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MailBirdramon is a mechanical bird Digimon. Christopher often rides on his back.


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  • Plasma Cannons (Plasma Cannon): Shoots the opponent at point-blank range with an extremely high-energy plasma shell from his mouth.
  • Nightflare (Nighthawk): Covertly approaches the opponent, then performs an aerial bombing.
  • Trident Tail

Other forms[]

"MailBirdramon + Golemon"[]

6-03 "MailBirdramon + Golemon"

"MailBirdramon + Golemon" is an unnamed DigiFuse between MailBirdramon and Golemon, where Golemon transforms into a hammer-like shape and becomes MailBirdramon's tail.

Christopher Aonuma uses him in a show of force against Mikey Kudo in an attempt to recruit him. After blowing away Mikey's Digimon friends, the DigiFuse dissolves, with MailBirdramon tossing Golemon aside like trash. A Rival Appears


  • Typhoon Tail: Swings his Golemon tail to blow the enemy away.

Other DigiFuses[]

After Digivolution

Human form[]

MailBirdramon is the man in a suit.

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