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Lord Megadeath is an antagonist in the video game Digimon World 3.

Digimon World 3[]

Lord Megadeath is a robotic-like digital lifeform born from inside the network and is the true mastermind and leader of A.o.A. He plans to replace humans to become the ruler of both worlds. To do this, he has his organization steal the matrix data of humans and turn them into Oinkmon so that the matrix data can empower Vemmon, causing it to digivolve into Snatchmon and further use it to create the perfect digimon partner. While preparing the matrix data for four Vemmon, he has one Vemmon take control of the Juggernaut battleship, which digivolves into Destromon and attacks a city.

After the supposed defeat of A.o.A, he challenges the hero Junior to a battle to prove he is the strongest Tamer at the true target of A.o.A., the Gunslinger Space Station. His team consists of three powerful Digimon: Fujinmon, Suijinmon, and Raijinmon, but he still loses. Lord Megadeath claims it was only a test, as he still has Snatchmon. He teleports away, but Junior follows to where he witnesses the four Vemmon digivolve into Snatchmon. Lord Megadeath orders Snatchmon to attack, but Snatchmon refuses, claiming he does not need a Tamer and absorbs Lord Megadeath, which effectively destroys the A.o.A. for good.

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