This is a list of characters from the Digimon game Digital Monster Ver.S: Digimon Tamers.


The Protagonist of Digital Monster Ver.S: Digimon Tamers does not appear physically, except at the end of the opening, grabbing five Medals, as the game is presented as a first-person narrative set in the Protagonist's DIGI OS' 98 computer screen.

The Protagonist is a young man with brown hair. He wears a gray cap, a white shirt, a green and black jacket, a white and gray wristwatch on his left writs, and jeans pants.

  • Kurosuke (くろすけ?): A Botamon, and the Protagonist's first Digimon.


The Hackers are the antagonists of Digital Monster Ver.S: Digimon Tamers. Their symbol is an upside down radioactive trefoil with a skull in the middle. They approach the Protagonist through video messages that cause a system error.

Female Boss

Female Boss b.jpg

The Female Boss (女ボス On'na Bosu?)[1] is the leader of the Hackers.

The Boss is a woman with wavy waist-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and a large bust. She also describes herself as "beautiful". She wears a red mask with a yellow forehead and a red stone on it, red lipstick as makeup, a red leotard with the Hackers' symbol is the belly, and a Monzaemon plush toy on the left hip. The leotard is cut in a way that highly exposes her cleavage, and has a wing-like decoration on the shoulders. She also wears a red cape, red elbow gloves, and high heel boots of undetermined color.[2]

One day, she orders the Mook Hackers to eliminate the Protagonist.

Later, she challenges the Protagonist personally, and once defeated, she drops the Wallpaper Sexy, which depicts her.

  • Nice Body (ナイス バディー Naisu Badī?): A LadyDevimon.

Mook Hackers

Mook Hacker b.jpg

The Mook Hackers (ザコハッカー Zako Hakkā?)[3] are a parody of Kamen Rider's Shocker Combatmen. They are multiple different men, and when they contact the Protagonist, their real names are revealed through a message that reads "(However, his real identity seems to be [name])". They start every sentence with "Ih!" (イー! Ī!?).

They are men with brown eyes. Their uniform consists of red lipstick, a red suit that covers their entire body except the neck and face, a black mask with a hole for the mouth, a nose-like ornament in the front, and circular glasses-like holes for the eyes. They also wear a white belt with pentagonal buckle with the Hackers' symbol on it.

Their names and Partners are:

  • Masayuki Yasuda (やすだ まさゆき Yasuda Masayuki?), whose Partner is Bomber 2 (ボンバー 2 Bonbā 2?), an Agumon. He drops the Mysterious Program 1.
  • Masayoshi Tasumi (たすみ まさよし Tasumi Masayoshi?), whose Partner is Lambda (ラムダ Ramuda?), a Gabumon. He drops the Ordinary Antifebrile.
  • Kazuya Fujimoto (ふじもと かずや Fujimoto Kazuya?), whose Partner is Thunder Issue (サンダー号 Sandā-gō?), an Elecmon.
  • Ryoumya Fujii (ふじい りょうま Fujii Ryouma?), whose Partner is Mokemoke (もけもけ?), a Numemon.
  • Yasuhiro Kaneshige (かねしげ やすひろ Kaneshige Yasuhiro?), whose Partner is UHRRR..., a Vilemon.

However, when the Protagonist obtains a Medal, he's challenged by a Mook Hacker whose name is not revealed, and whose Digimon is named after the Shocker Combatmen.

  • Combat Digi 1 (戦闘デジ1号 Sentō Deji 1-gō?): A Minotarumon.
  • Combat Digi 2 (戦闘デジ2号 Sentō Deji 2-gō?): A Gatomon.
  • Combat Digi 3 (戦闘デジ3号 Sentō Deji 3-gō?): An Ebidramon.
  • Combat Digi 4 (戦闘デジ4号 Sentō Deji 4-gō?): A Roachmon.

Money Hacker

Money Hacker b.jpg

The Money Hacker (マネーハッカー Manē Hakkā?)[3] uses Digimon named after money.

  • Ten Dollars (テンダラー Ten Darā?): A Gabumon.
  • One Cent (ワンセント Wan Sento?): A Patamon.

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist b.jpg

Mad Scientist (マッドサイエンティスト Maddo Saientisuto?).[3]

Superhero Hacker

Superhero Hacker b.jpg

The Superhero Hacker (スーパーヒーローハッカー Sūpāhīrō Hakkā?)[1] claims evil is unforgivable.

