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Digimon Ghost Game 2

This is a list of characters from the Digimon anime series Digimon Ghost Game.

Main Characters[]

Hiro Amanokawa, Gammamon, and Espimon[]

Ruli Tsukiyono and Angoramon[]

Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai and Jellymon[]

Hazakura Private Academy[]

Kotaro Nomura[]

Kotaro Nomura t

Kotaro Nomura (野村 (ノムラ) コタロウ Nomura Kotarō?) is Hiro Amanokawa's classmate at Hazakura Private Academy. He lives in the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory room B-08. Game of Death

On October 8 of their first year in Hazakura, Kotaro asks Hiro to let him see his homework, with Hiro telling him to notcopy-paste. Kotaro tells Hiro about the rumors of the a girl being a victim of the "Sewn-lip Man" the previous day. When Hiro asks Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai about the bandages he wears, Kotaro asks if he was injured by the Sewn-lip Man. Kiyoshiro gets scared and scolds Kotaro for possibly jinxing him. At school, a teacher asks the two boys take somes boxes to a storage, at Kotaro's dismay for being included in the request. Kotaro tells Hiro about how he easily accepts requests from others. When the two see the auditorium when the girl was attacked, Kotaro shows Hiro Lirurun's post asking for info on the Sewn-lip Man, and decides to enter the building to try to take a picture, asking Hiro to pick the door's lock. Inside, they wait for the Sewn-lip Man to show up. When Clockmon appears, Kotaro excitedly takes multiple pictures until he is attacked and turned into an old man. Aida-sensei and the Math Teacher show up before Clockmon can attack Hiro and find Kotaro, who is then hospitalized. After Gammamon defeats Clockmon, Kotaro returns to his regular age. The Sewn-lip Man During Kotaro's stay at the hospital, his mother found out he was hitting on a nurse and forced him to leave. Kotaro returns to the Dormitory on October 10 and notices Gammamon, who Hiro claims to be an AI hologram. He is welcomed by Kiyoshiro but notices his strange scared behavior. The Mystery of the Museum

Scribbles Birds Warped Time Game of Death The Crimson Banquet Face Taker Who Are You? The Diviner Contagion Island Rust Ghost Newspaper Queen's Banquet Headless Second Sight Impurity Ghost Taxi The Call The Black Zone of Death The Black Dragon of Destruction


10-01 Aida-sensei
  • Japanese: Yuga Sato

Aida-sensei (会田先生?) is a physical education teacher at Hazakura Private Academy.

In October, when Hiro Amanokawa is about to be attacked by Clockmon, Aida and the Math Teacher enter the auditorium and the two find Kotaro Nomura aged. The two then escort Hiro somewhere. The Sewn-lip Man The next summer, he takes some students to a nature class in an isolated island. Contagion Island

Math Teacher[]

10-04 Math Teacher

A Math Teacher (数学教師 Sūgaku Kyōshi?) at Hazakura Private Academy.

In October, when Hiro Amanokawa is about to be attacked by Clockmon, the Math Teacher and Aida-sensei enter the auditorium and the two find Kotaro Nomura aged. The two then escort Hiro somewhere. The Sewn-lip Man At some other point, the Math Teacher is talking to Hiro at the Councilor's Room and scolds for bringing an AI hologram into the room, and then questions if Gammamon is really a hologram due to his display of non-hologram characteristics. Hiro later remembers this incident after Ruli Tsukiyono explains the Digivice -V-'s ability to render a Digimon invisible to most humans would have been useful. The Doll's Manor


10-12 Niijima

Niijima (新島?) is the manager of the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory. Gammamon calls her "Nii".

On October 10, Hiro Amanokawa hands Niijima a permission slip to leave the Dormitory and she reminds him of the curfew time. The Mystery of the Museum When the Weedmon attack the dormitory, she is frightened by them. Chain Letter Niijima is one of the people Splashmon turns into water. She is returned to normal after his defeat. Monster's Beauty Serum On summer, Niijima accompanies the students to Aida-sensei's nature class in an isolated island. She is the first to be bitten by Gyuukimon, and after taking a rest due to feeling unwell, she turns into a Gyuukimon in front of Hiro and Gammamon's eyes, and starts attacking them. After all of the Gyuukimon return to their original forms, her memories are altered by Tapirmon. Contagion Island

Rust Impurity

Riku Fukatsu[]

Riku Fukatsu (深津 理久 Fukatsu Riku?) is a student at Hazakura Private Academy.

Rust Payback King of Knowledge Bakeneko Impurity The Call The Black Zone of Death The Black Dragon of Destruction


  • Japanese: Ryosuke Asano

Okonogi (小此木?) is a teacher at Hazakura Private Academy.


Himari Yokomizo[]

  • Japanese: Kanon Amane

Himari Yokomizo (横溝 ひまり Yokomizo Himari?) is a student at Hazakura Private Academy.


Yuma Suzaki[]

  • Japanese: Yudai Mino

Yuma Suzaki (須崎 ユウマ Suzaki Yūma?) is a student at Hazakura Private Academy.


Miki Shinjo[]

  • Japanese: Ayaka Atsuchi

Miki Shinjo (新城 ミキ Shinjō Miki?) is a student at Hazakura Private Academy.


Kaito Uchida[]

  • Japanese: Yuga Sato

Kaito Uchida (内田 カイト Uchida Kaito?) is a student at Hazakura Private Academy.


Shintarou Ando[]

  • Japanese: Ryohei Kitsunai

Bakeneko Impurity


Ruli's friends[]

Mika Kashiwagi[]

Mika Kashiwagi t
  • Japanese: Kanami Taguchi

Mika Kashiwagi (柏木 (カシワギ) ミカ Kashiwagi Mika?) is one of Ruli Tsukiyono's friends, who helps her with the Lirurun account on social media.

On October 7, Mika is with Ruli and Aoi Udagawa at Kobayashimaru Confectionery, and tells her friends the Sewn-lip Man, Clockmon, has been seen again. As the three discuss the Hologram Ghost, Ruli decides to look for the Sewn-lip Man and shows them her Lirurun post asking for info on the Sewn-lip Man. The Sewn-lip Man Two days later the three go to the New National Ueno General Museum to investigate Mummymon's sightings, but only see normal mummies. As tries to make a mummy move, Mika dismisses the rumors and leaves, prompting Ruli to follow her. Mika calls Aoi after noticing her standing still. The Mystery of the Museum

Scribbles The Doll's Manor Birds Kamaitachi Chain Letter The Fortuneteller's Manor Prison of Fire The Crimson Banquet Bad Friend Clown Ghost Newspaper The Crimson Harvest Festival Payback Second Sight Impurity

At some point, Mika told Kotoha Igashira about Gammamon and Angoramon. Resurrection

Aoi Udagawa[]

Aoi Udagawa t
  • Japanese: Arisa Sekine

Aoi Udagawa (宇田川 (ウダガワ) アオイ Udagawa Aoi?) is one of Ruli Tsukiyono's friends, who helps her with the Lirurun account on social media. She lives on the 14th floor of an apartment building. The Strange Floor

On October 7, Aoi is with Ruli and Mika Kashiwagi at Kobayashimaru Confectionery. As the three discuss the recent sightings of the Sewn-lip Man, Clockmon, Ruli decides to look for the Hologram Ghost and shows them her Lirurun post asking for info on him. The Sewn-lip Man Two days later the three go to the New National Ueno General Museum to investigate Mummymon's sightings, but only see normal mummies. As Ruli and Mika leave, Aoi sighs, catching Mummymon's attention. Aoi notices she is being watched, but just barely misses seeing Mummymon. She follows the other two after being called by Mika. The Mystery of the Museum

Scribbles The Doll's Manor Birds Chain Letter The Fortuneteller's Manor Prison of Fire The Crimson Banquet Bad Friend Clown Ghost Newspaper The Crimson Harvest Festival Payback Second Sight Impurity

Due to ClavisAngemon's actions, rumors about her building being haunted spread. Many of Aoi's friends move out after being terrified by Digimon living in the empty rooms. After one of her friends tells Aoi she should also move out, she asks Ruli to help investigate. When going to her floor with Ruli, a Hiyarimon using the elevator accidentally traps Aoi in the 13.5th floor created by ClavisAngemon. ClavisAngemon requests a key from Aoi, but due to her inability to answer he creates multiple keyholes in her body. Aoi is terrified by the Digimon who notice her presence, but is helped by Espimon, who lends her his key to exit the building, causing a contract violation with ClavisAngemon. Aoi is taken to the Pseudo Digital World created by Ruli due to the keyholes and key in her body and witnesses the battle between Hiro's group and ClavisAngemon. After the incident is solved, Aoi thanks Espimon and offers to let him live with her. The Strange Floor


Hokuto Amanokawa and Terriermon Assistant[]


Clockmon (Ghost Game) t

Clockmon is a Digimon known as the Sewn-lip Man (口縫男 Kuchi Nui Otoko?), who likes steal time from humans and look at it. Those who have they time stolen become elders. Clockmon is reported to have attacked in Sapporo at some point. Clockmon attacks by manipulating nearby clocks and asking people the time, and when they are unable to answer, he steals their time.

