This page is a general list of characters for the Digimon World series. For the Digimon World games on the Nintendo DS, known in Japan as the Digimon Story series, please see List of characters in the Digimon Story series. For the characters in Digimon World Data Squad, known in Japan as Digimon Savers: Another Mission, please see List of characters in Digimon Data Squad. For the characters in the video game Digimon World Re:Digitize and its upgraded port Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode, please see List of characters in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Digimon World[]

Main characters[]


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Mamemon dl

Agumon b

Gabumon b

Mameo b

The DigiEgg in Mameo's hand

Mameo b

The Digimon behind Mameo

Mameo's Partner can be either an Agumon or Gabumon depending on the answers given to Jijimon. It meets Mameo after he arrives in the Digimon World. At some point, it digivolves into a Mamemon. Later, it goes to the Real World and calls Mameo back to defeat a revived Analogman. Digimon World

Years later, Mamemon has been infected by the BH Program at some point, and hibernates as a DigiEgg. After the defeat of Omegamon Alter-B Mamemon is reborn. Titamon's power allows Mameo to temporarily summon his partner from either the past of the future, to fight alongside his Mamemon, which in doing so summons a Machinedramon. The two proceed to fight against the Hero, though lose. Digimon World: Next Order

In Digimon World's Japanese version credits, a picture of Mameo with both Agumon and Gabumon is shown.



Jijimon b

Jijimon is the elder of File City, and calls Mameo to the Digimon World. Jijimon updates Mameo about the Digimon who join File City, telling him what they intend to do whilst there. After Mameo leaves the Digital World due to saving it from Analogman and Machinedramon, Jijimon summons him again, as Analogman and his Machinedramon have returned and have to be dealt with again. Analogman and Machinedramon return once a month and Jijimon rewards Mameo with a Chain Melon every time Analogman is defeated. Digimon World

Jijimon later opens a Digimon Museum in the Digital World, showcasing history and artefacts of the Digital World. However, evil Digimon steal the exhibits and Jijimon enlists the help of a Digimon Tamer to recover the exhibits. Pocket Digimon World

Many years later, Jijimon is kidnapped by the Blood Knights in File Island. Akira is given the job to rescue him from Giga Domain. After Port Domain, Scan Domain, Diode Domain, and Giga Domain are completed he rewards Akira with an Admantium Core, an item to upgrade Akira's digibeetle to Admant Body. Digimon World 2

Jijimon is briefly mentioned by Mameo, who explains to Takuto or Shiki that he and his World's Jijimon banished the Ice Sanctuary away due to the evil harboured in it and that he was surprised to see it had wound up in the Next Order Digital World as the "Frost Cathedral". Due to being friends with this Jijimon, Mameo was excited to befriend the Next Order's Jijimon as well. Digimon World: Next Order



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Machinedramon is Analogman's partner, who Mameo fights and defeats on Mount Infinity. Afterwards, Mameo can, once a month, go to the Back Dimension through Ogremon's Fortress in Great Canyon, Ice Sanctuary, or Grey Lord's Mansion. By traversing the Back Dimension successfully, Mameo faces a stronger version of Machinedramon. Defeating this Machinedramon, however, reveals it to be a regular Digimon (a Muchomon when accessed from Ogremon's Fortress, SnowAgumon from Ice Sanctuary, and Soulmon from Grey Lord's Mansion) merely corrupted into looking like Machinedramon by Analogman's lingering grudge. Jijimon congratulates Mameo on each victory with a "Chain Melon", while Mameo vows to deal with Machinedramon no matter how many times it comes back.

After beating it at Mountain Infinity, Machinedramon becomes a playable Digimon in two-player mode. Machinedramon's stats are the same stats as the Digimon Mameo uses to beat him at Mount Infinity, and the moves it uses are Thunder Justice (Thunderbolt in the EU version), All Range Beam, and Megaton Punch.

Other Characters[]

Mameo's mother[]

Mameo's mother. She left a note in the table saying she would arrive home late, and arrives home after her son comes back from the Digital World.

