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This page is a list of characters from the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier and related media.


Takuya Kanbara[]

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Koji Minamoto[]

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J.P. Shibayama[]

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Zoe Orimoto[]

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Tommy Himi[]

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Koichi Kimura[]

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Bokomon and Neemon[]

Celestial Digimon[]

Ten Legendary Warriors[]


Susanoomon t

Susanoomon is the fusion of all twenty Spirits of the Legendary Warriors. It is the strongest form the DigiDestined can become, wielding the ZERO ARMS: Orochi.

When Koichi sacrifices himself to save the others from Lucemon Chaos Mode, he gives his Spirits of Darkness to his brother Koji. Using the combination of Light and Darkness as a catalyst, Takuya and Koji bring all twenty Spirits together and become Susanoomon. The Brothers Yin and Yang In this form, they fight against Lucemon, whose Ultimate Sacrifice they defeat by splitting back into humans and Spirits before the attack can hurt them. Susanoomon then cleaves him with Celestial Blade and scans the light side of his fractal code. Lucemon on the Loose

Unfortunately, the dark side of his fractal code takes the form of the enormous Lucemon Shadowlord Mode, who proceeds to try to enter the human world. Defeated in their lesser forms, the remaining DigiDestined lose hope until the Ten Legendary Warriors and the Celestial Digimon manifest in order to give them strength. Together, the five of them combine to form Susanoomon once more. Right as Lucemon enters the human world proper, Susanoomon drags Lucemon back into the Digital World, where they strike his Gehenna, a dark sphere in which Lucemon Larva hides. With the knowledge that Lucemon's true form is hiding in that sphere, Susanoomon manages to shatter the Gehenna and then destroy the now berserk Shadowlord Mode body. However, Susanoomon is blindsided by Lucemon Larva, so the Ten Legendary Warriors eject the DigiDestined from Susanoomon and remove the core sword from the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi. They split into their individual Human forms to finally strike down Lucemon Larva. End of the Line

In Digimon Fusion, legendary heroes from across the multiverse are called to aid against Quartzmon. Among those heroes is Takuya, who spirit evolves to Aldamon. When he needs more power against the VenomMyotismon and MaloMyotismon copies Quartzmon creates, Kumamon and the others give Takuya the rest of the Spirits, which allows him to ancient spirit evolve to Susanoomon with the aid of his allies. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!! Susanoomon and Takuya then give their power to Tagiru Akashi and Arresterdramon so they can retrieve the Brave Snatcher and defeat Quartzmon once and for all. Burn up Tagiru! A Glorious Digimon Hunt!

Susanoomon appears in Digimon BattleSpirit 2 as the ancient spirit evolution for ExAgunimon and ExLobomon.

4-49 Susanoomon and ZERO-ARMS Orochi

"ZERO-ARMS: Orochi".


  • Celestial Blade (天羽々斬 Ama-no-Habakiri?, lit. "Slash of Heavenly Wings")[2]: Slices and stabs everything in the world with the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi.
  • Heaven's Thunder (八雷神 Yakusa-no-Ikadzuchi?, lit. "Eight Thunder Gods"): Points the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi at the heavens, which then rain incessant bolts of lightning upon the ground.



Gotsumon are inhabitants of Gotsumon Village terrorized by Grumblemon. One particular Gotsumon is an admirer of the Ten Legendary Warriors as well as an archeologist who seeks the three jewels to unlock the B Spirit of Light. Gigasmon attacks him, but he is saved by Koji Minamoto as Lobomon, though he loses the battle. Gotsumon takes Lobomon back to his village to recover, but an argument leads Gotsumon to head out on his own to become a Legendary Warrior. He finds the last jewel needed just as Gigasmon attacks, and holds Gigasmon off as Koji unlocks the Spirit and becomes KendoGarurumon. When Koji's inability to control his bestial instincts sends him and Gigasmon off of a cliff, Gotsumon saves Koji, and the two part on amicable terms. Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down