On October of Hiro Amanokawa's first year at Hazakura Private Academy, Clockmon attacks a Hazakura student in the school's auditorium. After the girl is hospitalized the news viralizes, reaching Mika Kashiwagi and Ruli Tsukiyono, the latter deciding to look for him. The next day, Hiro and Kotaro Nomura enter the auditorium to look for the Sewn-lip Man, following Ruli's social media post asking for info. Kotaro excitedly takes pictures, ignoring Clockmon's question, and he annoyedly attacks the boy. When he is about to attack Hiro, Aida-sensei and the Math Teacher enter the auditorium to investigate the boys' break-in, causing Clockmon to hide. He disappointedly watches the teachers escort Hiro away. Clockmon later tries to attack Hiro in his room at the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory, but Gammamon protects the boy, and the two fight until reaching a park. Clockmon tries to steal Gammamon's time, causing GulusGammamon's aura to briefly appear. Hiro figures out how to turn Clockmon's power against him and throws a chestnut branch, which grows into a tree, in an attempt to attack the Digimon, who dodges it. Gammamon's "Breaclaw" attack injures Clockmon, causing all the stolen time to return to its owners, restoring them to their regular ages. Clockmon runs away, vowing to steal Hiro's time at another opportunity. The Sewn-lip Man

Warped Time Executioner Moaning Bug Who Are You?

Clockmon later takes a Gotsumon who witnessed AxeKnightmon's attack on Kaito Uchida to Hiro's team in an attempt to identify the Digimon. Headless


  • Chrono Breaker: Destroys the "time" flowing through the opponent's body. It is impossible for a Digimon whose "time" was frozen with this attack to recover.


Mummymon (Ghost Game) t
  • Japanese: Takayuki Sugo

Mummymon is a doctor.

After arriving on the Human World, Mummymon learned of ancient Egyptian beliefs about mummification and mistook them as human medicine. Making the New National Ueno General Museum his home, Mummymon abducts any human he sees sighing and with a tired expression to be mummified, believing he was helping them to resurrect and achieve eternal life, and hiding them on a restricted area of the museum. This eventually leads to urban legends about a glitchy mummy walking around Ueno, which make into the October issue of Monthly Ghost and to comments by Lirurun followers. On October 9, when Ruli Tsukiyono, Mika Kashiwagi, and Aoi Udagawa go to the museum investigate, Aoi sighs after the other two leave, catching Mummymon's attention. Aoi almost notices Mummymon observing her. The same night he abducts Megumi Asakura when she is considering leaving her job. The following night Hiro Amanokawa and Gammamon meet Mummymon at the museum. Hiro asks Mummymon if he knows his father Hokuto or how to go to the Digital World, but his negative reply to both cause Hiro to sigh. Mummymon mistakes this as a sign he needs medical help and abducts Hiro and also traps the healthy Gammamon to prevent interference. Gammamon fights Mummymon and Hiro realizes his true intentions but is ignored when he tries to clear up the misunderstanding. He once again tries to mummify Hiro, but Gammamon digivolves to BetelGammamon and is able to match his power. Hiro finally manages to explain to Mummymon what mummies actually are, and Mummymon after realizing he could have caused people to die. He releases and patients, and Hiro and Gammamon take him to a place full of famous hospitals, encouraging to learn human medicine. The Mystery of the Museum

Moaning Bug Whispers of the Dead Memory of Eternity Pyramid


Bokomon (Ghost Game) t


Tapirmon t
  • Japanese: Ai Orikasa

Tapirmon is Bokomon's protégé. He enjoys eating computer bugs and studying in the local library.


10-16 MoriShellmon

MoriShellmon is a Digimon who lives in the forest near Fuji West Campsite.

The Maneater's Forest


Monzaemon t

A yellow teddy bear Digimon hunting down ExTyrannomon and WaruMonzaemon for unknown reasons. He tried to contact Hiro at the start of the episode, but was too shy to go upfront with him, causing him to run every time he spots him. Ruli and Hiro eventually follow him all the way to a park where the evil plush toy Digimon and Kayono Aramaki were playing with dolls made out of Ex-Tyrannomon's victims. In the middle of Hiro and Ruli's battle with the evil plush toy Digimon, he arrived to the site where he spots a lonely and miserable Kayono. When she asks Monzaemon if it's her own fault that all her friends vanished, Monzaemon tells her that it is, and brings her to the Digital Field, revealing to her that ExTyrannomon and WarMonzaemon never cared about her and only used her as a front to wreck havoc. He then deports Kayono back to the real world and breaks into the Digital Field to help Canoweissmon defeat ExTyrannomon and WaruMonzaemon, finishing them off with a Lovely Attack that brainwashes them. At the end of the episode, he detains the evil plushie Digimon and makes his leave to parts unknown. Bad Friend


  • Lovely Attack: Traps a target inside a floating heart. This allows a human to see inside the Pseudo Digital World. It can also be used to turn evil Digimon into good Digimon.


Main article: Ryudamon (Ghost Game)


Airdramon (Ghost Game) t

Airdramon is a proud Digimon that often serves as aerial transport Hiro Amanokawa's team.

At some point, Clockmon introduced Airdramon to Angoramon. When Gammamon asks Ruli Tsukiyono for help in Kamakura, Angoramon decided to ask for Airdramon to transport them there. He transports Ruli, Angoramon, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai and Jellymon. The Diviner When Ryudamon turns many Hazakura Private Academy students into Gyuukimon, Airdramon transports Ruli and Angoramon to the distant island where they are. Contagion Island When Angoramon is abducted by Piedmon's subordinates, Airdramon transports Hiro, Gammamon, Ruli, and Angoramon to the Pierre Dream Circus. Clown When Miori Sugiwara requests help looking for her missing sister Misaki, Airdramon transports the team to the town where she lives. Human Hunter During the battle against Datamon, Airdramon transports Ruli, SymbareAngoramon, and Mummymon to the battlefield. Memory of Eternity

Bakeneko Ghost Taxi Pyramid


Pumpkinmon t
  • Japanese: Yasuhiro Takato (Pumpmon), Kohsuke Tanabe, Keitaro Tanaka (Ekakimon), Yuuki Hirose (Candmon)

The Doll's Manor The Crimson Harvest Festival


  • Trick or Treat: Manifests a gigantic pumpkin in the air and then squashes the opponent with it.
  • Candlemon: Two Digimon capable of firing a small flame with "Bonfire".
  • Ekakimon: Two Digimon capable of attacking with "Colorful Change".

Other Humans and Animals[]

Ms. Amanokawa[]

Ms. Amanokawa (ミズ・アマノカワ Mizu Amanokawa?) is Hiro Amanokawa's mother. She works for a non-profit organization helping refugees in many countries.

After Hokuto Amanokawa disappears, Hiro managed to contact her and she was shocked about the news. The Sewn-lip Man After Arukenimon's defeat, she texts Hiro telling her friend Sonya Molena will visit Japan and asking him to guide her. The Spider's Lure After Nanami Moriya steals her wedding ring from a box in their house, Hiro calls her to ask about the box. Wall Crawlers

Tsukiyono family[]

The Tsukiyono (月夜野?) family used to rule Hitoyomachi in the past. Due to a legend, every 100 years a woman of Tsukiyono blood is sacrificed to the werewolf. Werewolf

In the modern day, Ruli Tsukiyono lives with her parents, who are traveling in the weekend she investigates the human geckos. Wall Crawlers Ruli's grandmother is named Kazuko (和子?), and according to Granny Sachi they have the same eyes. Werewolf


10-35 Sakura
  • Japanese: Fumie Mizusawa

Sakura (さくら?) is a relative of Ruli Tsukiyono who lives in Hitoyomachi and is not a Tsukiyono by blood. She is related to Ruli's grandfather's younger brother, but Ruli doesn't immediataly remember the details. Werewolf

When Hiro Amanokawa, Gammamon, Ruli, Angoramon, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, and Jellymon visit Hitoyomachi, they stay at her house. Werewolf

Moon princess[]

10-35 Werewolf and Moon Princess

The moon princess being embraced by the werewolf.

The moon princess (月夜の姫 tsukiyo no hime?) was a member of the Tsukiyono family.


Megumi Asakura[]

  • Japanese: Eriko Kadokura

Megumi Asakura (朝倉 恵 Asakura Megumi?) is an office lady.

After complaining about her manager and wondering if she should quit, Megumi sighs, which Mummymon mistakes as a sign of a health problem and abducts her for mummification. After Hiro Amanokawa tells him mummification is not a medical procedure, Mummymon releases her with all of his other patients. The Mystery of the Museum

Akane Kubota[]

10-04 Akane Kubota
  • Japanese: Hanako Uesugi

Akane Kubota[1] (久保田 アカネ[2] Kubota Akane?) is a friend of Ruli Tsukiyono and a teacher at the Cosmo Culture School.

Akane Kubota (久保田 アカネ)
Name used in Digimon Ghost Game, surname only mentioned in the official website.
  • Ja: Kubota (久保田?). Japanese surname that is written with the kanji for "long time" (?), "protect" (?), and "rice field" (?).
  • Ja: Akane (アカネ?). A Japanese feminine name that means "madder" (?).