Market Manager[]

Two Market Managers (マーケット店主 Māketto Tenshu?) run a card shop and recycled item shop in Gear Savannah during the first half of each month. The items they sell in the recycled item shop are some of the items Mameo has lost as a result of losing battles. Another one also briefly appears outside the Drill Tunnel when Ogremon takes it over.

Digimon World: Digital World Guide[]

  • Magical Phantasy (マジカルファンシー Majikaru Fantashī?) is a beautiful Tamer who is always cheerful and lively.[1] She is partnered to an Angemon.
  • Captain Macho (キャプテン・マッチョ Kyaputen Maccho?) is an American[1] Tamer who is partnered to a Leomon.
  • Sekosuke Inken (陰険世古助 Inken Sekosuke?) is a Tamer partnered to a Kuwagamon.
  • Unkokusai Kanou (嘉納雲谷斎 Kanou Unkokusai?) is a Tamer partnered to a Sukamon. His name is a pun on "feces smell" (運子臭い unko kusai?).

Digimon World 2[]


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OverLord GAIA[]

OverLord GAIA (オーバーロードGAIA Ōbārōdo GAIA?) is the main antagonist of Digimon World 2. He is actually the mother computer used in a project called "GAIA", which happened in the real world. Despite being just a machine, GAIA has the ability to think and act on his own.

Mission Chief Carol[]

Mission Chief Carol (カリル管理官 Kariru-kanrikan?, lit. "Commissioner Khalil")


Bertran (ベルトラン Berutoran?)[2] is Akira's chief rival and always attempts to outdo and surpass Akira with little success. He is partnered with a Digitamamon, an Okuwamon, a Ninjamon, a Tankmon, and a Deramon.


Joy-Joy (リンリンシャオ Rin Rin Shao?, lit. "Lin Lin Shao") is Bertran's best friend and is always around him, trying to calm him down when he gets frustrated with Akira. Despite her friendship to Bertain, she seems to be fairly kind with Akira, although she does get mad at him when he defeats her Digimon in the Colosseum. She is partnered with a Monzaemon, a Deramon, a Starmon, a Ninjamon, and a Raremon.


Kim (アユミ Ayumi?) is a Tamer who infiltrates the city and steals the Generator Parts from the Tamer's Club. She is thought to be a villain, but after Akira defeats her Digimon in Modem Domain he discovers that she was only borrowing the Generator Parts for her sister to invent something new for the Digital World. In the ending, it seems she becomes attracted to Akira. She is partnered with a Wizardmon, a Seadramon, an Akatorimon, and an Ogremon.

Ben Oldman[]

Ben Oldman is the former leader of the Blue Falcons, went into hiding after the "Blood Knights Incident". He held the secret to reaching File Island. He is partnered with a Centarumon, a MetalMamemon, and a Meramon.


Techna-Donna (ドランドナ Dorandona?) is Kim's sister, who gives Akira the Power Radar after he realizes that the standard radar isn't powerful enough for certain domains, specifically the Giga Domain.

Professor Piyotte[]

Professor Piyotte (ヒョット博士 Hyotto-hakase?, lit. "Professor Hyotto") is an expert in Digimon DNA and knows a great deal about Digimon and DNA digivolution. Akira comes to the professor to ask him where the Archive Ship is. Later[please confirm], the professor informs Akira of three "Mega Form Digimon": the Virus-attribute Diaboromon, the Vaccine-attribute Omnimon, and the Data-attribute Baihumon, whom he cannot remember at first.[please confirm]

He is partnered with a Yanmamon, a Syakomon, and an Ikkakumon[please confirm].



Blood Knights[]

The Blood Knights (ブラッドナイツ Buraddo Naitsu?) are a group of Guard Tamers who rebelled and started a war.


