Lopmon is Chihiro Tsukimori's Partner.


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  • Blazing Ice: Spits out shots of supercooled air.
  • Terrier Tornado (Petit Twister): Generates a tiny tornado by spinning its ears like a propeller.

Unison Attacks

  • Double Typhoon: A mighty technique in which it performs its "Terrier Tornado" alongside Terriermon's "Terrier Tornado".


Getting separated from Terriermon, Lopmon searches far and wide to find its friend, even in the pouring rain. Chihiro Tsukimori finds Lopmon alone outside the Truffle cafe, and worried about Lopmon dries it off, though Lopmon confuses it with Chirhiro trying to capture it. Assuming Lopmon to be a Digimon, she calls the Protagonist and Herissmon to help her and Lopmon find Terriermon. The group find and search a nearby Digital Point and Lopmon saves Chihiro when she is attacked by a Spiral, stating it saved Chihiro because it is in debt to her for helping it to find Terriermon. After searching multiple Digital Points the group give up and return to Truffle Cafe, however upon arriving the area turns into another Digital Point, in which they find Terriermon being chased by Spiral. Terreirmon however was playing with the Spiral and having fun fighting them, which backfires as it angers the Spiral, which cause the Solarmon type Spiral to fuse together into a Tankmon type Spiral. Lopmon and Terriermon find themselves no match for it, so Herissmon digivolves to Filmon. Lopmon and Filmon then team up to defeat all the Spiral, which returns the Digital Point back to normal. The group return to truffle, and after eating together, Lopmon decides to stay with Chihiro and become her Partner Digimon. Terriermon however prefers to explore and leaves, promising to return and visit them. Lopmon then becomes the mascot of Truffle Cafe. Lopmon and the Alluring Aroma

When a Digital Point appears in the park where Nozomi Tamada and Pumpkinmon are playing, Lopmon wants to go with the rest of the Tamers to help save them. Chihiro, however, doesn't allow Lopmon to go with the rest of the group as it was still working hours for the Cafe. GrapLeomon's Will to Protect!

Months later, when Rasenmon Fury Mode is on a rampage and is trying to destroy the City a Digital Point opens up and Spiral appear at Truffle. Lopmon fights but isn't strong enough on its own, though Terriermon arrives and the two team up to defeat the Spiral. The Unforeseeable Future Part One

Lopmon is later promoted to Assitant Manager of Truffle.

When Lopmon goes on a midnight stroll, it comes across a Digital Point. Inside, it finds Lunamon wondering how it could get to the Moon. Lopmon asks why which causes Lunamon to realise it has no memories and only remembers wanting to go to the Moon. As the two discuss Lunamon's amnesia they are attacked by a group of Spiral-4004Y, though they are able to defeat them. Lopmon then decides to take Lunamon to all the "Moony places" in Town in that hopes it would bring Lunamon's memories back.

Despite going to all the "Moony places"; which included a story that sold Moon necklaces, a library to read Moon related books, and a restaurant named Moon, they are unable to bring Lunamon's memories back which leads Lopmon to ask Chihiro for help though she is only able to suggest searching the area Lopmon and Lunamon met for clues. During their search they find a portal made of dark energy, though are attacked again by another group of Spiral-4004Y. After defeating them, Lunamon runs into the dark portal and finds itself in a Digital Area, face to face with Titamon. Lunamon asks Titamon if it can help it get to the Moon, though Titamon just states it will finish it off once and for all and take the rest of its data. Lopmon arrives just in time and attacks Titamon, though its attacks do nothing. Lopmon warp digivolves to Antylamon, though its attacks still do nothing though it is able to free Dianamon's data, which allows it to defeat Titamon. "Good Night Moon" also effects Lopmon and Chihiro, though Lunamon and Lopmon are able to bid farewell and agree to search for "Moony" things again before it and Chihiro fall asleep. With the two of them asleep, Lunamon takes them back to the Truffle Café and then departs before they awaken. The Search for the Moon with the Horned Bunny

Other Forms

Antylamon (Good)

Antylamon dl.png

Antylamon is Lopmon's Ultimate form.