Akane is a young woman with brown eyes, long wavy brown hair and shoulder-length sidelocks and an average-sized bust. She wears a purple and black cap sideways, a black top under a yellow T-shirt with a rotated grey star on it, beige knee-length pants with a pocket on each side, a green sweater tied on her waist, and orange shoes with white soles.

One year later, her hair is black. The White Bride The Crimson Harvest Festival

On her wedding, she wears a blue dress with see-through sleeves, white gloves, a purple hat with a grey band, and red lipstick as makeup. According to Ruli, the dress suits her well. The White Bride

On October 31 of Hiro Amanokawa's first year at Hazakura Private Academy, she is instructing a dance class. After the class she oversees the school's Halloween decorations by Ruli, Mika Kashiwagi, Aoi Udagawa, Nana, and Moe. She commends Ruli's decoration skills, and later asks Nana to grab candles in another room. After Pumpkinmon's team kidnaps multiple, Akane tells Ruli and Hiro Amanokawa she can't contact some staff members. The Doll's Manor

The next year, Akane gets married. She waves at Ruli after the girl congratulates her. The White Bride On October 31, she thanks Hiro and Ruli for helping decorate the school again. After Mika, Nana, and Moe are transformed into rats, Ruli asks Akane to take care of them. The Crimson Harvest Festival

Nana and Moe[]

  • Japanese: Yuuki Hirose (Nana), Rina Kawaguchi (Moe)

Nana (ナナ?) and Moe (モエ?) are friends of Ruli Tsukiyono, Mika Kashiwagi, and Aoi Udagawa.

The Doll's Manor The Crimson Harvest Festival


Chiroru (チロル?) is Mika Kashiwagi's pet bird.

Chiroru is abducted by Crowmon's crows, leading Mika to ask Hiro Amanokawa and Ruli Tsukiyono for help. After KausGammamon defeats Crowmon, Chiroru flies back to Mika and lands on her shoulder. Birds


  • Japanese: Yuga Sato

Arth (アルス Arusu?) is a college student and a player of Fighter's Kingdom.

After losing to Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon, Arth is abducted by them to be turned into sake for Kinkakumon. Game of Death

A-chan and her boyfriend[]

  • Japanese: Mayu Kimura (Girlfriend), Ryohei Kitsunai (Boyfriend)

A-chan (あーちゃん Ā-chan?) and her boyfriend.


Professor Okuma[]

10-12 Professor Okuma

Professor Okuma (大隈教授 Ōkuma-kyōju?) is an acquaintance of Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai.

On winter, he receives a chain letter from a friend. After reminiscing on how they were popular when he was younger, he deletes the email, causing Weedmon to appear from his tablet. The Weedmon then use his email to send the letter to Kiyoshiro. Chain Letter Later, he and Kiyoshiro travel for a conference, and the two lodge into the Nagomi Resort. Zashiki-warashi

Kazuma Kitamura[]

10-18 Kitamura family

Kazuma (center) with his family.

Kazuma Kitamura (北村 カズマ Kitamura Kazuma?) is a boy who is friends with two Hawkmon.

The Land of Children

Kitamura family[]

10-18 Kitamura family
  • Japanese: Yuki Nagaku (Kazuma's Mother)

The Kitamura (北村?) family is composed of Kazuma, his sister, his mother, and his father.

When Petermon abducts Kazuma, he also erases the Kitamuras' memories of him. When Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai and Jellymon go to their house investigate, Kazuma's mother initially rejects his visit because she doesn't remember Kazuma, and is confused when he shows her multiple evidence of him living in their house. She then angrily tells him to leave her house. The Land of Children

Yamamoto family[]

  • Japanese: Motoharu Ono (Tsuyoshi), Takumu Miyazono (Father), Maki Tsuruta (Mother)

The Yamamoto (山本?) family consists of Tsuyoshi (ツヨシ?), his Father (父親 Chichioya?), and his Mother (母親 Hahaoya?).

When their house catches fire, DarkLizardmon and Saberdramon try to save Tsuyoshi, who initially accuses them of causing the fire, with DarkLizardmon's fire cage. After his parents calls his name, Tsuyoshi tries to leave the fire cage to go after them, which causes him to disintegrate and die. Tusyoshi's parents and neighbor them accuse the two Digimon of being murderers. The incident leaves them to conclude the Human World has no place for them and to seek BlackGatomon Uver. to return to the Digital World. Prison of Fire

Sonya Molena[]

Sonya Molena (ソニア・モリーナ Sonia Morīna?) is a friend of Ms. Amanokawa who works for the same non-profit as her.

Arukenimon poses as her to attract Hiro Amanokawa, Gammamon, Ruli Tsukiyono, Angoramon, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, and Jellymon into a trap. After Arukenimon's death, the real Sonya Molena goes to Japan, and Ms. Amanokawa asks Hiro to guide her. The Spider's Lure


10-23 Hirota
  • Japanese: Ryosuke Asano

Hirota (ひろた?) is an employee at an 11-Stop.

When Morphomon's SOS signal causes many Digimon to attack humans, Hirota is attacked by a Potamon. Moaning Bug

Yuto Takanashi[]

Yuto Takanashi (小鳥遊 優人 Takanashi Yūto?) is Hiro Amanokawa's friend. Hiro calls him "Yuto-nyi" (優人にぃ Yūto-nyi?).

Yuto Takanashi (小鳥遊 優人)
Name used in Digimon Ghost Game, with the spelling from official website and romanization from Crunchyroll. Surname mispelled as "Kojimaasobi" (小島遊? lit. "little island(s) playing") in the episode credits.
  • Ja: Takanashi (小鳥遊?). Japanese surname that is written with the kanji for "little birds playing" (小鳥遊 kotori asobi?) but pronounced "Takanashi" (鷹無し? lit. "no hawks"), with the full meaning being "there are no hawks where little birds play".
  • Ja: Yuto (優人 Yūto?). Japanese masculine name that means "gentle person".

Twisted Love

Yuto's Father[]

Twisted Love

Kyohei Misaki[]

10-24 Kyohei Misaki
  • Japanese: Kohsuke Tanabe

Kyohei Misaki[3] (三崎 恭平 Misaki Kyōhei?) is Yuto Takanashi's friend.

After talking to Yuto, Ajatarmon uses him as a test subject for a formula to turn humans into Ajatarmon. Twisted Love

Kotoko Kuriyama[]

10-24 Kotoko Kuriyama
  • Japanese: Asumi Saito

Kotoko Kuriyama[4] (栗山 琴子 Kuriyama Kotoko?) is Yuto Takanashi's friend.

After talking to Yuto while walking a dog, Ajatarmon uses her as a test subject for a formula to turn humans into Ajatarmon. Twisted Love

Mushitaro Kuri[]

Mushitaro Kuri (栗 虫太郎 Kuri Mushitarō?) is the author of Murder at the Red Manor (赤死館殺人事件 Akashikan Satsujin Jiken?). His name is likely a reference to Mushitarō Oguri.

When visiting the house Digitamamon is living in, Angoramon finds a copy of Murder at the Red Manor in the bookshelves. Cannibal Mansion


Toshi-kun (トシ君?) is a vlogger who discusses urban legends.

Toshi-kun (トシ君)
Name used in Digimon Ghost Game.
  • Ja: Toshi (トシ?). From "toshi densetsu" (都市伝説? lit. "urban legend").


10-28 Shiho-nyan Doll

A Shiho-nyan doll.

Shiho-nyan (しほにゃん?) is likely an idol. Kotaro Nomura is a fan of her.

Kotaro obtains a limited edition doll of her. Face Taker

Yuna Matsuzawa[]

10-29 Yuna Matsuzawa

Yuna Matsuzawa (まつざわ 結菜 Matsuzawa Yūna?) is a young child.

Monster Pollen

Kayono's parents[]

  • Japanese: Takumu Miyazono (Father), Ami Matsushima (Mother)

Bad Friend


10-30 Orihara-sensei
  • Japanese: Ryo Yaginuma

Orihara-sensei (折原先生?) is a teacher at Ruli Tsukiyono's school. Kayono Aramaki hates him.

Bad Friend

Ichiaha Hirasawa[]

  • Japanese: Reimi

Ichiaha Hirasawa (平澤 一葉 Hirasawa Ichiha?) is a school social worker.

Ichiaha Hirasawa (平澤 一葉)
Name and official romanization used in Digimon Ghost Game.
  • Ja: Hirasawa (平澤?). Japanese surname that means "plain swamp".
  • Ja: Ichiaha (一葉 Ichiha?). Japanese feminine name that means "one leaf".

Bad Friend

Nanami Moriya[]

Nanami Moriya (守屋 七海 Moriya Nanami?) is Hiro Amanokawa's former classmate in sixth grade.

Nanami Moriya (守屋 一葉)
Name used in Digimon Ghost Game. Surname romanized in Crunchyroll subtitles.
  • Ja: Moriya (守屋?). Japanese surname that means "defense building". Likely a pun on "yamori" (ヤモリ? lit. "gecko") due to her transformation into a human gecko.
  • Ja: Nanami (七海?). Japanese feminine name that means "seven seas".

Wall Crawlers

Nanami's parents[]

  • Japanese: Yuga Sato (Nanami's Father), Aya Naruse (Nanami's Mother)

Taiyou Moriya[5] (守屋 大洋 Moriya Taiyou?) and Sachie Moriya[6] (守屋 幸江 Moriya Sachie?) are Nanami Moriya's parents.

