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This page is a list of characters from the Digimon comic, Digimon Liberator — as well as the web novel also named Digimon Liberator.

Main Characters[]

Shoto Kazama and Pteromon[]

Arisa Kinosaki and Shoemon[]

Owen Dreadnought and Unnamed Digimon[]

Main article: Owen Dreadnought

Zenith and Vemmon[]

Main articles: Zenith and Vemmon (Liberator)

Violet "Vi" Inboots and Ghostmon[]

Cool Boy and Omekamon[]

Main articles: Cool Boy and Omekamon (Liberator)

Sunarizamon's Tamer and Sunarizamon[]

Main articles: Sunarizamon's Tamer (Liberator) and Sunarizamon (Liberator)

Sangomon's Tamer and Sangomon[]

Main articles: Sangomon's Tamer (Liberator) and Sangomon (Liberator)

Yuuki and Impmon[]

Main articles: Yuuki and Impmon (Liberator)

Winr and FunBeemon[]

Main articles: Winr and FunBeemon (Liberator)

Notes and references[]