This is a list of characters from the Digimon anime series Digimon Tamers.

Creation and Influences


Takato Matsuki and Guilmon

Main articles: Takato Matsuki and Guilmon (Tamers)

Henry Wong and Terriermon

Main articles: Henry Wong and Terriermon (Tamers)

Rika Nonaka and Renamon

Main articles: Rika Nonaka and Renamon (Tamers)

Ai, Mako and Impmon

Main articles: Ai and Mako and Impmon (Tamers)

Jeri Katou and Leomon

Main articles: Jeri Katou and Leomon (Tamers)

Kazu Shioda and Guardromon

Main articles: Kazu Shioda and Guardromon (Tamers)

Kenta Kitagawa and MarineAngemon

Suzie Wong and Lopmon

Main articles: Suzie Wong and Lopmon (Tamers)

Ryo Akiyama and Cyberdramon

Minami Uehara and Seasarmon

Alice McCoy and Dobermon

Main articles: Alice McCoy and Dobermon (Tamers)


Monster Makers

Other Humans

Matsuki family

Main article: Kai Urazoe

Takehiro and Yoshie Matsuki

Takehiro Matsuki (松田 剛弘 Matsuda Takehiro?) and Yoshie Matsuki (松田 美枝 Matsuda Yoshie?) are Takato's parents. Their ages are 41 and 35 respectively.[2] They are bakers and own the Matsuki Bakery.

Wataru Urazoe

Wataru Urazoe t

Wataru Urazoe (浦添 ワタル Urazoe Wataru?) is Takato and Kai's grandfather. He lives in Okinawa.

He believes Guilmon is a dog.

Battle of Adventurers

Takato's Aunt and Uncle

Takato's aunt is the sister of either Takehiro or Yoshie, and is married to Takato's uncle. They live in Zushi, Kanagawa.

When Takato offers to take Jeri to her parents, his mother tells him to get to his aunt in Zushi right afterwards. Homeward Bound

After the Monster Makers' HQ is overtaken by D-Reaper, Takato and his family take refuge in his aunt's house until it's time for Takato to return to Tokyo. D-Reaper's Feast

Wong family

Main article: Janyu Wong

Mayumi Wong

Mayumi Wong t

Mayumi Wong ( (リー) 麻由美 Rī Mayumi?) is Henry and Suzie's mother, and Janyu's wife. Her maiden name is Yanase (柳瀬?). She is 42.[2]

Rinchei Wong

Rinchei Wong t

Rinchei Wong (李 連杰 (リー・リンチェイ) Rī Rinchei?) is Henry and Suzie's older brother. He is 17.[2]

Jaarin Wong

Jaarin Wong t

Jaarin Wong (李 嘉玲 (リー・ジャアリン) Rī Jaarin?) is Henry and Suzie's older sister. She is 15.[2]

Nonaka family

Rumiko Nonaka

Rumiko Nonaka (New Century) b

Rumiko Nonaka[3] (牧野 ルミ子 Makino Rumiko?) is Rika's mother. In the Japanese version, she is 28[2] and had Rika at age 18.[4] She is a model.

Seiko Hata

Seiko Hata (New Century) b

Seiko Hata (秦 聖子 Hata Seiko?) is Rika's grandmother. She is 49.[2]

Rika's father

Rika's father. He is divorced from Rumiko, and Rika doesn't get to see him much.[citation needed]

Runaway Locomon

Katou family

Tadashi Katou

Tadashi Katou (New Century) b

Tadashi Katou (加藤 肇 Katō Hajime?) is Jeri's father. He owns a tavern in Shibuya. His is 46.[5]

Jeri's mother

3-24 Jeri and her mother

A picture of Jeri being held by her mother

Jeri's mother, the original Mrs. Katou, died when Jeri was still very young.

Shizue Katou

Shizue Katou t

Shizue Katou (加藤 静江 Katō Shizue?) is Jeri's stepmother and Masahiko's mother. She is 33.[5]

Masahiko Katou

Masahiko Katou t

Masahiko Katou (加藤 昌彦 Katō Masahiko?) is Jeri's half-brother. He is 3.[5]

Shioda family

Hirofumi Shioda (塩田 博文 Shiota Hirofumi?) and Takako Shioda (塩田 貴子 Shiota Takako?) are Kazu's parents. Their ages are 38 and 39 respectively.[6]

Kitagawa family

Shunsuke Kitagawa (北川 駿介 Kitagawa Shunsuke?) and Akemi Kitagawa (北川 明美 Kitagawa Akemi?) are Kenta's parents. Their ages are 48 and 43 respectively.[6]

Uehara family

Takehito Uehara

Takehito Uehara (上原 武人 Uehara Takehito?) is Minami's father. He is the creator of the V-Pet.

