Loudmon is a Cyborg Digimon. It Digivolved by absorbing data from various types of musical equipment and violent rock music. The armor covering its body is equipped with various functions, such as speakers that amplify the sound taken in from its chest microphone, and an effector that alters its voice. Its main speakers deploy during battle, allowing it to sing at an extremely high volume. As they will be exposed to the loud and raucous noise emanating from its body, any who oppose Loudmon are unable to perform at their best. At the same time, Loudmon will get even more hyped by the sound. A peculiar Digimon with an unconventional way of thinking, Loudmon thinks of a battle much in the same way as a live concert or a gig. Performing at its best takes priority over trading blows with its opponent, and the outcome doesn't matter. After a battle, it will shower with praise any opponent it deems to have given its all, and it will even work together with them for a brief period of time.[1]


  • Metallica Edge: Tears apart a foe with its claws, which have been sharpened by sound-induced vibrations.
  • Deep Purple Blaster: A maximum volume shockwave released from its shoulder-mounted speaker by shouting into the microphone on its chest.


Loudmon is a mechanized version of Punkmon, which resembles WarGrowlmon. It wears a massive harness possessing two woofer-style speakers, a speaker extending from the chest, and a pair of rod switches on the back. Behind the harness are two cables ending in connecting jacks attached and hanging down its back. Each of its mechanical arms are equipped with rectangular speakers as well as three sharp claws and belt wrappings on the upper arms, and its upper legs are adorned with two spiked armor. The tail is comprised of five cords twisted together with the red neckerchief tied around the end, and the tip contains four golden cord jacks. Lastly, it wears a helmet with headphone-style extensions, and a skull symbol on the forehead.


Loudmon (ラウドモン)


Loudmon highly resembles WarGrowlmon, with even Digimon Liberator pointing this out. Its attacks, "Metallica Edge" and "Deep Purple Blaster" are also similar to WarGrowlmon's "Double Edge" and "Atomic Blaster", and both are Cyborg/Android type Digimon. This is all presumably in reference to the fact that in Digimon Tamers, Impmon (with Loudmon debuting as an Impmon digivolution) was originally going to be Takato Matsuki's partner Digimon — only for Guilmon to end up in that role instead (WarGrowlmon being Guilmon's Ultimate level form in Digimon Tamers).


Digimon Liberator (web novel)[]

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