  • Justiceman (ジャスティスマン Jasutisumon?): An Angemon.

Funky DJ Hacker

Funky DJ Hacker b.jpg

The Funky Dj Hacker (ファンキーDJハッカー Fankī DJ Hakkā?)[1] claims weekend is his time. He speaks using mostly English words.


Pirate Hacker

Pirate Hacker b.jpg

The Pirate Hacker (海賊ハッカー Kaizoku Hakkā?),[1] when challenging the Protagonist, claims the Net Ocean is calling, and his and the Protagonist's Digimon fight in said ocean.

  • Marine ECHO (マリンECHO Marin ECHO?): A Gesomon.

Colosseum Digimon

These are Digimon the Protagonist can fight against in the Virtual Colosseum.


Palmon b.jpg

Rafflesian (ラフレシアン Rafureshian?) is a Palmon. Rafflesian's name is derived from the Rafflesia genus.


Monzaemon b.jpg

Françoise (フランソワーズ Furansowāzu?) is a Monzaemon.


Betamon b.jpg

Bokkichi (ぼっきち?) is a Betamon.

Psycho Body Revision

Piximon b.jpg

Psycho Body Revision (サイコBody改 Saiko Body-kai?) is a Piximon.


MetalMamemon b.jpg

Metaball (メタボール Metabōru?) is a MetalMamemon.


Vegiemon b.jpg

Olive (オリーブ Orību?) is a Vegimon.


Kabuterimon b.jpg

Satsuki (さつき?) is a Kabuterimon.


Greymon b.jpg

DigiKamen (デジ仮面 DejiKamen?, lit. "DigiMasked") is a Greymon.


Devimon b.jpg

Robin (ロビン?) is a Devimon. Robin's name is likely a reference to Robin, Batman's sidekick.


Kuwagamon b.jpg

Ivan (イワン Iwan?) is a Kuwagamon.


Biyomon b.jpg

Coco (ココ Koko?) is a Biyomon.

Horn Dash

Unimon b.jpg

Horn Dash (ホーンダッシュ Hōn Dasshu?) is a Unimon.


Elecmon b.jpg

Pururu (ぷるる?) is an Elecmon.


Airdramon b.jpg

HERMIT is an Airdramon.

Coo Coo

Kokatorimon b.jpg

Coo Coo is a Kokatorimon.


Angemon b.jpg

Kain (カイン?) is an Angemon.


Bakemon b.jpg

Charlotte (しゃるろっと Sharurotto?) is a Bakemon.


Agumon b.jpg

Aaron (アーロン Āaron?) is an Agumon.


Numemon b.jpg

Bero~n (ベロ〜ン?) is a Numemon.


Tyrannomon b.jpg

Poosuke (プースケ Pūsuke?) is a Tyrannomon.


SkullGreymon b.jpg

Carl (カール Kāru?) is a SkullGreymon. Carl's name is a pun on "skull" (スカル sukaru?).

Versus Boss

Ogremon b.jpg

Versus Boss (バーサス ボス Bāsasu Bosu?) is an Ogremon.


Patamon b.jpg

Guardian (ガーディアン Gādian?) is a Patamon.


Giromon b.jpg

Elizabeth (エリザベス Erizabesu?) is a Giromon.


Gabumon b.jpg

Baron (バロン?) is a Gabumon.


Etemon b.jpg

Sebastian (セバスチャン Sebasuchan?) is an Etemon.

Forum users


Ganchi (ガンチ?) is a forum user.


JONNY is a forum user.


Gotch (ゴッチ Gocchi?) is a forum user.


Mitsukun (みつくん?) is a forum user.


Yuri (ユリ?) is a forum user.

Hiroshi GT

Hiroshi GT (ひろしGT?) is a forum user.


Yassan (やっさん?) is a forum user.


TOSHI is a forum user. At some point, TOSHI emails the Protagonist about his Garurumon.



Takubaku (たくぼく?) is a forum user.


Kyou (キョウ?) is a forum user.


Taka (タカ?) is a forum user.


Megane (メガネ?) is a forum user.


Honoka (ほのか?) is a forum user.


Bacchus (バッカス Bakkasu?) is a forum user.


Rook (ルーク Rūku?) is a forum user.


Makoto (マコト?) is a forum user.

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