Battle of Adventurers


Mei (メイ?) is Minami Uehara's dog.

Battle of Adventurers

Yodobashi Elementary

Nami Asaji

Main article: Nami Asaji

Seiji Kurosawa

Seiji Kurosawa (黒沢 清二 Kurosawa Seiji?) is the principal of Yodobashi Elementary School.

He was named Yasuhisa (ヤスヒサ?) in Chiaki J. Konaka's script for "Guilmon is Born! The Digimon that I Created"[7]

Toshiaki Mori

Toshiaki Mori (森 聡明 Mori Toshiaki?) is the homeroom teacher of Yodobashi Elementary School's class 5-1.

Mr. Iwamoto

Tadashi Nakabayashi

Tadashi Nakabayashi (中林 正 Nakabayashi Tadashi?)[8] is a member of 5-2 class.

Taizou Aoyama

Taizou Aoyama (青山 泰三 Aoyama Taizou?) is a member of 5-2 class.

Yuuji Terayama

Yuuji Terayama (寺山 裕治 Terayama Yuuji?) is a member of 5-2 class.


3-02 Yamazaki

Yamazaki is the boy near Iwamoto.

Yamazaki (ヤマザキ?) is one of Mr. Iwamoto's students.

In the day Guilmon goes to the Yodobashi Elementary School to look for Takato, Yamazaki is scolded by Mr. Iwamoto during the class. Digimon, Digimon Everywhere


Jeremy[9] is Takato Matsuki's classmate.

Duel with the Deva

Ayaka Itou

Ayaka Itou (伊東 彩香 Itou Ayaka?) is a 10-year-old[10] schoolfriend of Jeri.

Miki Nakajima

Miki Nakajima (中島 美紀 Nakajima Miki?) is a 10-year-old[10] schoolfriend of Jeri.

Rikkun's family

Rikkun (りっくん?) and his mother.

They are walking in the city when Rikkun sees Guilmon. Takato tells him Guilmon is his original creation. Rikkun finds it cool and the two then continue walking their way. To Fight or Not to Fight

Yoshio and Yoshiko

Yoshio and Yoshiko.

One night they are dating in the Shinjuku Central Park, when they are scared by Impmon. A Question of Trust

Hiroshi and Hiroko

3-08 Hiroshi and Hiroko

Hiroko (left) and Hiroshi (right).

Hiroshi and Hiroko.

One night they are dating in the Shinjuku Central Park, when they are scared by Impmon. A Question of Trust


Chou t

Chou is Henry's martial arts teacher and a close friend of his family's. He has a value knowledge of ancient facts and advice, and is a great assent in the mystical part of Digimon such as the Devas. Later he meets Impmon (Tamers) while the latter is trying to figure out a message sent by Ai and Mako, Chou tells him the message and gives him advice.-->


3-18 Sugai

Sugai (left).

Sugai (菅井?) is Rumiko Nonaka's agent.

Digital Beauty


3-18 Coco

Coco[9] is a photographer. He takes some pictures of Rika for a camera test, but is shoved by her after he embarrasses her. Digital Beauty

In the English Dub, Coco's voice is an imitation of the Mike Myers character Austin Powers.[11]


3-44 Mizaki

Mizaki (土岐 Toki?) is a reporter.

Mizaki is a woman with fair skin, short brown hair, and black eyes. She wears red lipstick as makeup, a brown jacket, and a blue band with a yellow "NEWS" on the right sleeve.

She covers the D-Reaper's attacks to West Shinjuku in February of 2002. Reporting from the east side of the Shinjuku Train Station, she informs the audience that the red mass is continuing to grow, having pushed back the military forces and covered half the tracks in the station. She also comments about the heat around the red mass.

Later, at the deck in South Shinjuku, she continues the coverage, but is interrupted by an explosion. The Messenger

Tetsuo Uchiharato

3-44 Tetsuo Uchiharato

Tetsuo Uchiharato (内原戸 哲夫 Uchiharato Tetsuo?) is a professor at Miscatonic University.

