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This page is a list of characters from the Digimon web novel, Digimon Seekers, as well as the live action series of the same name.

Main Characters[]

Eiji Nagasumi and Loogamon[]

Leon Alexander and Pulsemon[]

Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi[]

List of Digimon Seekers chapters 4-12

Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi is the Fused from of Fenriloogamon and Kazuchimon.

When Tomonori Ryusenji mind controls Dorumon, he forces it to digivolve to Dorugoramon. He has Dorugoramon fight Fenriloogamon, with the fight eventually becoming a two on one when Kazuchimon joins Fenriloogamon's side. He further causes Dorugoramon to Death-X-evolve to DexDorugoramon, with DexDorugoramon easily defeating Fenriloogamon and Kazuchimon.

Eiji and Leon — their Digimon suffering from the effect of the attack — discuss the fact that DexDorugoramon was this strong with only one third of the source domain's power and that they could not allow him to win and gain the rest of the data by hacking Loogamon and Ryudamon. If they allowed it to happen, he would gain access to the Source Digimon and could rule the World. At this point, Tomonori yells out he no longer had control of DexDorugoramon and had instead had managed to program it to work in auto pilot and had commanded it to eat the DigiCores of Loogamon and Ryudamon so that it could become the ultimate Prototype Digimon. As the battle continues, Leon tells Eiji to flee — since they could not allow it to eat Loogamon's DigiCore — and tells him he will fight in his place as thanks for saving him. Eiji refuses though, telling him he was done running away and crying as he had done enough of that after seeing Leon fall into DMIA. Leon tries to change his mind, though Fenriloogamon tells him to shut up and that they were not going to abandon their friends. Surprised they still wanted to be friends, Leon confides in Eiji that he didn't think he had it in him to defeat Tomonori because of what they had been through but wonders if he could do it with Eiji, Pulsemon, and Loogamon by his side. He tells Eiji that, although they were on different sides, he still believed in him, with Kazuchimon putting his hand against Fenriloogamon's interface. Leon tells Eiji he had earned Kazuchimon's power, this causing their partners to Fuse together — the duo becoming one as Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi.

Tomonori was surprised to see just how much Leon hated him, to the level that he would even team up with a code cracker. Leon tells him he cannot live with pride until he defeats Tomonori, with Eiji telling him he had gone way too far. As they readied an attack to defeat DexDorugoramon, Eiji's Mindlink timer rang — meaning no matter what happened, this was the final attack. Tomonori declares he will have DexDorugoramon eat both of them and end their lives, though they both tell him to shut up. Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi then launches its attack Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-12 and defeats it, reverting it back to Dorumon. As they see the threat had been dealt with, they also notice Tomonori had left. Kosuke arrives and declares that Phase Four of Operation Tartarus was now complete since they had secured BlackAgumon. BlackAgumon and Kosuke thank Eiji for all he had done, though they have to cut it short when Eiji has Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi revert to Loogamon and Pulsemon then cuts the Mindlink as he had ran out of time. Epilogue


  • Ultimate War Blade Takemikazuchi (終極戦刃建御雷神 (シュウキョクセンジンタケミカヅチ) Shūkyoku Senjin Takemikazuchi?, lit. "Ultimate Battle Blade Takemikazuchi"): A deadly slashing attack that unleashes the magical powers of flame and lightning from the giant sword held in its maw.


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Crack Team[]

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Sons of Chaos[]

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Tomonori Ryusenji[]

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Other characters[]

Hatsune Moka[]

Hatsune Moka (初音モカ?) is the receptionist at Abadin Electronics.

When Eiji Nagasumi goes to Abadin Electronics to report his successful mission to Tomonori Ryusenji, the major shareholder of Abadin Electronics, Hatsune tells him sign in on the nearby tablet and helps him to fill it out. As he talked to her, she gets annoyed at him for "acting too casual with her" (in the Japanese version, she was annoyed at him for referring to her as Hatsune-chan and then Hatsune-tchi). Half way into filling it out Eiji instead pulls out his smartphone and texts Tomonori that he had arrived as putting so much information into it was annoying him. He then leaves the desk, with the form unfinished. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-2

To the surprise of Hatsune, Tomonori actually comes out to greet Eiji. Being near the main owner of the company flustered her, which gets even worse when he tells her to give Eiji a guest pass and a co-researcher pass as they were going to visit D4. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-2

After Eiji finishes his appointment with Tomonori and goes back to the reception, Hatsune notices him and tells him to return his passes. She notices the Digimon Linker on his arm, leading him to show it off to her. She was surprised her boss would give him the new secret prototype and figured he must trust Eiji a lot and — impressed at that fact — tells Eiji he can be as casual as he wants with her (or in the Japanese version, call her whatever he wants). She brings up that he hadn't actually finished filling in the form on the tablet and asks him what his job is so she can finish it for him. After a long thought, he tells her he's a freelance code cracker. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-4

Tomonori hires one of Hatsune's friends to work at Abadin Electronics too. One day, seemingly during a break, her friend sees Loogamon and Pulsemon, the partners of Eiji and Leon Alexander, sat with their partners within a café inside Abadin Electronics's building. Thinking theyre both cute she interrupts their conversation with Hatsune's friend fangirling over how cute the Digimon were. Hatsune joins the now interrupted conversation and was surprised to learn Leon and Eiji were friends, which was followed up by her friend fangirling over how hot she thought Leon was. Hatsune tells her friend not to harass employees of their boss, after which a big TV in the room plays the recent announcement from the leader of X Nation, in which he states he will get revenge against the hackers, with the four of them watching it. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-7 After breaking Eiji's heart by saying that hackers are lame dangerous depressed weirdos, Hatsune's friend is taken away from Eiji and Leon by Hatsune so that she would stop interrupting the boy's reunion. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-8

When Eiji leaves Ryusenji's office, Hatsune thanks him for their earlier chat — with Loogamon yelling from within Eiji's Digimon Linker asking Hatsune if she would eat some monjayaki with it. The onlookers assumed it was Eiji asking her out, though she quickly makes it known in an amused tone that it was actually Loogamon asking her out. Loogamon continues trying to set them up, though wanting to change the subject Eiji mutes his Linker and asks Hatsune if Ryusenji's guest (Shuu Yulin) was a member of the DigiPolice. She confirms as such, stating that she visits quite often and is actually a former student of Ryusenji's. Going back to Loogamon's previous declaration, Eiji follows up on in asking if she would like to go for a meal with him and she agrees to do so since he has a job, is mature, and has something she wants to discuss with him anyway. She gives him her GrimM contact information then tells she'll message him about it later, as she can't discuss it at that very moment. Later that night, she messages him asking him if he will hack her boyfriend's account as she is worried he is cheating on her. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-9

Around a year after later, Eiji invites Hatsune to his birthday party at a yakitori restaurant. When she shows up she becomes shocked upon seeing Shuu Yulin. Yulin asks Hatsune if it was true that Tomonori had moved his main research facility to America though gets no answer due to Hatsune introducing herself and Satsuki Tamahime returning from the bathroom. The group do a toast, which comes to a halt when Hatsune says that Tomonori wants to come to Eiji's birthday party. With everyone shocked, Hatsune clarifies that though he wanted to come he couldn't as he had to go to a meeting with the United States secretary of defence and so had to cancel his flight to Japan. The group sign with relief upon learning this. Epilogue


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Saya Ryusenji and BlackAgumon[]

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