When the Cafe's machines are being inspected, Chihiro gives Lopmon the day off. Lopmon decides to go for a stroll, asking Chihiro to join, though Chihiro can't do so due to having to wait for the inspection team to arrive, and Chihiro apologises by giving Lopmon lots of snacks. Wanting to give a gift in return, Lopmon leaves to find one. During the stroll, a Digital Point opens up and Lopmon fights against the Spiral. After defeating them, Lopmon suddenly finds itself in a different area than it was before, and finds Terriermon there as well. The duo then eat the snacks together whilst Lopmon tells Terriermon about its time working as Truffle's mascot. As they eat, they see Minervamon panicking and looking for something, so decide to help. Minervamon however is too panicked to pay attention to the two Digimon, so Terriermon and Lopmon attack Minervamon to get its attention, and after doing so the duo agree to help Minervamon find its treasure. Terreirmon excitedly runs off on its own to search and is attacked by a group of DemiDevimon due to them trespassing in their domain. As Lopmon and Terriermon fight the DemiDevimon, they let it slip that they had found the treasure and gave it to their bosses, Goblimon and Raremon. Lopmon and Terreirmon defeat the DemiDevimon, who flee and ask Goblimon and Raremon to help them defeat Lopmon and Terriermon. During the battle, Lopmon and Terriermon warp digivolve to Antylamon and Rapidmon and then defeat Goblimon and Raremon, after which they give back Minervamon's treasure, a marble. Minveramon then gives its treasure to Lopmon as thanks for helping it, which Lopmon then gives to Chihiro. A Stroll into a Twister

Months later, when Rasenmon Fury Mode is on a rampage and is trying to destroy the City a Digital Point opens up and Spiral spawn all over the City, leading everyone to have to fight not only Rasenmon but the Spiral as well. After Lopmon and Terriermon defeat the Spiral in Truffle, Lopmon warp digivolves to Antylamon and replaces Gaiomon, who was fighting Spiral in the City, so that it could focus on fighting Rasenmon. The Unforeseeable Future Part One As they fight them, the Spiral suddenly turn into fragments as Herissmon had awakened inside Fury Mode, digivolved to Rasenmon, and got its message across that the Spiral and Herissmon were the same and that there was more to the World than just sadness and despair. The fragments then form into Pusumon's Digi-Egg. The Unforeseeable Future Part Two

When Lunamon and Lopmon search the area they had met to try and find Lunamon's memories, they come across a dark portal. After going through it they find a Titamon who states it had taken Dianamon's memories by absorbing some of its data and plans to take the rest. Lopmon arrives just in time and attacks Titamon, though its attacks do nothing. Lopmon warp digivolves to Antylamon, though its attacks still do nothing. Chihiro, remembering that Titamon had boasted about sucking Lunamon's data into its arm, tells Antylamon to aim its attacks at Titamon's arm and is eventually able to free the stolen data by leaving a crack in Titamon's arm. The data flows back into Lunamon, warp digivolving it to Dianamon, after which it defeats Titamon. The Search for the Moon with the Horned Bunny

When Chihiro is sucked into a World made of people's memories by Cherubimon (Evil), Lopmon tries to protect her but is sucked in too. Whilst there they come across Macchan who had been looking for its partner who had also been kidnapped. When they find Cherubimon, Lopmon digivolves to Antylamon but is unable to damage it. Macchan states that Cherubimon's power came its kidnapped partner, and so goes inside Cherubimon to free her. After she is extracted, Cherubimon is weakened and Antylamon is easily able to defeat it. Everyone is then freed from their memories. Voices Resonating in a Sea of Memories


  • Bunny Blades (Asipatravana)[2]: Spins on its own axis like a tornado, cutting anything surrounding it with the Bunny Blades.

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