Uchiharato is a middle-aged man with lightly tanned skin, chin-length gray hair, and black eyes. He wears gray glasses, a white shirt, a brown tie, and a gray sweater.

He is interviewed on TV in February of 2002, informing the audience that the red mass appeared through the Hypnos system.

This information is only considered valid within the English continuity.

He also explains that Vikaralamon and the red mass are unnatural occurrences that were able to materialize in the Real World due to Hypnos, claiming that it would take a miracle to end the crisis.

This information is only considered valid within the Japanese continuity.

He explains that the Digimon have been able to appear in the physical world by taking on a "pseudo-living" body, and also concludes that the red mass is somehow related to them.

The Messenger

Other Digimon



Main article: Calumon (Tamers)

Twelve Devas

Main article: Deva (Tamers)

Digimon Sovereigns



Omnimon is a guardian of the Network and comes from a different digital reality.

Omnimon chases Apocalymon through the Network, but loses him when the villian reformats himself as Mephistomon and fends Omnimon off long enough to escape to the Human World. Later, while Takato, Growlmon, Kai, and Seasarmon battle Mephistomon's minions in Okinawa, Omnimon transports Henry, Rika, Gargomon, and Kyubimon through the Network to Mephistomon's lair, destroying several of the demon's minions along the way. He leaves the "DigiDestined" at the site, admitting that he is unable to leave the Network and cannot do any more to help. Battle of Adventurers

Bio-Emerged Digimon


When a Goblimon Bio-Emerged into the real world, it found itself immediately confronted by Rika and Renamon. The Goblinmon was not much of a match for Renamon, but still continued to fight. When the nearby Calumon's powers activated, the Goblinmon Digivolved into a Fugamon, it attacked fairly blindly, smashing anything in its way as it tried to get to Renamon, who knocked it down with a volley of kicks and punches, then destroyed it with her Diamond Storm attack and absorbed its data. Digimon, Digimon Everywhere



The powerful Gorillamon was an opponent faced by Terriermon in the Digimon video game, before either of them Bio-Emerged into the real word. Gorillamon destroyed a Numemon, a Vegiemon and a Monochromon, before Terriermon Digivolved into Gargomon, and saw him off. Sometime later, Gorillamon Bio-Emerged into the real world. The Digital Field his presence created directly pursued Terriermon and Henry, before trapping them in a construction site, and then Gorillamon himself materialised, to face them, along with Takato and Guilmon, in battle, seeking revenge for his defeat. Henry was not willing to let Terriermon fight and demanded Gorillamon return to the Digital World, but he paid no heed, as he fought with Guilmon and Terriermon. Henry refused to let Terriermon Digivolve again, and instead, slashed a Training Grips Modify Card, which Terriermon used to bind Gorillamon. Terriermon was then able to fire his Bunny Blast into Gorillamon's cannon, causing an explosion which destroyed him. Henry told Terriermon not to absorb his data, in the hopes it would return to the other side. It Came From the Other Side



Vilemon Bio-Emerged into the real world on the soccer field of Takato's school, where Guilmon and Calumon had been designing their own game. Vilemon proved to them that he was tougher than his small size made them believe, sending them running with his attacks. Takato, Henry and Terriermon soon arrived on the scene, and used Hyper Wing and Speed Modify Cards to improve their chances. As Vilemon powered up another Demon Dart, Takato struggled to pick a new card – but then, Rika and Renamon appeared, and Vilemon turned on them. Rika slashed a Clone Modify Card, tricking Vilemon into attacking a Renamon duplicate. The real Renamon then destroyed Vilemon with her Diamond Storm and absorbed his data. Dream a Little Dream



A ferocious dinosaur Digimon who Bio-Emerged into the real world, Allomon quickly found himself confronted by Rika and Renamon. Rika countered his Dino Burst attack by Digi-Modifying Renamon with a Frozen Wind Modify Card, but Allomon's attack proved more powerful. With Renamon down, he seemed to be the victor, until Guilmon and Terriermon jumped in to distract Allomon. Renamon recovered quickly, and apparently offended that she'd been saved, told Guilmon and Terriermon to stay out of her way, as she froze Allomon solid, and then destroyed him with her Diamond Storm attack and loaded his data. O Partner, Where Art Thou?



