the SoC themselves having leaked this information. Dorumon and Tartarus tell Marvin they would not let Judge get away with it and would get revenge against him as he poses a threat against not just the SoC but the entire Crack Team. Marvin asks if the duo are going to go ahead with their plan for an all out war, with them confirming that even with the loss of Machinedramon the final piece of the puzzle had still fallen into place. They discuss Eiji and Loogamon, saying that they had only seem him digivolve to Champion and as such didn't know whether they could trust them to stick with them till the bitter end without seeing their full power. He asks Marvin if he is still dedicated seeing Tartarus's plan to the end, to which Marvin confirms he is. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-6

Marvin later sends Eiji a thank you gift. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-9

When Kosuke reboots Operation Tartarus Kosuke is able to use his charisma to convince multiple branches of the Crack Team to work together on their mission whilst Eiji and Loogamon go to Ninth Avenue and convince Loogamon's minions to join in on the plan. The duo are then able to convince other Digimon in the Wall Slums to join too with them all agreeing to join the uprising since it was the chance for them to return to the Digital World having been banned from returning due to being contaminated with data from the human world.

The SoC live stream the hacking, which attracts the attention of the DigiPolice. Wanting to stop them, Shuu Yulin and Satsuki Tamahime send the DigiPolice out to attack them. As they fight the Hacker Digimon, Yulin asks for an update but learns that no members of the Sons of Chaos were actually present and instead Digimon that live in the Wall Slums were taking part in the battle alongside the Crack Team. The DigiPolice are surprised, with Ryudamon stating it had learned why they had joined. Not wanting to let the Sons of Chaos win, Yulin sends in even more units to the battle. She also tells them that they are not allowed to fight Tartarus/Dorumon and that they should tell her immediately so that she could fight them herself.

As the battle continues, the Mindlinked Marvin and Kosuke watch on as thousands of Digimon fight the gatekeepers. As Loogamon and Eiji ride the train back from Ninth Avenue Kosuke calls and praises them for having convinced the Wall Slum Digimon to join their cause. As they end the call, a member of the SoC contacts Kosuke and tells him that the DigiPolice had found the duo's location. They prepare for battle, with Kosuke saying they have to win or else they will never see their partners again alongside the fact he would never see Saya Ryusenji again. This was just as Kosuke had wanted though, as he needed Yulin and Ryudamon for his plan and had actually set a trap for them. Dorumon begins to digivolve, with Kosuke declaring he would achieve his goal and find Saya's BlackAgumon so that he could save her. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-12

During the battle, Eiji and Loogamon are cornered by Satsuki and many members of the DigiPolice. They had little choice, stay behind the boulder and they'd be killed by the Cargodramon. Come out, and they'd be killed by the rest of the DigiPolice. Just as Satsuki was about to order the Commandramon to throw their DCD Bombs over the boulder, she is contacted by the Sealsdramon — who tell her they had located their target. She demands their location with it telling her they were right above her head. Satsuki has no time to react, as Airdramon — Mindlinked with Marvin Jackson — attacks the Cargodramon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-1 Satsuki is surprised and questions the two of them as to why they would try to take on the DigiPolice on their own, whilst Eiji gets Marvin up to speed on what was happening and that Satsuki was a much bigger threat than when he had defeated her in the past. Needing to keep the rest of the DigiPolice away from Kosuke and Yulin, Loogamon digivolves to Loogarmon and joins Airdramon in battle. They weren't alone for much longer however, with Marvin sending the other leaders of the SoC and a large group of Crack Team Espimon into battle. A three way battle ensues, with the DigiPolice, SoC, and Gatekeeper Digimon all fighting each other. Wanting to defeat Eiji specifically, Satsuki calls in her "aces" and sends Tachibana and Sakurada to attack Loogarmon. The duo are able to split up Marvin and Eiji, leaving Eiji in a two on one battle against them. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-2