Wall Crawlers


10-35 Kenta
  • Japanese: Yudai Mino

Kenta (健太?) is a resident of Hitoyomachi.


Kenta's Mother[]

10-35 Kenta's Mother
  • Japanese: Eriko Kadokura

Kenta's Mother (健太母 Kenta-haha?).


Granny Sachi[]

10-35 Granny Sachi
  • Japanese: Hiroko Emori

Granny Sachi (サチ婆 Sachi-baba?) is Kenta's grandmother and an expert on the werewolf legend.



10-35 Werewolf and Moon Princess

The werewolf embracing the moon princess.

The werewolf (ヒトオオカミ hitoōkami?) is a creature once said to be a guardian of Hitoyomachi.


Kazu, Iizuka, Niko, and Piyochin[]

  • Japanese: Ryosuke Kanemoto (Kazu), Yasuhiko Kawazu (Iizuka), Rina Kawaguchi (Niko), Haruka Terui (Piyochin)

Kazu (カズ?), Iizuka (イイヅカ?), Niko (ニコ?), and Piyochin (ぴよちん?) are four people Ruli Tsukiyono meets on the internet.

Labyrinth of Grief


  • Japanese: Ryohei Kitsunai

Akira (アキラ?).

When RareRaremon uses parts of itself to manipulate humans, Akira is one of the affected. Flock of the Dead

Sawai family[]

  • Japanese: Shino Shimoji (Rin Sawai), Momoka Watabe (Rin's Mother), Ryohei Kitsunai (Rin's Father)

The Sawai (沢井?) family is composed of Rin Sawai (沢井 凛 Sawai Rin?), her mother, her father, and their dog Kantaro (カンタロー Kantarō?).

Spiral Beach

Miori Sugawara[]

Human Hunter

Misaki Sugawara[]

Human Hunter

Emma Hanes[]

Emma Hanes (エマ・ヘインズ Ema Heinzu?) is Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai's American former schoolmate.

Red Eye When Digimon start appearing throughout the Human World, Emma tells Kiyoshiro it's no longer possible to hide them, and sees a Hippogriffomon flying above her. The Black Zone of Death

D topics[]

Ghost Newspaper

Tamotsu Ihara[]

10-47 Tamotsu Ihara

Memory of Eternity


10-48 Kyoka
  • Japanese: Hinako Takahashi

Kyoka (京香 Kyōka?) is a bride.

Kyoka (京香)
Name used in Digimon Ghost Game.
  • Ja: Kyoka (京香 Kyōka?). A Japanese feminine name that is written with the kanji for "capital" (?) and "perfume" (?).

When preparing for her wedding, she is hit by Chamblemon's spores and mushrooms grow on her body. She is kidnapped by the Digimon to be used for farming mushrooms. Ruli Tsukiyono later watches powerless as Chamblemon harvests the mushrooms from Kyoka's body. After the Chamblemon are defeated, Thetismon heals Kyoka and the other captured brides. The White Bride


10-48 Chinatsu
  • Japanese: Miyuki Kawasho

Chinatsu (千夏?) is Akane Kubota's friend.

Chinatsu (千夏)
Name used in Digimon Ghost Game.
  • Ja: Chinatsu (千夏?). A Japanese feminine name that means "one thousand summers".

On Akane's wedding, Chinatsu thanks Hiro Amanokawa and Ruli Tsukiyono for their help with the preparations and promises to show them the after-party later. When checking on Ruli, she finds the room where the girl was preparing for a wedding dress photoshoot covered in mold after Hiro, Gammamon, Angoramon, and Espimon arrive. She tells them about local rumors of brides in wedding dresses disappearing and leaving behind rooms full of mold and bacteria, and how the police is unable to investigate the cases. Hiro asks her about other weddings scheduled for that same day. The White Bride


  • Japanese: Saori Gotō

Shiori (詩織?) is Ruli Tsukiyono's friend. Gammamon calls her "Shio".

The Crimson Harvest Festival

Satsuki Baba[]

  • Japanese: Ayaka Atsuchi


Choro and Noro[]

  • Japanese: Ayaka Maeda (Choro), Reimi (Noro)


Kaoru Kunai[]

  • Japanese: Ayaka Atsuchi



  • Japanese: Ryosuke Asano


Meru Soma[]

10-59 Meru Soma


Kuraishi Sentai Jiraiyas[]

  • Japanese: Sonosuke Hattori (Jiraiya Red), Ryohei Kitsunai (Jiraiya Blue), Hirokazu Miyahara (Jiraiya Yellow), Kodai Inaoka (Jiraiya Black), Ryo Yaginuma (Jiraiya Green)


Manami Jinno[]


Kotoha Igashira[]

  • Japanese: Hisako Kanemoto


Toru Igashira[]

  • Japanese: Shinji Kawada


Other Digimon[]

BlackGatomon Uver.[]

10-01 BlackGatomon Uver.

BlackGatomon Uver. is a Digimon that can move between the Digital World and the Human World.

When Hiro Amanokawa enters the Pseudo Digital World for the first time, he sees BlackGatomon, who points at Gammamon and leaves without a word. The Sewn-lip Man When Hiro, Gammamon, Ruli Tsukiyono, Angoramon, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, and Jellymon are trapped in a Digimon, BlackGatomon shows up in the middle of the road and opens a gate, sending all the racing Digimon to the Digital World. Nightly Procession of Monsters After Bokomon's death, BlackGatomon picks up his Digi-Egg. Executioner When Hiro's group is lodged at Nagomi Resort, BlackGatomon delivers them DIM Cards sent by Hokuto Amanokawa. Zashiki-warashi BlackGatomon later opens a gate to allow DarkLizardmon and Saberdramon to return to the Digital World. Prison of Fire After Splashmon is frozen by SymbareAngoramon, BlackGatomon rides a Moosemon sleigh to pick him up. Hiro asks BlackGatomon to deliver a letter to his father. Monster's Beauty Serum When Musyamon's sword is destroyed, BlackGatomon arrives to pick him up and deliver Hokuto's reply to Hiro. Killer Blade

Sistermon Ciel[]

DigiAnalyzerGhostGame-Sistermon Ciel

Nightly Procession of Monsters

Gathering Digimon[]

  • Japanese: Karin Takahashi (Muchomon), Asumi Saito (Floramon)

A group of Digimon that gathers in an alley.

Kamaitachi Face Taker Killer Blade



Reppamon t
  • Japanese: Masaya Matsukaze (Reppamon's Body), Kenji Nomura (Reppamon's Tail)

Kamaitachi Killer Blade


Hawkmon t
  • Japanese: Arisa Sekine, Rika Nagae

Two Hawkmon are friends with Kazuma Kitamura.

The Land of Children


Piximon t
  • Japanese: Konami Yosida

The Witching Hour Whispers of the Dead


Pillomon t
  • Japanese: Ayaka Saito




10-48 Geremon

A group of Geremon are camped next to the wedding site where several Chamblemon are kidnapping and torturing women for food. They are predatory creatures who want to prey on the Chamblemon, but are physically unable to, so a Geremon guides Kiyoshiro and several other Digimon into the hut where they are hiding at in hopes of Kiyoshiro or the other Digimon near him defeating them. Once Kiyoshiro defeats the Chamblemon and rescues the victims, a large flock of Geremon show up to take the Chamblemon away as their own mushroom farms before vanishing. The White Bride



Dracmon t

Scribbles The Crimson Banquet


  • Eye of Nightmare: Casts a spell from the evil eyes on the palms of its hands which causes those who look into it to have their hearts completely dominated by Dracmon.


Majiramon t
  • Japanese: Katsuhisa Houki

Divine Anger


  • Vedhaka: Disappears into the center of a swirl of light summoned in the sky, then fires 108 shining Bǎo Shǐ, burying a horde of opponents in just an instant. This technique possesses ¥540,000 worth of destructive power.


  • Japanese: Nana Mizuki

The Cursed Song


  • Daisankyoku (Canon) (第三曲≪カノン≫? lit. "No.3 (Canon)"): Attacks the enemy using its singing voice as note-shaped shots, which are said to have the marvelous trait of ricocheting to always strike their targets, even separate enemies.


  • Japanese: Nobuo Tobita

Daigo (ダイゴ?) is a man who allies with Crowmon.



Crowmon (2006 anime) t

Crowmon is a Digimon that controls birds.




Nightly Procession of Monsters

Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon[]

  • Japanese: Yuka Komatsu (Kinkakumon), Tetsu Inada (Ginkakumon)

Game of Death



Chain Letter


Sealsdramon t
  • Japanese: Nobutoshi Canna

Sealsdramon is a cyborg assassin Digimon and an infamous serial killer who kills other Digimon. His exploits in both the human and Digital worlds are so infamous, that he is known by other Digimon as an urban legend called Der Scharfrichter (Deu: The Executioner). When he spots a Digimon, he will ambush them, wait for a precise timing where the victim is unaware, and kill them instantly by throwing a dagger to their foreheads. This usually goes completely unnoticed until it's too late, and the only clues of his presence is his dilated, robotic breathing. He succeeds at 999 kills before the group and Bokomon meets him. The group is first informed of his handiwork by Clockmon and Monitamon.