When a Dokugumon Bio-Emerged into the real world, it was immediately confronted by Rika and Renamon. She bound them both with her Poison Thread, but Renamon was able to free Rika with her Diamond Storm, and she slashed a Snimon Modify Card, giving Renamon his Twin Sickles, enabling her to free herself. The Dokugumon then caught Renamon in her mouth and tossed her aside, turning her Venom Blast on Rika. Renamon leapt in the way and took the attack for her, then collapsed. But when Rika pleaded for her not to leave her, Calumon appeared, and his powers activated, allowing Renamon to become Kyubimon for the first time. Kyubimon then set Dokugumon's web aflame, and destroyed her with her Dragon Wheel attack, absorbing her data. O Partner, Where Art Thou?



While wandering in the park after scaring some humans, Impmon came across a Devidramon, who was still within a Digital Field, in the process of Bio-Emerging. As Impmon teased it, it emerged from the field, and flew over the city, seeking an opponent. Upon seeing Guilmon, he attacked him – Takato slashed several Modify Cards, but Guilmon was ultimately no match for Devidramon. As Devidramon pinned him, Takato called out to him, apologising for being mad at him before. Calumon floated onto the scene, and his powers activated, causing Guilmon to Digivolve into Growlmon. The battle that followed was fierce, with Devidramon flying Growlmon into the air and dropping him, but Growlmon then destroyed Devidramon with his Pyro Blaster and absorbed his data. A Question of Trust



IceDevimon is a serial killer who killed and absorbed many Digimon in order to become more powerful. He Bio-Emerges in the Real World and begins stalking Rika, who he believes to be as harsh and cruel as himself, and able to make him even more powerful. He tries to tempt her with describing his power, eventually seizing her and taking her to his frozen lair atop a skyscraper. Though he shows her the graveyard of his amassed victims, she is able to resist the temptation and refuse his offer. He then demands a duel against Renamon, who starts toward the lair. Meanwhile, Takato, Henry, Guilmon, and Terriermon arrive and try to rescue Rika, but IceDevimon encases the Digimon in ice. Renamon appears, but IceDevimon is too powerful for her, and even after Rika declares that Renamon is her friend and Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon, she is unable to defeat him. Guilmon and Terriermon then break free of the ice, and Takato uses "Speed" and "Hyper Wing" cards on Guilmon, allowing him to destroy IceDevimon with his Pyro Sphere attack, and absorb his data. Because of this ordeal, Rika again had trouble with accepting Renamon as a friend, and she nearly gave up being a Tamer. The Icemon Cometh



A Musyamon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. Later, another Musyamon's attempts to Bio-Emerge into the real world were at first thwarted by Hypnos's Yuggoth program, but upon his second attempt, he destroyed Yuggoth and appeared on Earth by the Shinjuku Guard Rail. After terrorising motorists, he was confronted by Takato and Guilmon; Takato attempted to re-use a Modify Card combo he had previously employed to defeat IceDevimon, but the tactic failed. Henry, meanwhile, was unwilling to let Terriermon fight, but when a little girl chased her balloon into the Digital Field, and Musyamon prepared to kill her, Henry realised that some battles must be fought, and allowed Terriermon to Digivolve into Gargomon to protect her. Gargomon dealt Musyamon a point-blank blast of Gargo Laser, destroying him, and then absorbed his data. Much Ado About Musyamon



A trio of Flybeemon Bio-Emerged into a baseball field in Shinjuku Park but were immediately confronted by Renamon. She destroyed one with ease, but was then hit by the stinger of another, weakening her, to then be hit by a double Lightning Sting. As the two Flybeemon closed in on her, she leapt past them, and destroyed them with her Diamond Storm, absorbing their data. Divided They Stand



When the screeching Harpymon Bio-Emerged into the real world, she was confronted by Renamon, who was trying to prove her own power alone. Takato, Henry and their Digimon soon arrived, but were kept out of the battle, until Rika finally showed up. Renamon pounded Harpymon down without Rika's aid, but as she reflected on the purpose of it all, Harpymon awoke and blasted her with a Wind Seeker. As she tried to claw Renamon, Rika did the best she could, and stabbed her with a pointed stick, causing Harpymon to turn on her. Renamon then Digivolved to Kyubimon and quickly destroyed Harpymon with her Fox Tail Inferno attack, but did not absorb her data, realizing that her bond with Rika was all she needed. Divided They Stand



