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This is a list of characters from the Digimon game Digimon World: Next Order.

Main characters

Takuto and Shiki

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WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon (next 0rder) b

WarGreymon (left) and MetalGarurumon (right)

Omegamon dwno

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are the Partners of Takuto/Shiki. They are able to perform ExE to Omegamon with the power of their Partner's bond. They die after protecting their Tamer from a Machinedramon, but are soon reincarnated as Freshes of two Digi-Eggs chosen by Takuto or Shiki. Official illustrations depict different Digimon as their Rookie forms—Agumon, Gabumon with Takuto, and Biyomon, and Palmon with Shiki.

Digi-Egg forms

After dying, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon will become Digi-Eggs, and Takuto or Shiki are able to choose which form their Partners will be reborn.

Kuramon Digi-Egg

After defeating Armageddemon, Takuto/Shiki also gain the ability to choose the Kuramon Digi-Egg upon rebirth.

Kouta Hirose and Yukimura

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Himari Oofuchi and Rikka

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Shoma Tsuzuki and Noir

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Jijimon dwno

Jijimon is the elder of the Primary Village.[2] He is a close friend of Taomon.[3] A serious-minded and responsible town elder, although he does have his senior moments. After a Machinedramon attack causes the Digimon to scatter, he works hard to bring them back and restore the town.[4]


Taomon dwno

Taomon is an old friend of Jijimon's, although a certain incident causes them to part ways. Quiet, stubborn, and pessimistic, he rarely bothers to deal with other people. He has noticed the presence of another will in this world, one attempting to twist it apart for its own desires.[4]

During Primary Village's reconstruction, Takuto/Shiki and the others are asked to follow Taomon, but instead decide to find out what is happening in the Digital World.[3]

Mirei Mikagura

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Shoma Tsuzuki, Samudramon, and Kuzuhamon


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Titamon dwno

Titamon is a Digimon who works for Shoma Tsuzuki. He is one of the Three Gods of Ruin.


  • Soul Core Attack (魂魄芯撃 Konpaku Shingeki[5]?, lit. "Soul Core-attack"): Swings the Zanjinto so that it slides through the opponent's armor and body, reaching their DigiCore unhindered and chopping it up. If the opponent takes this technique head on, they'll never be able to recover.


MetalEtemon dwno

MetalEtemon is a Digimon who works for Shoma Tsuzuki. After Titamon's defeat, he aims to replace him as one of the Three Gods of Ruin.


  • Banana Slip: Trips the opponent with a banana peel.


Machinedramon dscshm

Machinedramon is a Digimon who damaged Floatia.[2] The BH Program causes a Digimon to be mutated into a Machinedramon and then makes them go out of control, destroying everything in their path. Every single Digimon in the Digital World is effected with the BH program, meaning any Digimon at any time can become a Machinedramon and then proceed to go on a rampage. Luckily for every Digimon in existence, a cure to the BH program is created by Mameo, who uses the power of the Enforcer to cure the virus.


Keramon dl

Chrysalimon dscshm

Infermon dl

Diaboromon dl

Armageddemon dl

After defeating the Enforcer and Shoma Tsuzuki in the Infinite Cauldron and freeing Shoma of Analogman's possession, Shoma informs Takuto/Shiki of a massive threat to the Digital World has been picked up in the Infinite Cauldron and that he wants the tamer to help him deal with it as he said it's an even bigger threat to the Digital World than even he had been. They arrive to find a Keramon who flees further into the dungeon. They find it again, this time as a Chrysalimon and the tamer defeats it in battle, however it flees even further in. They then find it again, this time as an Infermon, which then digivolves in front of them into a Diaboromon and manage to defeat it once again, it however, flees again, this time out of the dungeon itself. Returning to the City, Devimon hastily informs them that a Diaboromon had just forced its way into the Dimensional District he had just finished setting up which leads to them charging in after it. Due to the nature and stability of being in another dimension entirely, they can only stay in the area for seven minutes, so split up to cover more ground, though Mirei Mikagura's Mastemon is found half way in and will add more time in exchange for all of the tamer's partners HP and MP, bar one. The area is infested with copies of Keramon, Chrysalimon and Infermon who attempt to slow down the tamer, though they eventually find what they're looking for at the end of the distract, where Diaboromon has now digivolved into an Armageddemon. Before they can fight it however, it spawns a Keramon, a Chrysalimon and an Infermon, which Shoma and the Enforcer, now named Noir, fight. The tamer then defeats Armageddemon. Armageddemon then returns to the Dimensional District, though also hangs outside of it in one of its various forms and asks for a rematch in the Dimension District and can be fought as many times as the tamer wants though, the time limit still remains.