Despite the warning of an executioner of Digimon in the works, Jellymon ignores the group's warnings and goes to help a Sunflowmon buy a kimono on her own volition on the night after meeting with Clockmon. The group searches for her worrying that her reckless actions might get herself killed. Sealsdramon sets his eyes on her as his 1,000th kill, although a glass panel prevents his knife from actually landing. The group, alongside Bokomon and Tapirmon finally manages to catch up to Jellymon and Sealsdramon. He throws a flurry of knifes that indiscriminately target humans and Digimon alike, forcing the group to run for their lives. After destroying a pillar that acts as their cover, he throws a knife at Gammamon only for Bokomon to take the hit for him and die. Sealsdramon successfully reaches his 1000th kill by killing Bokomon, but the loss of Bokomon enrages Gammamon and he Dark Digivolves into GulusGammamon to kill Sealsdramon instantly. Despite Angoramon, Jellymon and Bokomon suspects that he is related to the D-Select program, Sealsdramon himself tells GulusGammamon that he's just committing murder for the sake of. He dies after praising GulusGammamon "well done". Executioner


  • Death Behind: Attacks with a single blow from a knife sharpened to its limit.
  • Scouter Monoeye: Measures the opponent's vital points in an instant.





  • Japanese: Ryotaro Okiayu (Phelesmon), Shunsuke Kanie, Daiki Takeuchi (Boogiemon)

The Fortuneteller's Manor


  • Demon's Shout: Drives the enemy to insanity with a curse-filled shout.
  • Boogiemon: Digimon capable of projecting illusions.


Cherrymon t
  • Japanese: Shin Aomori

The Maneater's Forest



Icy Hell


  • Glaciate Missile: Shoots ice compacted from the snow that gets sucked in by its propeller, generating huge blocks of ice on impact. It can use this to stop avalanches.
  • Removal Blow: Unleashes a punch attack with its enormous right arm while charging.


  • Japanese: Kenji Nojima

The Land of Children

DarkLizardmon and Saberdramon[]

  • Japanese: Masaya Takatsuka (Saberdramon), Ryota Takeuchi (DarkLizamon)

Prison of Fire


Arukenimon t

The Spider's Lure



Twisted Love


Nightmare In the past, Pillomon was attacked by an actual SkullGreymon in the Digital World, so it started having nightmares of SkullGreymon chasing it since then. When Jellymon overfed Pillomon, it fell ill and those who are put asleep by its bubbles began to have nightmares where they were chased and attacked by copies of SkullGreymon in their dreams. Any injuries the SkullGreymon inflict will show up in the human world as well, and getting too far from it only restarts the dream. They do not say anything other than "Rot and decay."

After Kiyoshiro realized they were in a lucid dream, he and Ruli used the dream in their favor to enhance their Digimon, with SymbareAngoramon multiplying and TeslaJellymon becoming gigantic. They seemingly destroyed SkullGreymon, but it came back to life because it's an illusion. Luckily, everyone managed to wake Pillomon up before the situation went to worse.


Myotismon t

Myotismon is a vampire Digimon who poses a human named Aviel Kyogoku (アビエル京極 Abieru Kyōgoku?). Under the Aviel alias he runs the company Scarlatto Vento (スカルラット・ヴェント Sukaruratto Vento?, Ita: "Scarlet Wind"), also known as SV (エッセ・ヴ Esse Vu?).

The Crimson Banquet


  • Grisly Wing (Night Raid): Manipulates a countless swarm of bats, and begins a surprise attack.
  • Matadormon: A Digimon capable of disguising as a human.
  • Sangloupmon: A Digimon who disguises as a dog named Pachepa (パチェパ?).
  • Dracmon


Digitamamon t

Digitamamon is Angoramon's best friend and a fellow researcher of knowledge in the past. Unfortunately, he was also a man-eating Digimon whose residence was known as the "Cannibal Mansion" because every one of its tenants mysteriously vanished. According to him, ever since he arrived to the human world half a year ago he has been feeling hungry, but at the beginning he couldn't harm anybody. The first time he ate a human it was an accident, as he didn't realize he had materialized. He tried to spit out the human, but he had already devoured his spirit, and only sand came out. Since he hadn't ever felt more satisfied, he had continued to eat humans until then.

Having encountered Angoramon in the human world and hearing his stories about making human friends like Ruli, Digitamamon invited them to his house. Ruli and Angoramon arrived at the house first and had a friendly chat in which both Digimon reminisced about the past. However, after leaving Angoramon at the house's library, Ruli was guided to a room with old dolls, where Digitamamon tried to eat her. Angoramon rushed to help Ruli and asked Digitamamon why did he try to eat her.

Once Hiro and Kiyoshiro saw Angoramon and Digitamamon breaking out from a window, they joined the battle. Though reluctant to fight him, Angoramon confronted Digitamamon as SymbareAngoramon and was joined by WezenGammamon and TeslaJellymon. However, Digitamamon proved to be a formidable foe, as his shell is virtually impregnable and his attacks are way too dangerous to even take damage from. WezenGammamon then Digievolved to CanoWeissmon, who managed to injure and crack Digitamamon's shell. SymbareAngoramon begged Digitamamon once more to stop, but he desperately replied that he couldn't help it and wanted to eat more. Seeing that his old friend was beyond salvation, SymbareAngoramon cut Digitamamon down and gave him a swift death, his last words being telling his former friend that he can no longer differ Digimon like him with humans anymore. Cannibal Mansion


  • Nightmare Syndrome: Sends out its true form as a black ghost.


Splashmon t

Splashmon transformed every victim that he touched into water. After Hiro Amanokawa transformed the surrounding area into a digital winter wonderland using his Digivice-V- his ability was nulled after which has was defeated by SymbareAngoramon after he froze him into a block of ice. All his victims were then turned back to normal. Monster's Beauty Serum


Asuramon t

Face Taker



  • Japanese: Shinichi Watada

Monster Pollen

Kayono Aramaki[]

Kayono Aramaki

Kayono Aramaki (荒巻 カヨノ Aramaki Kayono?) was Aoi Udagawa's classmate and estranged friend. She was absent from school for over a month on her second year because of unknown reasons, although she still receives frequent check-ups from her teachers and social workers, as well as classmates who deliver homework for her. It all changed when WaruMonzaemon and ExTyrannomon suddenly came out from her closet one day and made friends with her, encouraging her to order the former to turn everyone she doesn't like into dolls. In reality, the Digimon are just taking advantage of Kayono to justify wrecking havoc as they always wanted. Kayono quickly embraces her newfound dominance above others, ordering ExTyrannomon to turn Orihara Sensei, a deliveryman, a social worker and Aoi into dolls. She also has WaruMonzaemon keep her mother in check, although it didn't take long before she turned her into a doll too. This quickly degenerated into a rampage where Kayono and the Digimon were randomly attacking people for no real reason, with Kiyoshiro and Jellymon quickly falling victim to Ex-Tyrannomon's Dark Matter.

Reaching a park and turning everyone within into dolls, she and the Digimon sadistically toy with their victims, ripping off an arm from Orihara's doll and cutting off the Kiyoshiro doll's hair. They were spotted by Ruli and Hiro, where the three brag about having been turned Aoi and Kiyoshiro into dolls before Gammamon strikes WaruMonzaemon, so Ruli expands a Digital Field to put her out of harm's way when they confront the Digimon. Back in the real world, she wonders why she's all alone again, only for Monzaemon to reach the site where the evil plushie Digimon were in and tell her that it's her own fault. He then brings her to the Digital Field and shows her that ExTyrannomon and WaruMonzaemon never cared about her and was only using her to justify wrecking havoc for the sake of. After Monzaemon and Canoweissmon team up to defeat them, Kayono atones by sewing her teacher's arm back and was sent back home at the end of the episode. Bad Friend

ExTyrannomon and WaruMonzaemon[]

ExTyrannomon and WaruMonzaemon are a pair of evil plush toy Digimon that suddenly emerged from Kayono Aramaki's closet, encouraging her to have them turn anyone she doesn't like into dolls. Despite their friendly demeanor in front of Kayono, this is an act and they didn't care about her at all, only using her as a front for them to rationalize wrecking havoc for the sake of and they don't hide their true personality as sadistic and psychotic individuals. They have a signature verbal tic, "ne, nee~" for ExTyrannomon and "na, naa~" for WaruMonzaemon when trying to act nice in front of Kayono, but drops it when showing their true colors. Monzaemon was hunting them down for reasons unknown.

ExTyrannomon was the Digimon doing most of the work by turning people into dolls, while WaruMonzaemon intimidates anyone that would otherwise "threaten" Kayono.