Gotsumon later tries to protect his home from the Royal Knights but ultimately fails, though the DigiDestined manage to prevent him from losing his life as well. Gotsumon joins them in defending Seraphimon's Castle, distracting the attacking Knightmon before Crusadermon shows up. Feeling useless, he digivolves to Meteormon to join the battle and destroys the Knightmon, but it is for naught—Dynasmon manages to scan the castle. Wounded heavily in the fight, Meteormon degenerates to Gotsumon and leaves the future in the DigiDestined's hands. Now You See It, Now You Don't


As Gotsumon
  • Rock Fist (Angry Rock): Summons then hurls a number of heavy rocks from his head.
As Meteormon
  • Galactic Flare (Cosmo Flash): Unleashes orbs of energy which defeats his foes instantly.



Pandamon is an inhabitant of Toy Country who remembers its original purpose. When Cherubimon subverted the ShadowToyAgumon, he went into hiding underneath Toy Country's castle. When Takuya and Koji attempt to storm the castle to rescue Tommy, the ShadowToyAgumon pull the bridge from underneath them. Pandamon saves them from the moat and takes them to a hidden underground route. He explains Toy Country's history, and when the battle is finished and the ShadowToyAgumon, purified, Pandamon thanks the DigiDestined for their help. Island of Misfit Boys



Sorcermon is Seraphimon's retainer and caretaker of Seraphimon's Castle. When Cherubimon went rogue and invaded, Sorcermon was the one who informed the other two Celestial Digimon of the attack. Operation: Free Ophanimon After Seraphimon is put to sleep, Sorcermon guards the castle from any and all intruders, up until the DigiDestined arrive under Ophanimon's auspices and awaken his lord. Sorcermon is gladdened by Seraphimon's revival and moves to aid in his retaking of the Digital World, up until Cherubimon's fallen warriors arrive and attack. Seraphimon is defeated in the resulting struggle, and Sorcermon, disheartened though not defeated, realizes that as long as Seraphimon's Digi-Egg remains free with the DigiDestined, there is still hope. He activates a hidden route and gives his life to buy enough time for the DigiDestined to escape. Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell When the Royal Knights are far into their campaign to scan the Digital World, his spirit erects a barrier to protect the castle, containing the Forest Kingdom's key, from harm. When the DigiDestined arrive, Sorcermon opens a hole in the barrier and guides them to the key through Takuya's D-Tector. In the face of Dynasmon's ultimate attack, Sorcermon uses the last of his energy to shield the DigiDestined and the key, fading away after entrusting the future to them. Now You See It, Now You Don't


  • Crystal Barrage (Crystal Cloud): Fires a multitude of ice crystals from his snowflake staff.



Whamon is a traveler of the Digital World's oceans. While on his own, he discovers a shining object that he eats, but before he can leave, Grumblemon comes and breaks some of the land for scanning. Caught in the resulting void, he is dragged into the Blue Cave. Whamon thrashes out from a pain and claustrophobia, accidentally hurting J.P. and Tommy. Agunimon and Lobomon force him to calm down, where he explains his story, just as Grumblemon catches up to the DigiDestined after their defeat at Seraphimon's Castle. Grumblemon summons an army of Golemon, and everyone is forced into the resulting battle. When Grumblemon is about to attack a defenseless J.P., Whamon attacks. The resulting blast of water reveals the B Spirit of Thunder from where it had been lodged in Whamon's body. J.P. takes the Spirit and spirit evolves to MetalKabuterimon, defeating Grumblemon for good but also damaging the cave. Whamon uses the opportunity to take the DigiDestined to the open sea. No Whamon Whamon leaves them on a safe island, parting on good terms. Beastie Girl


  • Blasting Spout (Jet Arrow): Shoots a jet of water from his blowhole.