Crimson dw2


Crimson (クリムゾン Kurimuzon?) is an ex-Guard Tamer and the leader of the Blood Knights. He eventually merges with ChaosBlackWarGreymon, ChaosMetalSeadramon, ChaosPiedmon, and Chaos Lord to become NeoCrimson, a powerful but uncontrollable Digimon who is defeated by Akira. He is partnered with a Deltamon, an ExTyrannomon, a Myotismon, a Pumpkinmon, a SkullMammothmon, and a VenomMyotismon.


Damien (ダメダボース Damedabōsu?) is a commander in the Blood Knights. He is often boastful but is constantly beaten by Akira. He tries to infiltrate the city by impersonating a Black Swords Tamer. He is partnered with a Cherrymon, an Etemon, a MegaKabuterimon (Blue), an Ogremon, a Puppetmon, and a RedVegiemon.

Gold Hawks[]

The Gold Hawks (シルバークロス Shirubā Kurosu?, lit. "Silver Cross"), are a Guard Tamer group who specializes in Vaccine Digimon; their mascot is an Agumon.


Vandar (バンダール Bandāru?) is the leader of the Gold Hawks. He is partnered with a MetalMamemon, a Mamemon, and a PrinceMamemon.


Esmeralda (エスメラルダ Esumeraruda?, Esp: Emerald) is a Gold Hawk Tamer who isn't very confident. Brian tries to comfort her, and she is also Akira's companion throughout the game. She is partnered with a Tentomon, a Biyomon, a Tapirmon, a Piddomon, a Unimon, and a Birdramon.

Mark Shultz[]

Mark Shultz (アークシュルツ Āku Shurutsu?, lit. "Ark Shultz") is a Gold Hawk Tamer who tells Akira about a MetalGreymon in the BIOS Domain. Akira eventually befriends this MetalGreymon using the Toy Plane he gives Akira. He is partnered with a Saberdramon, a Gururumon, and a ShimaUnimon.

Brian Wiseman[]

Brian Wiseman (ブランワイスマン Buran Waisuman?, lit. "Bran Wiseman") is a high ranking Gold Hawk Tamer who seems to have a romantic interest in Esmeralda. He battles Akira in the Colosseum. He is partnered with a Garudamon, an AeroVeedramon, and a Mammothmon.

Blue Falcons[]

The Blue Falcons (ブルーファルコン Burū Farukon?) are a Guard Tamer group who specializes in Data Digimon; their mascot is a Patamon. This is also the Guard Tamer group Akira canonically joins.


Cecilia (セシリア Seshiria?) is the leader of the Blue Falcons and also the head trainer for students becoming Digimon Tamers. Akira joins her team after his last mission in becoming a Tamer is complete (canon to the story, but in-game Akira has the choice of joining the Black Swords or Gold Hawks). She is partnered with a Jijimon, a Magnadramon, and a MarineAngemon.

Doug Duem[]

Doug Duem (ヤルヤル Yaruyaru?) is a Blue Falcon Tamer who tries to be very aggressive but fails. He is partnered with a Elecmon, a Gotsumon, a Floramon, a Tyrannomon, and a Centarumon, Monochromon.


Debbie (ヴィーヴィ Vīvi?, lit. "Vivi") is Blue Falcon Tamer who usually hangs around in the Tamer's Club, where she has her dancing Palmon that a Black Swords Tamer eventually falls in love with when Debbie leaves. She is partnered with a Palmon, a MoriShellmon, a JungleMojyamon, a Togemon, and three Mamemon.


Zudokorn (ズドカーン Zudokān?) is a member of the Blue Falcons Guard Team and also someone that Akira looks up to. He helped Akira with his last mission to get his Taming License. He is partnered with a MegaSeadramon named Akagi (シドラン Shidoran?, lit. "Seadran"), a Lillymon named Naomi (リリーナ Rirīna?, lit. "Lilyna"), a Triceramon named Dinogon (トリケラス Torikerasu?, lit. "Triceras"), a Blossomon, a Deramon, and a Pumpkinmon. He lends the first three to Akira and uses the last three for Colosseum battles.