Throughout the episode, Kayono ordered ExTyrannomon to turn her father, Orihara Sensei, a deliveryman, a social worker and Aoi Udagawa into dolls. After she had him turn her mother into a doll too, it degenerated into a rampage where Kayono would order Ex-Tyrannomon to turn anyone she comes across into dolls, including Kiyoshiro and Jellymon who just happened to accidentally hit her hand with the handle of a wheel barrow. They then go into a park and indiscriminately attack everyone within, then play with the dolls they collected in a clearing. Ruli and Hiro managed to reach them by following Monzaemon and after Gammamon attacks WaruMonzaemon, Ruli brought the evil plush toy Digimon into the Digital Field alongside herself and Hiro. Mid-fight, ExTyrannomon turns both Ruli and SymbareAngoramon into dolls and Monzaemon breaks into the field to assist Hiro, ending with Monzaemon using Lovely Attack to brainwash the evil plush toy Digimon into good-hearted Digimon. After Kayono sews her teacher's arms back, a brainwashed ExTyrannomon reverts every human he converted back to normal, and Monzaemon apprehends them before the three depart to locations unknown. Bad Friend

Attacks (ExTyrannomon)

  • Pretty Attack: Expels itself from its adorable body. It can revert people or Digimon affected by Black Matter back to normal.
  • Black Matter: The Digimon within ExTyrannomon unleashes an evil orb, turning his victims into dolls. Victims can only be recovered by Ex-Tyrannomon himself.

Attacks (Warumonzaemon)

  • Heart Break Attack: Gives everything a dark mood and depresses them, making the opponent's feeling become dark and sorrowful so that they completely lose their fighting spirit.


Musyamon t
  • Japanese: Masashi Ebara

Killer Blade


10-32 Betsumon

Betsumon are eccentric, lanky Digimon in Gatomon bodysuits who move around in large packs. Despite their silly appearances, they are dangerous Digimon who impersonate other Digimon or humans and replace them in their lives, rendering their victims completely unrecognizable over time. When disguised, they neither look or act like their victims, but people around them will recognize the Betsumon as the original, even if they haven't met the Betsumon or made eye contact with them. Eventually, the victim will vanish from existence. Digimon who are removed from existence by the Betsumon do not leave a Digi-Egg upon "death". They tend to gloat on their victims once they successfully steal their lives and often chuckle even if they are defeated.

Before the start of the episode, a Betsumon impersonated Jellymon when she was out managing goods for other Digimon. Another one approached Hiro in a Gammamon bodysuit when Gammamon was out to meet his new friend, a Gotsumon, for a play-date. Unfortunately, his new friend was a no-show and the Betsumon infiltrates Hiro's dorm, integrating itself to his daily life. Hiro still recognizes Gammamon until the next day, believing that he was always in his room. However, after a Betsumon implied to be the pack leader impersonates Gotsumon and tricks Gammamon out to wait for him, Gammamon becomes entirely unrecognizable. Clockmon fails to recognize him, Ruli and Angoramon cannot over a webcam, and Kiyoshiro doesn't recognize him even if he never laid his eye on the fake Gammamon. Suffering from an identity crisis, Gammamon meets another one of their victims, a Meicoomon. After stating what happened to him, the feline Digimon vanishes from existence, and Gammamon crawls back to the dorm that night, witnessing a pack of twenty-or-so Betsumon attacking everyone inside the Hazakura dormitory and stealing their identities.

On the next day, Hiro invites Gammamon and his impersonator to a picnic and dumps a pile of chocolate snacks for both of them. Gammamon eats all the chocolate quickly, but the Betsumon cannot eat too much of it, snapping Hiro out from the Betsumon's cognition-warping powers. The whole pack approaches Hiro and attacks him, and Gammamon digivolves into WezenGammamon to retaliate. The Betsumon are still Ultimate Digimon, so WezenGammamon's Sedna doesn't affect them, and they send him skywards with Tsukkomi Punch. However, WezenGammamon digivolves into Canoweissmon and defeats all of them in one fell swoop. All of them were detained by Clockmon afterwards. Who Are You?

When Kiyoshiro was in a coma because of being hit by a poltergeist-controlled truck from Sepikmon, the nurse who sends him into the hospital reveals itself to be a Betsumon ordered by Clockmon to bring Kiyoshiro to Mummymon. He makes it clear that he's only helping Kiyoshiro under Clockmon's orders. Whispers of the Dead


  • Tsukkomi Punch (つっこみパンチ? lit. "Straight Man Punch"): Betsumon uppercuts its foe. This attack is strong enough to knock WezenGammamon into the sky.


Sepikmon t
  • Japanese: Ayaka Saito

Whispers of the Dead

Sepikmon is a Wizard Digimon in tribal outfit who can only befriend the dead. Because of this, he wants to kill Kiyoshiro and drag him across the Sanzu River so they could become friends. He can control objects to kill his targets from the underworld.

After Gammamon had a quarrel with Pixiemon who used his Bit Bomb inside his room, Kiyoshiro suffered something similar to a near-death experience and started hearing voices from Sepikmon, making him fear for his life. This situation escalated when Sepikmon controls poltergeists to move in ways that will kill Kiyoshiro, such as by dropping a bucket of water so Kiyoshiro will crack his skull on an urinal or dropping a neon sign at him. Since human doctors couldn't find anything wrong with Kiyoshiro, he requested Mummymon's assistance, who dismissed that as Pixiemon's work and theorized that he was hearing the voices of the dead. He suggests the use of an experimental medicine to leave Kiyoshiro in a state between life and death.

After he injured his head to avoid being run over by a truck controlled by Sepikmon, Kiyoshiro went into a coma and he found himself within the Sanzu River, where a Sepikmon who wanted to befriend him approached him. In the meantime, Kiyoshiro's unconscious body was taken by a Betsumon ordered by Clockmon (disguised as a nurse) to Mummymon's place. Mummymon declared that it was very likely that there was no salvation for Kiyoshiro since his soul had been detached from his body. However, Kiyoshiro managed to contact the others from the world between life and death by connecting his phone to his Digivice. Mummymon suggested having others help Kiyoshiro by using a special medicine he invented, with Jellymon offering herself. Brimming with energy as a side effect of the medicine, Jellymon quickly found Kiyoshiro and Sepikmon, defeated the latter as TeslaJellymon, and took both of them with her back to the normal world.

Since Sepikmon had lived a secluded life in the jungles of the Digital World, he couldn't fit human society, so he was sent to a temple with windmills where he could befriend as many souls as he wanted.


  • Spirit Boomerang (スピリット・ブーメラン?): With its boomerang imbued with the powers of nature, it rids the land of all impure beings.


Salamandermon t
  • Japanese: Misa Watanabe

Wall Crawlers

Human geckos[]

10-34 Human geckos

The human geckos (ヤモリ人間 yamori ningen?) are children mutated by Salamandermon. One of them is named Yoshiki Minami (南 ヨシキ Minami Yoshiki?).

Wall Crawlers


Gigasmon t
  • Japanese: Uoken

Labyrinth of Grief


  • Japanese: Hikaru Midorikawa (Doumon), Daiki Takeuchi, Motoharu Ono, Yuga Sato (Green Shikigami), Ryohei Kitsunai, Ryosuke Asano (Shikigami)

During Hiro's participation in the Ashihara play, Doumon uses its powers to abduct Hiro Amanokawa and places a talismin on his chest to use him as the vessel for the Young Lord. Following this, it acts as his subservient and works to make the Hojo Clan rise once more. It starts using its divine powers in order to create a "new shogunate" out of the townspeople of Kamakura, transforming them into talismans which remain floating in the sky until their numbers are increased. It sends off its subordinates in order to abduct people so they may be added to the shogunate.

Before its goal of collecting 100,000 members, it raises the soldiers it has already collected. It then leads the Young Lord aside to discuss plans, where it is confronted by Gammamon and Espimon. It uses some of its subordinates to attack the two of them until Gammamon manages to take the talisman off of Hiro's chest, releasing him from the Young Lord's control. After that, Doumon gets upset with the interfering with its plan and attacks the two of them. Gammamon then evolves into Wezengammamon. It attempts to use Hidden Gate Divination, but Wesengammamon evolves once more into Canoweissmon and knocks it out of the sky.

After a spirit leaves its body, Doumon reveals that it came to the Human World in order to study the Divine Arts, but its body was taken over by a vengeful spirit from the Hojo Clan. It returns the people it transformed to normal before leaving to continue its studies. The Diviner


  • Exorcism Scrolls (呪禁札 Jugonsatsu?): Wreathes its talismans around the opponent's body, then detonates them.
  • Hidden Gate Divination (鬼門遁甲 Kimon Tonkou?, lit. "Demonic Gate, Hidden Jia"): Chants an incantation while painting a barrier in the form of the Sanskrit character "𑖮𑗝𑖽" (Hūṃ?) in the air with its gigantic brush, confining the opponent in an eternal labyrinth from which it can never escape.

Young Lord[]

  • Japanese: Ikuya Sawaki

The Young Lord (若君 Wakagimi?) was the last lord of the Kamakura shogunate.

Seven hundred years after the shogunate's dissolution, Doumon puts his spirit into Hiro Amanokawa's body.

The Diviner


Calmaramon t
  • Japanese: Kaori Nazuka

Calamaramon is a large squid Digimon harassing an island by twisting objects like lamp posts using her ripples because she believes that spirals are the most beautiful thing in the world. However, she implies that the gate between the Digital and human worlds was affecting her mindset. Espimon, Hiro, Jellimon and Gammamon becomes involved with her when the former got his arm twisted.

