MagnaKidmon b.jpg
Level Mega
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Virus Busters
Three Musketeers

MagnaKidmon is a Dragon Man Digimon. MagnaKidmon has firearm mechanisms equipped throughout its body. As a wanderer travelling across the Digital World in search of the comrades it was separated from, it is a troublemaker who causes trouble and gets tangled up in scandal wherever it goes. Although it has a self-centered personality and is often indifferent of its surroundings, it's passionate about things like friendship or gratitude, misinterpreting the local Deputymon it comes across as members of its own species and becoming friends with them. As it loves single combat, it is so severely trigger happy that it fires off bullets indiscriminately once it wins or loses.[1]


  • Bind Red Trigger: Stabs the opponent with the tiny machine guns connected to the magazines extending from its hips, immediately destroying the enemy's body from within.
  • Happy Bullet Showering: A high-altitude annihilation fire in which it soars high into the sky with its wing-like muffler, then aims at the opponent with its arms folded and weaves together live ammunition and plasma shots fired from the gun muzzles on its legs and the fingers of its hands, which pound away like falling rain.
  • Chaos Triangular: Invokes when special conditions are met.



MagnaKidmon (マグナキッドモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Heroes!

MagnaKidmon can digivolve to AvengeKidmon.

Notes and references

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