Lucemon is a fictional character and Digimon from the fourth season of the anime and manga Digimon Frontier and is the main antagonist. Lucemon is a savior turned tyrant who brought salvation to the ancient Digital World before twisting it to his own ends. He is eventually defeated and sealed away into the Dark Area by the Ten Legendary Warriors.

The name "Lucemon" refers only to the Rookie form of this Digimon. Throughout the series, Lucemon gains the ability to digivolve into a number of more powerful forms, each with different names and characteristics. The Rookie level, however, is the form he spends most of the series in and the one is he most identified by.


Though seemingly innocent and child-like, Lucemon is cruel and devoted to his own goals above all else. He believes that the entire Digital World exists for him to lord over, and anything to the contrary can be annihilated. He is not above backstabbing his own allies, and he uses his position of power to play mind games with his subordinates.

Despite his evil and cruelty, Lucemon was not always this way and was once in fact a kind ruler who brought peace. However, he became corrupted by his own power and turned evil.



Lucemon was a messiah who once brought peace to a world torn apart by the war between Human and Beast types. His power corrupted him, however, and he turned into a tyrant due to his beliefs that the world would be a better place if he had absolute power and made all the decisions. His power made him unbeatable until the Ten Legendary Warriors rose up in rebellion and defeated him, sealing him away in the Dark Area. In his place, the Celestial Digimon were installed. It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears

4-37 Lucemon

Lucemon sealed in the Dark Area.

Festering inside of the Dark Area, however, Lucemon makes his plans to escape. He subverts the Royal Knights to his purpose, playing on their desire to rule by offering them a path to the Human World. When Knights Fall... He also slowly corrupts Cherubimon, a member of the Celestial Digimon, until he turns against his allies and wreaks havoc. Operation: Free Ophanimon Cherubimon begins to gather the data of the Digital World at his behest, all while Lucemon plots. When Cherubimon falls in battle to the DigiDestined, Lucemon takes the gathered data for himself, which gives him enough power to release his Royal Knights to finish what Cherubimon started. Cherubimania As the Royal Knights absorb area after area of data, Lucemon grows ever stronger, until he is even able to manifest his power at battle at Ophanimon's Castle, where he takes out EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon so that his Knights can take the final key. With the entire world's data, Lucemon frees himself from his prison and blasts the DigiDestined to the Yellow Moon. It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears

Unwilling to leave things alone, he sends his Knights to the moon to defeat the DigiDestined once and for all. When they fail, Lucemon instead takes the opportunity to steal their fractal code, allowing him to digivolve to his Chaos Mode. His already immense power grows even stronger as he easily defeats both EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, and his power even destroys all of the moons. When Knights Fall... Lucemon then heads for the Dark Area, where he opens a path to the Human World with the intent of conquering it for himself. The DigiDestined attempt to stop him, but his mastery over the powers of both light and darkness gives him immense strength, and he easily defeats them once more. Before he can strike the finishing blow on his paralyzed enemies, Koichi Kimura, still mobile because of his lack of a physical presence in the Digital World, uses himself to block Lucemon's Ultimate Sacrifice. Koichi barely has time to bequeath his Spirits of Darkness to his brother Koji Minamoto before Lucemon scans his soul. Lucemon mocks Koji's inability to handle both light and darkness, but he then bears witness to a miracle, as Takuya Kanbara and Koji combine with all of the Spirits to become Susanoomon. The Brothers Yin and Yang Susanoomon far outclasses Lucemon, and in spite of all his strength, Lucemon is struck down.

4-50 Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode half-emerging into the Human World.

Susanoomon only manages to scan Lucemon's good data causing him to split into two Digi-Eggs, a light one and a dark one. His light egg explodes and tries to purify the Dark Area, but his evil data absorbs the Dark Area to form a large Digi-Egg, which hatches into Lucemon Shadowlord Mode. Now a gigantic dragon, he continues on his path to the Human World, regenerating from the DigiDestined's attempts to harm him. Lucemon on the Loose The DigiDestined do not give up, however. Though momentarily defeated, they draw strength from the Celestial Digimon and the Ten Legendary Warriors' consciousnesses reborn in the Spirits to invoke a miracle to become Susanoomon once more. Susanoomon drags Lucemon back into the Digital World and sees something in the Gehenna orb he holds. They determine that Lucemon's true form, the Lucemon Larva, is inside, so they force their way into the dark space and punch out the Larva, leaving the Shadowlord body a mindless beast. By binding the body with their Heaven's Thunder and slicing them with their Celestial Blade, they destroy the Shadowlord body for good.

