MagnaAngemon is a Digimon who appears in the manga series Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.


MagnaAngemon is a humanoid Digimon clothed in white. He has a cross-emblazoned forehead guard with wings on either side that cover his eyes, and he has the sign of peace on his belt. On his back are two large wings. When he goes into battle, he dons battle armor that makes him look just like other MagnaAngemon.


MagnaAngemon is the one who summons Tai Kamiya to the Digital World so he can help him and the other good Digimon fight Daemon. He lives in Holy Angel Castle and, along with Whamon, governs the Digital World. He is one of the Support Programs to help the "Vaccine" Tai defeat the "Virus" Daemon. During Neo Saiba's invasion on his castle, he appears in his battle armor to get rid of some of the enemy digimon. To face Arcadiamon, he attempts to use Heaven's Gate to seal him away, but Arcadiamon breaks the attack, so MagnaAngemon reveals that he has the ability to digivolve to Mega, only that he sealed the power away so as to not make the other Digimon uncomfortable due to his aura. He digivolves to Seraphimon.

Upon Seraphimon's defeat, he reverts to his MagnaAngemon form to recuperate. When Neo attacks again, MagnaAngemon digivolves to Dominimon to help out.

MagnaAngemon has various digimon under his command, such as Patamon, Angemon, and Knightmon.


  • Excalibur: Draws the Excalibur blade from his right wrist.
  • Heaven's Gate: MagnaAngemon's Gate of Destiny; draws a circle in the air to suck all enemies into another dimension.

Other Forms


Seraphimon performs Seven Heavens.

After Arcadiamon was able to break through his Heaven's Gate attack and then digivolve to Champion, MagnaAngemon digivolves to Seraphimon to fight Arcadiamon. Unfortunately, Arcadiamon is stronger and is able to defeat Seraphimon and revert him back to his MagnaAngemon form.


  • Excalibur: Draws the Excalibur blade from his right wrist.
  • Seven Heavens: Seraphimon's Strike of the Seven Stars; fires seven balls of light.


Dominimon v.jpg

During Neo's second attack, MagnaAngemon digivolves to Dominimon against Daemon's army together with Leo as Regulumon and Hideto Fujimoto's Omnimon. While he is able to defeat most of Daemon's henchman, he is heavily wounded by Arcadiamon in his Mega form but manages to survive.


  • Final Excalibur: Slashes with a large energy blade.

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