Malevolent Fist

The Malevolent Fist (Shin'en Naru Te) is a dark sentient energy that is responsible for the destruction of the Dark Area that the Seven Deadly Digimon once ruled.

Jijimon reveals the City has been sent a letter written in seven different languages, inviting them all to a "feast of friendship". With the letter being made of unstable material, they come to the conclusion that someone from an alternate dimension had sent it. Taomon, Jijimon and Himari Oofuchi assume it is an ambush and that it plans to kill them all, whilst Kouta Hirose assumes it's an actual party since they mention friendship. Jijimon and Taomon decide to send Takuto/Shiki, Kouta and Himari as even if it's an ambush, the trio would be able to handle themselves, however due to the party being held at the Pink Stone House in the Bony Resort, which is the house Myotismon owns, Myotismon demands to come with them as he had not rented out his house for parties. Piedmon then also decides to tag along because every party needs a clown. Myotismon then teleports everyone to his house with a portal. Once going into the house, the lights turn off and even Piedmon and Myotismon are unable to see despite both having the ability to see in the dark. When the lights turn back on, Kouta and Himari find they are unable to move and that their Digivices had been stolen. Piedmon and Myotismon then attack the two, though Takuto/Shiki, who is able to move, defeats the duo. The dark energy then states that it will move to stage two of its plan, as the first stage hadn't worked. It wakes up Piedmon and Myotismon, who then kidnap Kouta and Himari and flee through a portal.

Lucemon and Beelzemon confirm it was the same energy that had destroyed their Dark Area, whilst Taomon attempts to use the bonds of Yukimura and Rikka to track down Kouta and Himari. However, Taomon's Ultimate level strength means it will take multiple days for the power to actually find them, leading Kuzuhamon, the reincarnated member of the Three Gods of Destruction to help, finding that Kouta is in Mod Cape. Upon arriving, they find that the Fist has possessed Kouta and used his body to learn that humans are no threat. It then kidnaps Yukimura and summons a Myotismon and VenomMyotismon to stall Takuto/Shiki so that they cannot follow the dark energy. Kouta returns to the City, though it just meant Kouta had been swapped for Yukimura. The same events also happen when finding Rikka in the graveyard of Bony Resort, with Rikka being kidnapped and Takuto/Shiki having to fight three Piedmons. Jijimon sends Kouta and Himari back to the real world to recover.

They are then sent another letter, once again inviting them to the Pink Stone house for a party. Travelling through the Bony Resort to get there, Takuto/Shiki have to fight countless clones of Piedmon and Myotismon and eventually, have to fight Fist possessed Yukimura and Rikka themselves. Despite losing, the Fist had gotten what it had wanted, reversing their bonds into a "dark bond", which it then copies. It then summons the real versions of Piedmon and Myotismon and forces them to DNA Digivolve together using the power of the dark bond, the fist possessing the newly formed Digimon and then naming itself Boltboutamon and claiming it had just been responsible for its own birth. It then forces Yukimura and Rikka to fight the tamer once more. Defeating them frees them of the possession, followed by Mameo and Luche arriving to take the two Digimon back to their partners to help them restore the bonds they have lost. The tamer then has to fight more Piedmon, VenomMyotismon and Myotismon clones before reaching the Pink Stone house. Upon finally reaching the house, the fist states its goal is to absorb all of the darkness of the world, kill everyone and then create new darkness, as new things are better than old things. After Takuto/Shiki proceed to defeat Boltboutamon - Beelzemon, Lucemon, Shoma Tsuzuki and Noir charge in, and Boltboutamon remembers the Deadly Digimon. Noir, Lucemon and Beelzemon attack Boltboutamon, however he proves to be too powerful - to the shock of everyone. Accepting their deaths, everyone is shocked when Boltboutamon leaves through a dark portal, wanting to have another "party" with them all again one day. The Malevolent Fist then clones the body it created and leaves, returning Piedmon and Myotismon to normal. A while later, the Fist then challenges Takuto/Shiki to rematches, using its cloned Boltboutamon body.