Datamon t

Datamon is a merchant at the Autumn Leaf Fair. He trades a camera for the four D-Tectors that the Toucanmon had stolen from the DigiDestined. When Tommy visits his shop, he aids Datamon in finishing a computer game. In response, Datamon makes a deal with Tommy. If Tommy can get a object of worth to trade by a certain time, he'll return the D-Tectors. Arbormon instead drags back the Toucanmon to reverse their trade. Datamon sees through the camera that the Toucanmon had been saved by Tommy and then ditched him. Feeling Tommy to be worthy, Datamon upholds his end of the deal. Arbormon doesn't just take this insult and attacks; Datamon defends himself and his shop, though he is no match for Petaldramon. When Tommy comes back, Datamon returns the D-Tectors with an upgrade for Tommy: the B Spirit of Ice, won from the video game Tommy helped him with. With that Spirit and the others' help, Tommy deals with Petaldramon, to Datamon's gratitude. Bizarre Bazaar When the Royal Knights near the end of their campaign against the Digital World, Datamon helps set up defenses at the Autumn Leaf Fair. He does his best and then entrusts the future to the DigiDestined, evacuating with the rest of the Digimon. All Aboard The Tag Team Express


  • Nano Swarm (Plug Bomb): Fires several computer viruses from his fingers.


Sepikmon t

Sepikmon is an inhabitant of the Continent of Darkness and somewhat of a seer. He tries to make friends by attacking Neemon and Bokomon when three of the DigiDestined are captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon after the disastrous battle against Duskmon. Agunimon arrives to catch his Spirit Boomerang attack, and Sepikmon says he wants to make friends. After having friendship explained to him and then having Agunimon accept his offer to be friends, Sepikmon uses his boomerang to help Agunimon find the others. Sockit Takuya The same Sepikmon returns to help the Legendary Warriors, Datamon, and the Toucanmon build a defense before the Royal Knights invades the recently-evacuated Autumn Leaf Fair. He uses his seer powers to view and relay the Royal Knight's massacre of the aerial Digimon force led by Zanbamon before joining the evacuation. All Aboard The Tag Team Express


  • Spirit Boomerang: Throws his boomerang.


Oryxmon t

Oryxmon is one of Cherubimon's servants and performs his duty in his castle. Though he is Cherubimon's servant, Oryxmon has not been corrupted by his influence and remains dedicated to the Celestial Digimon as a whole. When the DigiDestined are infiltrating the castle and run into trouble in the Hall of Shadows where Cherubimon's shades are kept, Oryxmon's holy bell forces the prisoners to leave the DigiDestined alone. Though the DigiDestined initially do not trust him, Patamon is at peace with him, and so they agree to follow him. He sneaks Ophanimon's DigiDestined to the Light Barrier where the Celestial Digimon is being kept. Operation: Free Ophanimon The meeting is all according to Cherubimon's plan, however, and though Oryxmon is faultless for the discovery, Cherubimon declares that he has outlived his usefulness and strikes down his servant. Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution



Baromon is a historian for the Digital World. He attacks the DigiDestined when they approach the area he protects, believing them to be intruders. When he sees them evolve to become avatars of the Ten Legendary Warriors however, he stops his attack and bids them entrance into the Tunnel of History, in which he replays the entirety of the Digital World's history, from Lucemon's quelling of the Human-Beast war to the Ten Legendary Warriors' uprising and the advent of the Celestial Digimon. He then treads onto the present, with Cherubimon's defeat and the current scanning of the world by unknown agents. Baromon ends with a prophecy of the future—the total destruction of the Digital World. Disheartened by this prediction, he tells the DigiDestined to return home, just for the Royal Knights to come and scan the Tunnel.

Baromon watches as the DigiDestined battle Lucemon's knights, slowly believing that they can change the future he saw. The Royal Knights prove to be much too powerful even for their new Unified Spirit Evolution forms, and Baromon gives his life to protect the unevolved DigiDestined from the Royal Knights' combined assault. It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears


  • Meteor Dance: Dances to summon meteors that fall upon his enemies.