Shortly after the newly digivolved Soloogarmon defeats Tachibana and Sakurada, Dorugoramona defeats Ouryumon. Ouryumon de-digivolves to Ryudamon, and having won, Dorugoramon de-digivolves to Dorumon and checks on Ryudamon to make sure it's still alive. Figuring he still needed to keep them out of his way, Kosuke uses a program to restrain Ryudamon — just in case it were to awaken. With phase 2 of Operation Tartarus now complete, Kosuke declares it was now time to start phase 3. He contacts Marvin and asks if he's still alive, to which he confirms he is. He then learns about how the rest of the battle was going — the DigiPolice had around a third of its members left, whilst the only remaining members of the Sons of Chaos were Kosuke, Marvin, Eiji, and a few of the other leaders. Though some members of the Crack Team and Wall Slum Digimon remained, there weren't enough of them for them to guarantee a win against both the DigiPolice and the Gatekeeper Digimon. Dorumon tells Marvin to bring Eiji to them, with Marvin asking if they were going to use "you know what". Upon hearing confirmation they would, Marvin activates a tool from his suit — with a loud roar being heard.

Marvin and Airdramon deliver Eiji and Loogamon to Tartarus, then leave to return to the battlefield. The other SoC leaders with Kosuke log out, with all of them having things to do in the real World. Tartarus thanks them for their work, with the only ones remaining being Kosuke, Eiji, and the unconscious Ryudamon. Eiji looks on, and sees the DigiPolice retreating. He sees Ryudamon and asks if it was alive, to which Kosuke confirms it is. He asks what they need to do next, with Kosuke stating the next step was to crack into the gateway. He states they need to use the interfaces of the three Prototype Digimon, and that the fact they were so old meant the Digital World hadn't accounted for them which would make their hacking easier. He tells him of how he needs Vaccine, Data, and Virus Prototype Digimon and that all three of them were now present. Eiji asks what he and Loogamon needed to do, but he tells them they don't need to to anything — to their disappointment. The only thing that was needed was their presence, and they could just watch as Kosuke did the hacking. This has Eiji realize that's why Ryudamon was restrained, it didn't need to be awake or even do anything — it simply just had to be there.

Loogamon, Dorumon, and an unconscious Ryudamon form a circle around a Hololized Tartarus — with Eiji complaining and saying if they had told him about all this from the start, he would've helped. Kosuke tells him that that wouldn't have worked, since they needed all three Prototypes to be able to digivolve to Ultimate, and he had only recently achieved that stage. Kosuke begins the hacking once Marvin returns, and, as Loogamon and Dorumon would be unable to fight during the process — Marvin and the other SoC members with Marvin were the only defence they had. Marvin hadn't returned to Kosuke alone, he and the SoC members he brought with him brought a Chaosdramon. Within seconds of arriving, it attacks the nearby Gatekeeper Digimon — taking them out with ease. Eiji wonders who was Mindlinking with it, but Marvin tells him no one was as it was too volatile and instead — he himself was controlling it with a bot. With no more enemies at the current point, he has Chaosdramon go on standby, but warns Kosuke that "you know who" would show up soon. With no enemies currently in sight, Kosuke begins hacking. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-4

As Kosuke continues hacking into the system, the Sons of Chaos are attacked by Gatekeeper Digimon. Chaosdramon and the SoC hackers Marvin brought with him are able to deal with them however, with Kosuke's hacking at 33% — which was 3% higher than when he had tried it in the past with only Dorumon.