Other characters

Rina Shinomiya and Veevee

Oofuchi family

Himari lives with her younger sisters Sakura (サクラ?) and Nazuna (ナズナ?). Sakura and Nazuna are twins and attend school in 2nd grade. Since they don't have a mother, Himari is the one who takes care of her sisters.

When the Enforcer corners Takuto or Shiki's group and is about to kill them, Himari calls Sakura and Nazuna's names and apologizes.

Royal Knights

Olympos XII


Imperialdramon Dragon Mode dwno

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode dwno

Imperialdramon PM dl

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode is a Digimon from another Digital World. He once had a Tamer and the both of them saved their Digital World. After Takuto or Shiki saves their own Digital World, Imperialdramon hears rumors about them and challenges them at the Infinite Cauldron, to test their strength. After being defeated, he digivolves to Imperialdramon Fighter Mode to show his true strength, due to Takuto/Shiki showing theirs, and after being defeated again, he digivolves to Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. After being defeated as Paladin Mode, he goes to Floatia's Dimensional District.


Agunimon dwno

Agunimon is a Digimon from another Digital World. He has been traveling through Digital Worlds, and after hearing rumors about Takuto or Shiki, the Tamer who saved the Next Order Digital World, he challenges them to a battle at the Infinite Cauldron. After being defeated, he decides to stay in the Next Order Digital World, and goes to the Colosseum.


RustTyranomon dl

RustTyranomon is a Digimon from another Digital World. He was programmed with a rampage factor that makes him want to rampage until the world is destroyed. He destroyed his own Digital World, and was chased by MegaGargomon, who managed to damage his brain in battle. During his battle with MegaGargomon, they stumbled into a dimensional rift and ended in the Next Order Digital World. Takuto or Shiki fights him in the Infinite Cauldron by MegaGargomon's request, and after defeating him, RustTyranomon's rampage factor is auto-deleted. He then wonders who put the rampage factor in him and why, and goes to Floatia's Dimensional District.


MegaGargomon dl

MegaGargomon is a Digimon from another Digital World. When his Digital World was being destroyed by RustTyranomon, he engaged in combat with him and, despite being unable to win, MegaGargomon managed to damage his brain. During battle, the two of them stumbled into a dimensional rift, and ended in the Next Order Digital World. When approached by Takuto or Shiki, MegaGargomon asks them to defeat RustTyranomon. When Takuto or Shiki reports their victory to MegaGargomon, he joins Floatia in the Central District, and keeps watch over the warehouse.

Blackie and Blackosaurus

Blackie (クロりん Kurorin?) and Blackosaurus (クロっち Kurocchi?) are a duo composed of a Gabumon (Black) and an Agumon (Black), respectively. They first encounter Takuto/Shiki at MOD Cape, where they explain that MOD Cape used to be a pirate hideout, but only their abandoned ships remain. They were pirate apprentices, but the pirates disbanded before they could become full-fledged members. The pair then make it their goal to become the strongest and decide that by defeating Takuto/Shiki, they will become famous. After they lose to Takuto/Shiki three times in a row, they retreat.

The pair later reappears at Faulty Ex Machina, having digivolved to Garurumon (Black) and Greymon (Blue). After joking that Greymon's name no longer quite fits due to his blue coloration, they ask the human if they remember who the duo are, then attack twice in a row. After their second defeat, they suddenly gain the power to digivolve to WereGarurumon (Black) and MetalGreymon (Blue), but are still unable to defeat Takuto/Shiki's team. They then retreat once more.

The pair run into Takuto/Shiki one last time at Infinite Cauldron, having digivolved to MetalGarurumon (Black) and BlackWarGreymon. After yet another defeat, they DNA digivolve into Omegamon Zwart in a final attempt to defeat their rivals, but they are only able to maintain the fusion for a few seconds and are forced to admit defeat, after which they flee the area.[please confirm]

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