Mantaraymon X
(マンタレイモン(X抗体) Mantaraymon (X-Antibody))
X-Antibody b.png
Mantaraymon X b.jpg
Level Champion[1]
Type Aquatic
Attribute Vaccine
Family Deep Savers
Cards (Ja:) Bx-61, Dα-533

Mantaraymon X is an Aquatic Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. All of its stealth features have been improved in order to avoid being discovered by enemy Digimon. It has a flat-structured build that is even more difficult to detect on enemy radar, and gained the ability to give off an emission that disrupts the enemy's sense of smell, barely making a sound as it moves. However, since its body is not invisible, the sharpness of its vision in detecting enemies ahead of it has improved, and it now takes action to avoid approaching enemies in advance. Due to these abilities, it is extremely difficult to capture Mantaraymon, even if it is nearby. However, only the light from both the "Stun Needle" and the electric bombs of its new Special Move "Paralyze Bomb" can be caught instantly.[2]


  • Paralyze Tail: Uses the "Stun Needle" to pierce the enemy Digimon's body.
  • Paralyze Bomb: Uses electric bombs.
  • Torpedo Ray


Mantaraymon X is an altered version of Mantaraymon.


Mantaraymon (X-Antibody) (マンタレイモン(X抗体))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. Some media format the "(X-Antibody)" without parentheses[3] or leave it out entirely.[4]

Mantaraymon X (マンタレイモンX)

Name used in Digimon Collectors.


Digimon Heroes!

Mantaraymon X Antibody digivolves from Mantaraymon.

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