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This is a list of characters from the Digimon anime series Digimon Ghost Game.

Main characters

Hiro Amanokawa and Gammamon

Ruli Tsukiyono and Angoramon

Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai and Jellymon

Other humans

Hokuto Amanokawa

[citation needed] Hokuto Amanokawa (天ノ河 北斗 Amanokawa Hokuto?) is Hiro Amanokawa's father, who left him the Digivice -V-.[1]

Hokuto Amanokawa (天ノ河 北斗)
Name used in Digimon Ghost Game. Given name revealed in Gammamon's profile.[2]
  • Ja: Amanokawa (天ノ河?). Japanese surname that means "Milky Way".
  • Ja: Hokuto (北斗?). Japanese name that means "Big Dipper".

Kotarou Nomura

[citation needed] Kotarou Nomura (野村 コタロウ Nomura Kotarou?) is Hiro's classmate at Hazakura Academy.

Mika Kashiwagi

  • Japanese: Kanami Taguchi

Mika Kashiwagi (柏木 ミカ Kashiwagi Mika?) is Ruli's friend.

Aoi Udagawa

  • Japanese: Arisa Sekine

[citation needed] Aoi Udagawa (宇田川 アオイ Udagawa Aoi?) is Ruli's friend.

Other Digimon

BlackGatomon Uver.


Clockmon t 2.gif

Originally a vicious Digimon who devoured the time of various humans under the Hologram Ghost identity of "The Sealed-Lip Man", Clockmon was the first Digimon that Hiro ever encountered. Following the second battle against Gammamon, Clockmon decided to cease his attack on humans and study under Bokomon to learn invisibility. When his Chrono Breaker ability struck Gammamon, a sinister shadow briefly appeared.


Bokomon t.gif

A bright scholar Digimon whom enjoyed researching the human world and bared various knowledge of the Digital World. He had a close relationship with Gammamon and Hiro who often sought knowledge about the Digital world or Digimon in general. He sacrificed himself to save Gammamon from Sealsdramon's dagger, which in turn awoke the darkness in Gammamon's heart.


Tapirmon t.gif

A young protege of the scholar Bokomon, Tapirmon enjoys eating computer bugs and studying in the local library.

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