Gatekeeper Digimon continue to arrive, but the SoC deal with them every time. As more and more fights happen, Kosuke hacks even more, now at 66%. Loogamon senses something, and tells the others that "it's coming". As Eiji worries about Loogamon's warning, Dorumon tells them there's nothing they can do about it, with the situation becoming worse as their SoC allies needed to log out due to their Mindlink times running out. This would leave Marvin as the last line of defence. Before they can log out, they are attacked by a Mekanorimon. Eiji was confused, since he thought the DigiPolice had retreated, and quickly learns that it was being piloted by a Mindlinked Satsuki/Numemon. The Mekanorimon collapses, being heavily damaged, but had still been able to do this last attack. Numemon gets out of the now fallen Digimon, with Marvin asking why she was here. She tells him she was here to recuse Yulin, with Marvin laughing as she only had a Numemon with her. This wasn't the case though, and she pulls out a Digimon Dock and tells the unconscious Yulin/Ryudamon that she had tendered her resignation as she had broken the rules of the DigiPolice by stealing their secret Digimon. She activates it, unleashing a Brigadramon.

Brigadramon aims its attacks at Eiji, Satsuki still wanting to kill him, but Marvin has Chaosdramon shield him. This was enough to pin Chaosdramon down, and with only Airdramon left — Numemon/Satsuki charge in to try and free Ryudamon. Eiji and Marvin are shocked to learn the DigiPolice had a Mega level Digimon the entire time, with Satsuki faking annoyance that Chaosdramon's Red Digizoid was able to withstand its attacks. With Brigadramon in range, Chaodramon grabs its arms but Satsuki reveals she wanted this to happen and had tricked him since it had missile launchers in its claws and as such would now be able to fire all of them at Chaosdramon at point blank range. Before it can do so, Eiji yells at them to stop fighting as "it" was here. Omegamon of the Royal Knights had arrived.

Omegamon attacks Kosuke, but Marvin is able to have Chaosdramon block the attack. As it falls to the powerful Royal Knight's attack, it is able to launch one final attack itself but Omegamon avoids it. Satsuki has Brigadramon attack Omegamon, though its attacks do little to it. Though she had no desire to help the SoC, she continues to have Brigadramon attack the Royal Knight as she didn't want Omegamon to kill Ryudamon/Yulin alongside the others. Brigadramon overheats, with it now unable to continue fighting. Omegamon comes out of the smoke unharmed, with there now being nothing to stop it killing Kosuke. The hacking was at 97%, and as Omegamon charged at Kosuke the mission seemed like it was going to fail. Kosuke however, reveals he had a trump card — and pulls out two Digimon Docks. He summons two Mega level Digimon and has them block Omegamon's attacks. With the hacking now at 99%, the gateway scans the three Prototype Digimon with its analysis bringing up holograms of their Ultimate forms. This confirmed they met the requirements, with the gateway giving Kosuke the key. The hacking was complete. Omegamon kills Kosuke's Mega Digimon but it is unable to reach the group in time as upon Kosuke activating the key — he, Eiji, and the Prototype Digimon vanish. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-5

Figuring this meant Kosuke had completed the hack, Marvin celebrates whilst Satsuki worryingly questions where Yulin and Ryudamon were. Omegamon, looking at its Transcendent Sword for blood — sighs upon seeing it had failed to stop Kosuke. The duo worry about the fact Omegamon was still there, since neither Chaosdramon nor Brigadramon were able to battle. They didn't have to worry for much longer however, as Omegamon ignored them and leapt into the gateway to follow Kosuke and the others. This signified the end of the battle, with the Crack Team Hackers/Digimon leaving alongside the remaining Wall Slum Digimon. Marvin thanks Satsuki for helping, though she instead demands to know where Yulin was. He tries to comfort her by telling her he lost friends during the battle, though Satsuki instead becomes further enraged at his comparing Hackers to Yulin. He returns Chaosdramon and the corpses of Kosuke's two Mega level partner Digimon to their Digimon Docks, and leaves Satsuki on her own — though not before telling her that if she contacts him in the future he would be more than happy to fix the Mekanorimon for her. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-6

A year later, as Kosuke had found BlackAgumon and achieved his goal, he very rarely bothered to deal with SoC work. As a result, Marvin and the rest of the SoC considered Eiji to be the unofficial leader. Epilogue

Notes and references[]

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