Black Swords[]

The Black Swords (ブラックソード Burakku Sōdo?) are a Guard Tamer group who specializes in Virus Digimon; their mascot is a DemiDevimon.


Skull (スカール Sukāru?) is the leader of the Black Swords. He is partnered with a Hagurumon, a Puppetmon, and a DemiDevimon.


Sheena (オトタテシナ Ototateshina?) is a Black Sword Tamer who isn't very confident and also informs Akira that Agumon was looking for him in the Digimon Trading Center. She is partnered with an Otamamon, a DemiDevimon, a Gazimon, a Gesomon, a Devimon, and a Guardromon.

Chris Connor[]

Chris Connor (クロンガンダー Kuron Gandā?, lit. "Chrome Gander") is a Black Sword Tamer who gives Akira a Toy Plane in the Digimon Trading Center. Later on, he goes to File Island and becomes confused by Gekomon in the Data Domain and mistakes Akira for an enemy. His partners are a Bakemon, Woodmon, Soulmon, Phantomon, Myotismon, Megadramon.

Karen Bates[]

Karen Bates (キルリベイト Kiruribeito?) is a high ranking Black Sword Tamer, who first appears at Angemon's house. Her partners are a Megadramon, a WaruMonzaemon, and a Tekkamon.

Digimon World 3[]

Junior b


Main characters[]

Main articles: Junior, Teddy, Ivy, and Kurt

International Police S.A.P[]

International Police S.A.P is an international police agency who fight against terrorism.

  • Lisa (リサ Risa?) is the leader of the group that entered Digimon Online to investigate the A.o.A.
  • Nick (ニック Nikku?) is a member.
  • Keith (キース Kīsu?) is a member and partnered to a Triceramon, a Kuwagamon, and a Kunemon.

Other Characters[]

  • Account Clerk (アカウントがかり Akaunto Gakari?) is a clerk in the MAGAMI Online Center.
  • Operator (オペレーター Operētā?) is the responsible for the Chamber Room.
  • Account Clerk (あんないがかり An'nai Gakari?, lit. "Usher") is the person who welcomes new players in the Login Room.
  • Tamer Service (テイマー・サービス Teimā Sābisu?) is an attendant in the Main Lobby of Asuka City. She downloads the data of new players' Digimon Partners to their Satellites.
  • Dr. Kadomatsu is the one responsible for managing digivolution in Asuka City.
  • Dr. Osomatsu is the one responsible for managing digivolution in Amaterasu City.



DRI Agents[]

Real World (Undersea Base Magasta)[]

Real World (Gunslinger Satellite)[]

Amaterasu Server[]



City Leaders[]

Digimon World 4[]

Dorumon, Agumon, Veemon, and Guilmon[]

Dorumon, Agumon, Guilmon and Veemon are the main protagonists.

Dorumon's weapon specialty is Bash and it starts with the Bash Katana, Crush Arms, and Shot Pistols.

Agumon's weapon specialty is Blunt and it starts with the Blunt Axe, the Crush Arms, and the Shot Pistols.

Veemon's weapon specialty is Slash and it starts with the Slash Sword, Crush Arms, and Shot Pistols. Its first attack is "Petty Lightning".

Guilmon's weapon specialty is Stab and it starts with the Stab Dagger, the Crush Arms, and the Shot Pistols.


Leomon: A digimon commander of DSG who goes to investigate the mysterious Death Valley but is captured by evil digimon, later he is found in the Mecha Rogue X lab where his power is drained to create Mecha Rogue X1, he is saved but loses his memory of the operation.


Ophanimon is one of the Digimon chiefs of DSG who maintains order in the Digital World. Ophanimon is a male in this game.


Seraphimon is Ophanimon's partner and a Digimon chief of the DSG, he is reawakened by going into the freezer of DSG and turning on the computer. Seraphimon quickly fixes the system. Seraphimon is believed to be a Digimon of great power. He is wise and apparently knows a lot about Mecha Rogue X.