When a DarkLizardmon Bio-Emerged into the real world, she was attacked by Takato and Guilmon, and defeated. Then, suddenly, Hypnos helicopters appeared, and DarkLizardmon was incapacitated by gas bombs, even as she begged Takato to make her stronger. Yamaki took DarkLizardmon back to the Hypnos headquarters, where she was experimented upon, as they tried to learn more about Digimon. The subsequent data scan inflicted upon her dissipated her data, which was then destroyed. Juggernaut (episode)


Main article: Mephistomon (Tamers)


Locomon bio-emerges in the Real World. It hurtles along Tokyo's train tracks, creating a rift to the Digital World at Ichigaya station. Hypnos and the Tamers work together to try and stop Locomon. Growlmon initially attempts to hold back the train, but fails and reverts to Guilmon. He then goes to get help from the other Tamers while Takato, Rika and Renamon sneak aboard. Once aboard, Rika attempts to attack Locomon's furnace, but is in turn attacked by Parasimon. Beelzemon, while riding Behemoth, also attacks Locomon, but hardly fazes him. Beelzemon is defeated by Locomon, who also destroys Behemoth. At this point, Rika returns to the others and attacks them. It is soon revealed that she is being controlled by Parasimon, and that Parasimon is also responsible for taking over Locomon and sending him through Tokyo.

The other Tamers catch up to Locomon and return Guilmon, who immediately frees Rika from Parasimon's control with his Rock Breaker. Parasimon forces Locomon to digivolve to GranLocomon, and then attacks Takato and Guilmon, who biomerge to Gallantmon and destroy him. However, Parasimon is able to send a signal into the rift before he disappears — this signal allows many other Parasimon to bio-emerge, and they begin destroying the city. The Tamers and their Digimon biomerge to MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon, and Justimon and enter into pitched battle with the Parasimon horde, but are overwhelmed until Gallantmon digivolves to Gallantmon Crimson Mode, flies into the rift, and uses his Crimson Light technique to obliterate the entire swarm. Afterwards, GranLocomon reverts to Locomon and returns to the Digital World. Runaway Locomon

Lex Lang voices Locomon and GranLocomon in the style of Johnny Cash[13].


Parasimon t

Parasimon controls Locomon and forces it to rampage. Later, it hijacks Rika and forces her to attack her friends. Runaway Locomon

Digital World Digimon


Main article: Omnimon (Tamers)



Meramon was the first Digimon that the Tamers encountered after arriving in the Digital World. He attacked them, thinking them enemies, but when Leomon beat him down with his Fist of the Beast King, he apologized and told them how much he wished he could go to the real world. During the night, the kids narrowly escaped a Jagamon stampede, but Meramon was not so lucky, being crushed to death after firing upon them. Renamon rationalized that he had been trying to take over their territory. In the morning, the Tamers made a marker in Meramon's memory. Brave New Digital World

Jijimon and Babamon


Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta ended up transported outside a house in a valley with strong winds. The residents of the house ended up being Babamon and her husband Jijimon, who fought with each other because they were bored. They were happy to have guests and gave the children and Digimon dinner. When Kazu and Kenta asked for them to be their partners they got it confused: They thought that they were supposed to be the Tamers and so they tamed Kazu and Kenta until Renamon ended their roughhousing by hurtling them down a flight of stairs. When Rika and the others left Jijimon and Babamon went back to fighting each other for entertainment. Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure Later on, when Calumon released his Shining Digivolution power, Jijimon and Babamon appeared with the other Mega level Digimon that gathered to help the Sovereign fight the D-Reaper. Janyu's Ark



Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon, Jeri and Leomon came across a Chuchidarumon village in the barren desert, which was constantly attacked by an evil motorcycle called Behemoth. When Behemoth appeared again, Leomon rescued a young Chuchidarumon and thus the other Chuchidarumon welcomed them happily. An older Chuchidarumon also explained to them that they are in the "forgotten village of discarded data", which (as well as the Chuchidarumon) was created by useless data. When Behemoth again attacked, Guilmon knocked off its possessed pilot (a MetalKoromon) but ended up being possessed too. Leomon broke its control on Guilmon and the motorcycle fell into a lava pit, only for it to re-emerge with Beelzemon as its driver on it. Motorcycle Madness Later all the Chuchidarumon are exposed to Calumon's Light of Digivolution. Janyu's Ark



