Maria (マリア?) is an American DigiDestined. Her Partner Digimon is Centarumon.


Maria is a young girl with light brown skin, brown eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair. She wears a turtlenecked red shirt, a beige coat with three dark gray buttons, and a ring-shaped Christmas ornament in the left side of the chest with a bell in the middle and two leaves on top of it. She also wears pink gloves, a green skirt, red stockings, and pink shoes with white soles.


Maria appears to be of Latin American descent and is the youngest known American DigiDestined.


Maria is an American DigiDestined partnered to Centarumon. On December 25, 2002, she and Centarumon, flying in an Okuwamon, are leading a group of flying Digimon composed of a Kuwagamon, a Devidramon, and a Parrotmon through New York. She and Centarumon arrive at the Rockefeller Center to assist Davis, Mimi, Michael, Phil, and their Partners against the rampaging Cherrymon. After the battle, they go to the Central Park, and she cheers with Tatum when the Digimon are sent ack to the Digital World. Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1 Later, on December 31, Maria, Mimi, Michael, Phil, Lou, and Steve, are in the streets of New York raising their Digivices in the sky. After calling out their Partners' names, they are trasported to the Digital World. After MaloMyotismon's defeat, she watches as Oikawa sacrifices himself to restore the Digital World. A Million Points of Light

Partner Digimon


Centarumon t.gif

Centarumon is Maria's Partner Digimon. Shortly after the Christmas of 2002, wild Digimon appeared all over the world. Centarumon and his partner Maria helped escort the escaped Digimon around America[citation needed] to a rendezvous point in New York City so that they could be returned to the Digital World. When Centarumon and Maria arrive alongside Lou, Tortomon, Steve, and Frigimon, they find that a Cherrymon being escorted by Phil had gone berserk and began attacking the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, and was being fought off by Flarerizamon, ExVeemon, Lillymon, and Seadramon. The newly-arrived Digimon are able to weaken Cherrymon long enough for Flarerizamon and the Japanese Digimon to knock the tree Digimon unconscious. Centarumon later makes an appearance during the final battle against MaloMyotismon, and lends his energy to the DigiDestined to defeat the demon lord Digimon.


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