Mecha Rogue X[]

Mecha Rogue X is an experiment thought to be created by Yggdrasill.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[]

Main characters[]


Main article: Mameo

Digital Card Battle: Official Master Guide[]

Ryuuji Terano[]

Ryuuji Terano b

Ryuuji Terano (寺野 竜児 Terano Ryuuji?) is a hot-blooded boy.[3] His name is a pun on "dinosaur" (恐竜 kyouryuu?) and "tyrannosaurus" (ティラノサウルス tiranosaurusu?), as his main card is Tyrannomon. He uses the Hot-blooded Burst Dragon Deck (熱血爆竜デック Nekketsu Bakuryuu Dekku?).

In the card tournament, Ryuuji defeats Fuku Mitarai in the first battle, then defeats Mister O.B. in the third battle, and Yuusuke Kurayami in the final battle.

Hot-blooded Burst Dragon Deck
  • Wild Buster Combo: Uses a Tyrannomon and a Vegiemon cards.
  • Zokusei Change Shinka (属性チェンジ進化? lit. "Atribute Change Evolution"): Uses a Flarerizamon card.

Yuusuke Kurayami[]

Yuusuke Kurayami b

Yuusuke Kurayami (暗闇 幽介 Kurayami Yuusuke?) is a cruel coward.[3] His surname, "Kurayami" (暗闇?), means "darkness". He uses the Phantom Immortal Clan Deck (幻影不死族デック Gen'ei Fushi-zoku Dekku?).

In the card tournament, Yuusuke defeats Naomi Gainsbourg in the second battle, then defeats Bakuzou Ooedo in the fourth battle, and loses to Ryuuji Terano in the final battle.

Phantom Immortal Clan Deck
  • Kousoku Shinka Goroshi (高速進化殺し? lit. "High-speed Evolution Murder"): Uses the Hacking card.
  • Devil Drain Combo: Uses a Devil Chip, a Soulmon, and other cards.

Naomi Gainsbourg[]

Naomi Gainsbourg b

Naomi Gainsbourg (ナオミ ゲンズブール Naomi Genzubūru?) is a character in the Digital Card Battle: Official Master Guide. She uses the High Speed Deck (ハイスピードデック Hai Supīdo Dekku?).

In the card tournament, Naomi loses against Yuusuke Kurayami in the second battle.

Bakuzou Ooedo[]

Bakuzou Ooedo b

Bakuzou Ooedo (大江戸 爆造 Ooedo Bakuzou?) is a fireworks artisan who loves explosions.[3] Bakuzou's name is a pun on "explosion" (爆破 bakuha?) and his main card is Tekkamon. He uses Strong Man of Explosions Deck (爆破の鉄人デック Bakuha no Tetsujin Dekku?).

In the card tournament, Bakuzou loses against Yuusuke Kurayami in the fourth battle.

Fuku Mitarai[]

Fuku Mitarai b

Fuku Mitarai (御手洗 フク Mitarai Fuku?) is a character in the Digital Card Battle: Official Master Guide. She uses the Trashcan Scoop Deck (ゴミばこポイデック Gomi Bako Poi Dekku?) and her main card is the Back Dimension.

Mister O.B.[]

Mister O.B. b

Mister O.B. (ミスター・オービー Misutā Ōbī?) is a genius gambler.[3] His main card is Garurumon and he uses the Gambler Deck (ギャンブラーデック Gyanburā Dekku?).

In the card tournament, O.B. loses against Ryuuji Terano in the third battle.

Digimon Digital Card Battle[]

Protagonist ddcb
  • The protagonist in this game is a new Card Tamer entering the Digital World. The protagonist is dressed similarly to Digimon World's, Mameo, but his appearance is only a virtual avatar of the true protagonist; his name defaults to just "PLAYER" (プレイヤー Pureiyā?).


Digimon World Re:Digitize / Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode[]

Digimon World: Next Order[]

Notes and references[]

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