The night after the four arrive to the island, she uses her ripples to twist a sleeping Jellymon into a knob and started amplifying her ripples to the point that they can alter living beings like animals and even humans. When Hiro expands the Digital Field to prevent her from obtaining more victims, people and animals that she has affected remain within it. Hiro orders Jellymon to attack her with Bibi Thunder, but because she was twisted to a giant knob it did not work, and Espimon's Mot Bomb was deflected by her water tempests. Thankfully, Gammamon arrived to apologize to Hiro in time, and he Digivolves into Kaus Gammamon to avoid her water tempests, then fights her with Canoweissmon. After seeing the beauty of Canoweissmon's "straight" Dragonia and defeated, she willingly leaves at peace. Spiral Beach

This Calamaramon lacks the black markings around her eye.


  • Titanic Charge: Rotates like a drill and strikes her enemy after withdrawing into its body.
  • Nero Corso (Ita: Black Course): Sprays black acid from its mouth.


Piedmon t

Piedmon is the ringmaster of Pierre Dream Circus, disguised as a man named "Pierre". He is a Social Darwinist who believes the strongest makes the rules. His tent appears out of nowhere at certain time intervals where his lackeys perform usual circus acts disguised as humans and lions. The circus mascot, a disguised Opposummon will dole out VIP cards with a QR code to random children for him. Scanning the code reveals it to be an prompt to join a special circus session "just for you". In reality, that is a front for him to collect a deck of playing cards made from humans and his victims are forced to walk the rope through intimidating them with Mephistomon and Lynxmon. He will then turn them into cards no matter if they reach the other side or not.

Ruli gets involved with him when she snatches a VIP card from the circus mascot and scans it. When she agrees to the offer to join the special circus session, inviting FlameWizardmon and Tobucatmon to her doorsteps. Since she wasn't invited, FlameWizardmon grabs Angoramon instead. Angoramon witnesses the group of Digimon showing their true colors and recognizes Piedmon as a dangerous Digimon titled "The Wizard". Mephistomon also implies that he did similar things in the Digital World. When Ruli and Hiro arrive to stop him, they see him turning an objecting Angoramon into a harmless bunny mascot.

Unlike previous enemies, Hiro and Ruli never takes on Piedmon in a direct fight. Instead, Piedmon opens a bargain where if someone won him in a game of trump, he will release Angoramon. Ruli agrees to play trump with him while Hiro deals with his minions. She raises the stakes where if she won the game, he will also turn all of his human victims back to normal. In response, he raises the stakes so each time Ruli gets the smaller card, he will cripple BetelGammamon with one of his swords and to his minions if vice versa. Furthermore, if Ruli lost, she will be turned into a card. Ruli won him 3-2 and he holds his promise, reverting all of his victims, including Angoramon back to normal. Mephistomon is enraged at the idea of Piedmon losing to a human and attacks Ruli only to be quickly fend off by Lamortmon and called off by his master. Piedmon vows to not turn any more humans into cards as he recognizes Ruli as the strongest and leaves with his minions in peace.


  • Mephistomon: A large Fallen Angel Digimon serving as intimidation at Piedmon's special sessions. Highly loyal to his master. He disguises himself as the circus announcer.
  • Opossummon: A small, furry opossum Digimon disguised as the circus mascot. He is disguised as the mascot and is responsible for handing out VIP cards to random children.
  • FlameWizardmon: A Wizard Digimon who was the first to fight Betel Gammamon per Piedmon's orders and claims his victims for his special circus sessions. He disguises himself as the lion tamer.
  • TobuCatmon: A large, cat-like Digimon. He is disguised as one of the lions.
  • Lynxmon: A flaming leonine Digimon. He is disguised as a lion and intimidates Piedmon's victims to walk the rope in his special sessions.



Oboromon are Digimon resembling the ghosts of fallen Japanese warriors. Five of these wander around dark alleys looking for human victims. Once they spot a person, they will ask them to show an item with a color corresponding to theirs. If the victim fails to show the items, they will impale them with a sword and throw them into a portal where their victims have their limbs conjoined. Digimon cannot prevent them from pursuing their targets because they don't fall into their body count.

Hiro, Ruli and Kiyoshiro gets involved with them when a client named Miori tells Ruli that her sister Misaki vanished because of "an Oni" and the police didn't believe what she said. Hiro and Ruli quickly fall victim when they fail to provide items corresponding of the Oboromon's color. It's then revealed that the five Oboromon are playing a body count game where they compare the number of victims they claim, which amounts to around a hundred. The red Oboromon took the most people and is thus crowned "king". All of the victims are assimilated into its scarf, allowing him to lash his scarf at an enraged Gammamon so hard that it blows a crater to the ground. However, after Gammamon is struck the fourth time, he evolves into GulusGammamon, brutally kills the red Oboromon and releases all the victims, before he moves onto brutalizing the other four by eating their wisps.

The surviving Oboromon peek at the heroes at a corner, calling GulusGammamon the "Pitch-Black Champion". Human Hunter


  • Chiyorozu-no-Tachi (千万ノ太刀 (ちよろずのたち)? lit. "Countless Tachi"): A slicing attack using its katana.
  • Rashomon (羅焼門 (らしょうもん) Rashōmon?, lit. "Silk-burned Gate"): Emits ghostly flames that have the potential to burn a vast area.
  • Yugen (幽玄 (ゆうげん) Yūgen?, lit. "Mysteriousness"): Transforms the scarf around its neck into an independently moving apparition. The scarf has many uses, such as binding and capturing enemies, and is even strong enough to strike opponents.


Eyesmon t

Eyesmon is a shadowy dragon parasite with thousands of red eyes that attacked and took control of an American girl named Emma Hanes in a restroom. There are also other victims, including a policeman, a celebrity stalking influencer, and a hikikkomori. People that he takes control of will suffer from a condition where their eyes become red and red eyes grow all over their body, which are impossible to remove manually as Eyesmon actively prevents the host from doing so. Eyesmon also modifies his victim's behavior so they will help him gather data, making them abnormally touchy and willing to extract information from others (although when he was acting through Emma, Hiro and Kiyoshiro does not notice her behaving erratically at all). If left unchecked for a certain amount of time, the whites on the victim's eyes will turn red, their skin will peel off, and they will die through their body disintegrating.

Hiro, Ruli and Kiyoshiro eventually discover that Emma was taken over by an Eyesmon through a post on Lirurun. That afternoon, they came up with a plan to force him out of his hosts. SymbareAngoramon, WezenGammamon and TeslaJellymon fight Eyesmon, who proves to be a vicious foe once forced out, using attacks that are targeted at the children and takes control of Emma's body to use Janengan. WezenGammamon digivolves to Canoweissmon and forces Eyesmon out of Emma’s body due to his blinding light. He was then destroyed by Canoweissmon, separating him into a swarm of Eyesmon Scatter Mode, allowing SymbareAngoramon to destroy them and TeslaJellymon sets all of his victims free from Eyesmon’s control. One Eyesmon Scatter Mode remains after being defeated and dispelled from his hosts, albeit trapped in an insect enclosure and powerless. He childishly protests that he was just gathering information for other people when Gammamon is toying with him. Angoramon tells Gammamon that it is going to be sent to a community to be tightly monitored. Red Eye


  • Janengan (邪念眼? lit. "Wicked Thought Eye"): A series of cursed beams fired from the eyes he planted on Emma's body.
  • Deceptive Illusion (愚幻 Gugen?): Transforms the data it has accumulated into objects and uses them for offense and defense.

Antylamon (Evil)[]

Antylamon (Evil) t

Antylamon are rabbit Digimon with the power to control life energy. Three of these were encouraged to go to the human world by Hokuto Amanokawa to help people because they repaired his slipper. Once they went there, they contracted Jellymon to create a site called "MY NO JE LL", (an anagram of "JELLYMON"; referred to as "Reward Elf" by other characters) for them, where they would "deliver" valuable goods with no money required. In reality, they create the goods by draining life energy from buildings, which causes them to rust, wear out and potentially collapse.

The Antylamon can shrink themselves to sneak into buildings, but they revert to their normal size when fighting Hiro and Ruli.

A first-grade student named Fukatsu used Jellymon and Antylamon's site to order valuable goods for the students in the Hazakura Private Academy Dormitory. After Espimon requests Hiro to investigate a case of buildings mysteriously crumbling, Hiro believes that the two cases are related. His suspicions are confirmed when he spotted a trio of small Antylamon creating a chocolate cake for Gammamon using life energy from the dormitory's walls. He follows them that night until he reaches Jellymon's room, exposing her involvement in the scheme. Shortly after, the Hazakura Dormitory starts to collapse because the Antylamon are draining its life force, with most of the students evacuated.

Hiro, Gammamon and Jellymon encounter the Antylamon in Fukatsu's room and the three Digimon revert to their usual size and attack him because they are interrupting their orders. Hiro was later joined by Ruli and Angoramon, and despite having been evolving their Digimon into their Ultimate forms, the Antylamon outlast them by repeatedly using Meditation Cure. The only way to pacify them is to cancel all of Fukatsu's orders, which Jellymon achieves right before they finish Hiro, Ruli and their Digimon off. The Antylamon then restores all the life energy they taken away from the Hazakura dorm building, reverting it back to normal and causing all the valuable goods they manifest to vanish. Kiyoshiro then sends them to the Usagi recycling center where they can continue helping people without damaging residential buildings. Rust


  • Meditation Cure: Recovers from any kind of damage in an instant.
  • Mantra Chant: Hardens its body tissue to the level of Chrome Digizoid by liberating all of the energy within its body, then unleashes a mighty blow.



