Luxmon is an Angel Digimon. It is small-bodied, childlike Digimon that belongs to the lowest rank of angels. Luxmon's innocent nature prevents it from being able to discern truth from lies, which may explain why it is often the target of Impmon and DemiDevimon's teasing. Though not especially powerful in its Rookie form, a group of Luxmon working as a team during battle display a great strength that enables them to take on opponents ostensibly beyond them. It admires Angemon very much.[1] It is a Digimon lacking in experience and skill, however it has the sacred power to one day digivolve into a mighty Digimon.[2] Luxmon are subordinates of ArkhaiAngemon, with ArkhaiAngemon protecting them and providing support by issuing direct commands.[3]


  • Tiny Knuckle (Pico Knuckle): A punching technique, imitating Angemon.
  • Cloud Barrier: Deploys of a circular shield of light. Several Luxmon can utilize this move at once to increase its defensive power by multitudes.



Luxmon (ルクスモン)

Official romanzation given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • La: Lux (lit. "Light").


During Digimon Con 2023, where Luxmon was announced, its name was shown in one instance as "PicoAngemon" (ピコエンジェモン) indicating that at one point this was its name before it was changed to Luxmon.[4]


Vital Bracelet BE[]

Luxmon is an obtainable Rookie level Digimon in Holy Wings. It digivolves from Yokomon and can digivolve to Piddomon, Xiquemon, and Birdramon.

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