Mademon is a Digimon.


Mademon is based on madebymado1215's childhood dog, Madeleine.[1] It is bipedal and resembles a white and brown King Charles Spaniel with black eyes. It wears a red and gold crown with an "M" on it, a red cape with a fur collar and a skull-like ornament on it. It carries a blue elephant toy.

Its ears take inspiration from Terriermon.[2] The skull is made from data taken from SkullGreymon's face.[3] The elephant toy is based on the real life Madeleine's favorite toy.[4]

During development, the collar was blue instead of white, the skull was black/white instead of white/green, and it had a different pattern on its back/back of its head.


Mademon (マドモン)

Name used by Bandai on Digimon Partners.[5] No official romanization available.

  • (Ja:) Madeleine (マドレーヌ Madorēnu?), madebymado1215's childhood dog.[1]


Mademon is one of five Digimon created as part of of the Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial Story project. @madebymado1215 purchased one of the five ¥300,000 rewards, "Creation of your original Digimon partner & presented as a doll", which had Kenji Watanabe visit madebymado1215 to create madebymado1215's partner Digimon. madebymado1215 published the artwork on July 21, 2021.[6]

It is based on madebymado1215's childhood dog, Madeleine, with a picture of it wearing a king costume as the main design reference.[1]

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