Angemon is one of Ophanimon's servants. After she calls the human children to the Digital World, attempting to find those who can wield the Spirits, she sends back those who were not chosen. Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo refuse to return, and Angemon is assigned a mission to watch over them. He attempts many times to convince them to go back to the Human World but is rebuffed each time, and so he continues to guard them from the Digital World's dangers. Angemon and the children settle into Steel Town, where he clashes with a Sagittarimon bandit. In their second battle, Angemon saves the DigiDestined, who are surprised at seeing fellow humans. The two groups argue, with the DigiDestined attempting to convince the children that they should return while being also rebuffed. Angemon meets with the DigiDestined afterward, recognizing them as those who inherited the Spirits, and explains the other children's background. They are interrupted by Sagittarimon once more, who brings with him a Centarumon army. He heads into battle by himself, refusing to put the last hope of the Digital World in any danger. Unfortunately, Sagittarimon has another Centarumon team ambush them from behind, and the bandit clashes with Angemon to prevent him from helping. The DigiDestined spirit evolve to take care of the Centarumon, leaving Angemon to defeat Sagittarimon. Seeing the DigiDestined's strength and recognizing the true danger, the children Angemon guard now decide to leave. Angemon is about to say farewell when the Royal Knights arrive, seeking the children. He attempts to protect them, but Angemon is killed in one strike, with his fractal code scanned by Dynasmon. The Bully Pulpit


  • Hand of Fate (Heaven's Knuckle): Strikes the opponent with his fist shining gold.

Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo[]

4-40 Teppei-Katsuharu-Chiaki-Teruo

From left to right: Teppei, Katsuharu, Chiaki, and Teruo.

Katsuharu (勝春?), Teppei (鉄平?), Chiaki (千晶?) and Teruo (照男?) are four kids who were also called by Ophanimon to come the Digital World on the chance that they could inherit the Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Chiaki is the only girl among them.

Katsuharu and Teppei bully Tommy in the Shibuya Train Station and force him into Trailmon (Worm), All Aboard and, along with Chiaki and Teruo, decide to ride on one to go to the Digital World. When all the other children are ordered to return to the Human World, these four decided to stay. In response, Ophanimon has Angemon attempt to convince them to leave, but he is unsuccessful. He remains with them and protects the children while trying to convince them to leave, but this only gives them the impression that he is their Digimon partner. The Bully Pulpit

The group stop by the Beanstalk Village, where in spite of the fact that the Mamemon inhabitants have fallen on hard times, they are treated well and even given the last beans of the village. The children decide to plant them right there, and when they leave, a gigantic beanstalk sprouts almost immediately, bringing bounty to the previously dry land. Jerks And The Beanstalk

Katsuharu's group shows up when Sagittarimon approaches the DigiDestined demanding them to give their possessions, and their guardian Angemon intervenes in what would have turned into a battle. The DigiDestined soon learn that Katsuharu and Teppei were the two boys who bullied Tommy at the beginning of the journey, and Tommy begins to retreat into himself at the sight of them. The DigiDestined try to convince the humans to return back to the Human World, citing the increasing danger, but they refuse to believe them. Chiaki explains to Zoe and J.P. that she feels she could grow stronger in the Digital World, while Teruo enjoys the freedom from monotony that the Digital World brings. Tommy is confronted by Teppei, who tries to bully Tommy into returning, but Katsuharu stops him, saying that they've grown past that. He does, however, tell Tommy that he's too weak to stay in the world, though Tommy denies this accusation. Before the confrontation can continue, Sagittarimon attacks once more, this time with a Centarumon army. Angemon faces them head-on, but an ambush by a second Centarumon squad to the vulnerable humans forces them to flee. Teppei trips while running and pleads for Katsuharu to save him, but Katsuharu freezes in fear. Tommy, on the other hand, dives in to save Teppei from a Centarumon's attack, showing his growth and strength. He spirit evolves to Korikakumon, prompting the others to spirit evolve as well. Once the Legendary Warriors and Angemon drive off Sagittarimon, Katsuharu makes peace with Tommy, deciding to return home and convincing the others as well. Before they can, the Royal Knights come, kill Angemon, and kidnap the children, while Tommy hitches a ride. The Bully Pulpit

4-50 Tommy Ending 1

Katsuharu and Teppei playing soccer with Tommy.