MetalKoromon was the rider of the Behemoth motorcycle when it attacked the Chuchidarumon village, its mind having been taken over by the machine. When Guilmon unwittingly jumped into the driver's seat, MetalKoromon was knocked off, and explained to the others how the bike took over minds. Leomon subsequently freed Guilmon, and the bike became partnered with Beelzemon. Motorcycle Madness



Clockmon inhabits the clockwork cloud plain of the Digital World, and hangs around Hagurumon. When Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Renamon found themselves on this plain, Clockmon shouted a warned that came too late, as Rika accidentally freed Megadramon from his prison. When Renamon went up against him, Clockmon and Hagurumon were very excited to discover she had been to the real world. When Kyubimon failed to bring Megadramon down, Ryo, the legendary Tamer, and his partner, Cyberdramon, arrived to defeat him, as Clockmon and Hagurumon heaped praise upon him. Blame it on Ryo Later, when Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, Clockmon and Hagurumon were among those who were exposed to it. Janyu's Ark



Hagurumon inhabits the clockwork cloud plain of the Digital World, along with Clockmon. When Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Renamon found themselves on this plain, Rika accidentally freed Megadramon from his prison, and when Renamon went up against him, Hagurumon and Clockmon were very excited to discover she had been to the real world. Renamon became Kyubimon, and Hagurumon expressed his own desire to Digivolve, before Megadramon deflected Kyubimon's Fox Tail Inferno, causing a blast to strike Hagurumon and knock one of his gears out. Cyberdramon and Ryo then appeared, and Cyberdramon defeated Megadramon. Ryo then replaced Hagurumon's lost gear, and he and Clockmon heaped praise upon the "legendary Tamer." Hagurumon wondered if one day he would ever go to the real world and get a Tamer. Blame it on Ryo Later, when Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, Hagurumon and Clockmon were among those who were exposed to it. Janyu's Ark



A long time ago, Orochimon fell to another level of the Digital World and has enslaved a Gekomon and Otamamon village, forcing them to make milkshakes for him (in the Japanese version it is sake). Some time later, Andromon continuously tries to defeat Orochimon, but is unsuccessful, and Jeri ends up being kidnapped by Orochimon to make milkshakes. Orochimon is ultimately destroyed by Leomon when Jeri uses a LadyDevimon Digi-Modify card. Kazu's Upgrade



Rika, Renamon, Kazu, Kenta, Jeri and Leomon came across a small village of Gekomon who had been dominated by Orochimon, and forced to mix drinks for him. Andromon was determined to defeat Orochimon, but the Gekomon didn't want to fight. Andromon battled him on his own, but each time he did so he only wound up damaging the village – so when the group brought the injured Andromon to the village, the head Gekomon was considerably displeased, but was eventually convinced into letting the kids use some of the data packets from the drinks to heal him. He De-Digivolved into Guardromon, who then convinced the Gekomon to help them defeat Orochimon, by letting them hide in the drinks barrels as they were delivered to Orochimon's island. Leomon then destroyed Orochimon, and the Gekomon were free to sing again. Kazu's Upgrade

When Calumon later released the light of the Shining Digivolution, this group of Gekomon were seen being exposed to it. Janyu's Ark



After being separated from their friends by a Data Stream, Takato, Henry and Terriermon wound up on the water plain of the Digital World, where they met some Otamamon, who ran away from them. Divermon appeared and attacked the trio, thinking they had attacked the Otamamon. Henry managed to knock his spear away and crash him into some rocks, and Terriermon finished him off with a Terrier Tornado. He then apologized, and they asked him if he could lead them to someplace that wasn't made of water. He led them to a pipe, which took them to a crossroads of many tubes, where they met some DigiGnomes, who led them to Shibumi's library. Shibumi Speaks

Neil Kaplan voices Divermon in the style of Bill Scott (Bullwinkle J. Moose)[13].

Other Entities


Main article: D-Reaper


Main article: DigiGnomes


Main article: Grani (Tamers)


Main article: Behemoth (Tamers)

Malice Bot

Digimon Tamers 2018: Days -Information and the Unordinary-

Political Correctness

In 2021 Political Correctness spawns in Western Shinjuku after threatening the Internet and forcing people to conform to a single view point, censoring real news with fake news, and deleting people's social media accounts if they failed to conform. It fights Gargomon and Beelzemon, though their attacks do nothing. Eventually one of Gargomon's attacks hurts it, so it flees. Digimon Tamers 2021



Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer

Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley

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