Lucemon Larva attempts a sneak attack on Susanoomon in the aftermath, only for Susanoomon to expel the human children inside and revert to the Ten Legendary Warriors in their human forms. They take the sword at the core of their ZERO ARMS: Orochi and slice through Lucemon, defeating him once and for all. He dies, still believing that the world exists for him. With no Digi-Egg left behind, Lucemon is destroyed forever. End of the Line

Other Forms[]

Lucemon Chaos Mode[]

Lucemon Chaos Mode

Lucemon Chaos Mode is Lucemon's Ultimate form and a member of the Seven Great Demon Lords. He has mastery over the powers of light and darkness.

By absorbing the data of his Royal Knights, Lucemon is able to digivolve to his Chaos Mode and overwhelm EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. When Knights Fall... An overwhelming presence, he uses both light and darkness to his own ends, intending to force a path to the Human World using the Dark Area. In this form, his Ultimate Sacrifice leaves the DigiDestined too weak to move—save for Loweemon, who sacrifices himself against the second attack. Lucemon scans Koichi Kimura in contempt, which proves enough incentive for Takuya Kanbara and Koji Minamoto to become Susanoomon. The Brothers Yin and Yang Susanoomon manages to find a way around Lucemon's Ultimate Sacrifice and slay him. Unfortunately, Lucemon's malice lives on in his Shadowlord Mode as Susanoomon had only managed to scan Lucemon's light data. Lucemon on the Loose


  • Paradise Lost Punch (Paradise Lost): Launches the opponent high into the air with a wild dance of blows, then holds their limbs fixed as he drives them back into the ground.
  • Ultimate Sacrifice (Dead or Alive): Produces a three-dimensional magic square as a glowing orb of Light and Darkness and traps the opponent within this orb, which has a 50/50 chance of either completely annihilating them, or merely inflicting massive damage.

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode[]

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode is the Mega form of Lucemon. The Shadowlord Mode body is a mindless beast that holds the dark "Gehenna" orb in his hands, which contains Lucemon's Larva form and his true body.

In this final form, birthed from a combination of Lucemon's unscanned evil data and the Dark Area, Lucemon is able to pierce the walls between worlds and make his way to the Human World. The DigiDestined attempt to stop him, but he uses his immense regenerative powers to shrug off their attacks and continue unimpeded. Lucemon on the Loose When the DigiDestined find the resolve to become Susanoomon once more, they are able to detect that Lucemon's true mind is hidden in the Gehenna. Piercing that dark orb, they punch out the Larva within, leaving the Shadowlord Mode body to mindlessly rampage. Holding it down with Heaven's Thunder, Susanoomon uses Celestial Blade to slice through the Shadowlord body, ending its threat for good. End of the Line


  • Tide of Despair (Purgatorial Flame): Exhales flames of destruction which purify everything.
  • Nihilism Maelstrom (Divine Atonement): Fires a light of annihilation from the seven Crowns.

Lucemon Larva[]

Lucemon Larva

Lucemon Larva is the true form of Lucemon who controls the Shadowlord Mode body from with the "Gehenna" orb it carries.

Hiding within the Gehenna, Lucemon directs the Shadowlord Mode's actions, unleashing its immense power on the DigiDestined when they approach. Lucemon on the Loose Lucemon is eventually forced out of the orb by Susanoomon and bides his time. When Susanoomon is distracted from dispatching the Shadowlord Mode body, Lucemon shoots forward in a sneak attack. Unfortunately for him, even this is not enough to defeat Susanoomon, who splits into the Human Hybrids to slice through him with the core sword of their ZERO ARMS: Orochi. Lucemon dies in disbelief of his final defeat. End of the Line

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