Publimon is a mutant Digimon wearing a seashell hood. He runs the "news site" PubliNews that initially consists of only articles of harmless pranks. However, it quickly escalated into articles depicting life-threatening incidents against specific people that happen on the next day. The notifications are impossible to delete and every incident reported on PubliNews will seemingly come into fruition. In reality, the articles do not actually depict future events and are harmless on their own, but Publimon will attempt to attack or kill anyone who says his incoherent reads are boring. He is aware of individuals reading his articles and can injure or kill his targets through creating independent, yellow limbs from anywhere, often by throwing objects at them or directly goading them to lethal incidents. The only warning before his attacks is an ominous visual glitch on his target's phones, followed by the screen switching to the PubliNews site. Since Publimon attacks his targets personally, this can be stopped if something like another Digimon halts the attack midway.

Kotaro becomes his first victim in a recent Hologram Ghost incident, where he attempted to delete a PubliNews notification on his Moogle mail, to no avail. He then clicked it to see what's really in there, only to find several incoherent and dull articles about trivial pranks and dismisses them as boring. On the 29th of September, he found the same newsletter publishing an article about how he will be injured in a fall and wrapped in bandages on the next day. On that day, Publimon dragged him down to the ground by using a pair of hands to grab his legs, causing his back to be broken by a stack of easels.

He then attempts to kill or grievously injure Mika by toggling the traffic lights temporarily so she will be ran over by an incoming truck. This seemingly worked as she fell on the floor unconscious, only for a barricade to block the truck from actually hitting her, so she only wounded up in the hospital with minor injuries. When Kiyoshiro called his articles boring in front of Ryudamon, Gammamon and Hiro, Publimon also tries to fracture his head on the next day, first by chasing him out of his room, then dropping a potted plant on him. Thankfully, the pot was destroyed by Espimon and he only got hit by the plant itself, sustaining only negligible injuries in the process.

His final target is a member of the D★topic idol group, Anna, whom he explicitly attempts to murder in order to bolster his popularity. This got spread all over Japan and attracted sufficient media attention. In order to stop members of his favorite idol group from being killed, Kiyoshiro teams up with Ruli and Hiro to protect any potential victims. Publimon first attempts to kill Anna through dropping a spotlight on her head, only for him to retreat when Jellymon appeared. When Anna was forced to skydive in a punishment game, Publimon kicks her and an instructor into the sky, but Hiro and KausGammamon interferes to protect them and the two Digimon fight. Knowing he can't hit KausGammamon, he squeezes KausGammamon with Dual Presser, then cut Anna's parachute with a Juke-crack. KausGammamon breaks free and successfully saves her and the instructor from a deadly fall. As a last-ditch attempt to kill both KausGammamon and Anna, he uses Juke-crack again, only to cut his parachute with it and fall to his death.

Ghost Newspaper


  • Dual Presser: Smashes its opponent between two giant keyboards with great force.
  • Juke-crack: Turns one of its information windows into paper airplane-like projectiles and sends it homing to pierce through their targets.


  • Japanese: Haruna Ikezawa


Datamon t

Datamon is a minuscule Android Digimon small enough to fit into a human ear. Despite this, he is a mad scientist figure who wants to render himself virtually immortal and allow him to "surpass the gods" by defying the natural death cycle of Digimon. To this means, he created a memory seed that would allow Digimon to enter the bodies of humans and retain their memories before death, testing it on a dying Shadramon and Ihara before he plans to use it on himself when he dies. He has no qualms attempting to kill his victims who became stitched together because of his failed experiments.

The party encounters him when they are chasing Shadramon from Ihara's house to the hillside Shadramon first died. By that point, he has fully manifested into a solid entity using Ihara's body and has completely overwritten the human's consciousness, although he's stuck on the human's body. Nanomon shows up within Ihara's ear, but only Espimon can see the nanomachine Digimon and rambles about how he's going to surpass the gods by placing his body into humans and emerging from them within, and announces plans to kill both Shadramon and Ihara as failed experiments. In battle, he controls Shadramon's body through drilling Ihara's ear and forcing him to fight the party. He was extracted when Teslajellymon uses Espimon's body to create a makeshift magnet to extract him from Ihara's ear and was trapped in a petri dish Mummymon brought. He remains remorseless, admitting that he will continue with more experiments before Black Gatomon Uver. arrives to arrest him. It's also revealed that his methods of attempting to render himself immortal didn't work to begin with since Shadramon disintegrated a short while after Thetismon separates him from Ihara's body.

Memory of Eternity



Chamblemon are Digimon who can create spores that grow on other living beings. Anyone hit by these spores are gravely weakened and become unable to fight back, at which they gleefully harvest the mushrooms grown on their bodies for food. They are vicious Digimon who enjoy the suffering of their victims and brutalizing them. There are a total of four encountered.

The Chamblemon kidnap brides, which they identify by their wedding dresses, because the joy of their wedding day and fear after being captured by the Digimon causes their bodies to produce delicious mushrooms. One night, they capture Kyoka. On the day of Akane Kubota's wedding, they mistake Ruli Tsukiyono for a bride, due to her wearing a wedding dress for a photoshoot, and kidnap her. When Hiro Amanokawa and Gammamon try to stop them while kidnapping another bride, the Chamblemon easily defeat both of them and also abducts the pair. At their mushroom farm, they realize Ruli and Hiro's mushrooms taste better than the brides' and attribute this to them wearing a Digivice -V-. When Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, Jellymon, Angoramon, and Espimon raid their mushroom farm, they angrily fight back, accusing them of being thieves. When the group tries to lure them to fight in a dry environment where mushrooms are weaker, the Chamblemon eat the biggest mushrooms produced by Hiro and Ruli and become stronger, easily overpowering the group and infecting with the mushroom spores. Noticing Kiyoshiro has a Digivice -V-, the Chamblemon eat his mushrooms, but they unexpectedly suffer from diverse ill effects. After Kiyoshiro eats his own mushrooms and regain strength, he digivolves TeslaJellymon to Thetismon, who easily defeats them. After the Chamblemon are tied and swear revenge against Kiyoshiro, a group of Geremon shows up and abducts them to farm mushrooms, to the quartet's desperation, guaranteeing to the kids the Chamblemon won't attack humans anymore. The White Bride


  • Sweepore: Releases spores that stick to any threats that carelessly approach it. The spores sprout into mushrooms that absorb the foe's vitality. If one picks and eat the fungi, they will find it brimming with energy. Among them, the most delicious is said to be the data-type mushrooms.
  • Champion Bomb: Releases mushroom-shaped explosives of many different sizes at once. The resulting fumes and spores will transform an area into a bed of mushrooms.


Bucchiemon / Meicrackmon Vicious Mode[]





Beastmon t



Kuzuhamon is a God Man Digimon. Impurity


  • Ura Izuna (裏飯綱 Ura Izuna?, lit. "Reverse Izuna"): Attacks the opponent with the kuda-gitsune carried on its waist.
  • Taizoukai Mandala (胎蔵界曼荼羅? lit. "Womb Realm Mandala"): Spreads a purifying barrier with the Shakujou that exorcises evil spirits.




Pharaohmon t

Pharaohmon is a notorious Digimon described by Mummymon as the "undisputed creator and ruler of the Ancient Digital Civilization". According to him, if he is revived, then nothing escapes his rule. His servant AncientSphinxmon tried to revive him and nearly succeeds in doing so, though he killed himself with his own Necro Eclipse before he's able to.



ShogunGekomon t
  • Gekomon:


  • Divermon:


  • Japanese: Atsuki Tani


  • Japanese: Tomokazu Sugita

ClavisAngemon is a Digimon who enforces contracts and provides shelter to Digimon that don't have a place to go.

ClavisAngemon provides homes to Digimon in Aoi Udagawa's apartment building, between the 10th and 18th floors. He creates special dimensions in the spaces between floors, but also uses rooms that have been vacanted by humans, assuming there would be no problem. The use of normal rooms by Digimon terrifies the humans and causes the building to become famed as haunted, prompting many people to move out, including some of Aoi's friends. He provides a home to Espimon after he leaves the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory. When Hiro Amanokawa, Gammamon, Ruli Tsukiyono, Angoramon, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, and Jellymon investigates Aoi's disappearance, ClavisAngemon accuses the group of interfering with the Digimon's homes and decides to separate the floors used by him from the Human World, transporting all the humans present there to the building's entrance. After Espimon lends his key to help Aoi leave the 13.5th floor, ClavisAngemon gets angry at the contract violation and starts fighting the team. He easily seals Lamortmon and Amphimon and is about to seal Siriusmon when Espimon himself starts fighting back and digivolves to HoverEspimon with Hiro's help. HoverEspimon is able to disarm ClavisAngemon allowing Siriusmon to overpower him. Hiro gets ClavisAngemon to listen to his argument. ClavisAngemon returns the abducted floors to the Human World and to tell the Digimon to use only the space between floors and not make unneeded contact with humans. The Strange Floor


  • The Key: Seals the target's existence in a crystal. Can also be used to seal an attack.
  • Unlock: Unseals a sealed target. Can be used to redirect opponent's attacks.


Quartzmon t



The Call

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