The Royal Knights bring them back to the Beanstock Village, which they have since conquered and imprisoned its inhabitants, seeking the village's key to unlock its fractal code. When the children prove to know nothing about the key, the Royal Knights lock them in with the Mamemon, who reveal how the seeds the children planted grew into the beanstalk. They stage a rebellion, but it fails in the face of the Royal Knights' overwhelming might, and the Royal Knights threaten the Mamemon Elder. Katsuharu's group stand up to the Royal Knights, remembering their kindness, but Crusadermon instead threatens Katsuharu's fractal code, wondering what the results of scanning a human would be. Before this can come to pass, the other DigiDestined crash in. Even their strength is no match for the Royal Knights, and in order to prevent deaths, the Mamemon Elder tells the Royal Knights the location of the key at the top of the beanstalk. The Royal Knights scan the village as the inhabitants evacuate, but once they are at a safe harbor, the Mamemon Elder assures the children that they can rebuild, revealing a bean from that beanstalk.

Ultimately, the children return home on the Trailmon, now convinced of the increasing danger. To make up for his bullying in the past, Katsuharu tells Tommy to push him into the train, which Tommy does with no hard feelings. As they leave, Katsuharu's group waves goodbye to the DigiDestined, entrusting the safety of their friends and this world to them. Jerks And The Beanstalk

After the DigiDestined save the Digital World, Katsuharu and Teppei nurture their new friendship with Tommy as they play soccer together. End of the Line



Swanmon is the overtaxed but passionate caretaker of the Village of Beginnings and its babies as well as its Digi-Eggs. When the DigiDestined travel to the village, Swanmon sees them as intruders, but once the DigiDestined explain that they are not there to harm the children, she accepts their help in caring for the babies and feeds them in return. She directs the DigiDestined to the Trailmon who should service the Village, but the Royal Knights attack, and she is heavily injured attempted to protect the village and its inhabitants. Though the village itself is lost, Swanmon is successfully evacuated along with the children and eggs on the Trailmon. Glean Eggs And Scram


  • Down Tornado: Unleashes a tornado made of her feathers.


Nefertimon t

Nefertimon is the caretaker of Ophanimon's Castle who acknowledges the DigiDestined when they come to the castle to protect the final area from the Royal Knights' rampage. Though she claims not to know where the key is, she allows the DigiDestined free rein in searching the castle's many books. They search through the night but ultimately come up empty—the Royal Knights reveal why when they attack. Nefertimon herself is the key, and, under attack from the Royal Knights, pleads for the DigiDestined to kill her, as that would protect the area forever. The DigiDestined refuse, instead deciding to attack the Royal Knights head on. Lucemon, however, intervenes in the resulting battle from the Dark Area, defeating the DigiDestined. This action allows the Royal Knights to scan Nefertimon and, with her, the area. To Make The World Go Away


  • Beam of Isis (Curse of Queen): Shoots beams of light from her headdress.
  • Rosetta Stone: Fires stone slabs from a light issuing from her back.

Major Antagonists[]


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Cherubimon's Army[]

Evil Legendary Warriors[]



Cerberumon is one of Cherubimon's servants, sent to the Flame Terminal to find a Spirit. He ravages the Terminal and attacks Takuya, only for the H Spirit of Flame to be revealed. Cerberumon attempts to take the Spirit for himself, but the Spirit chooses Takuya instead, allowing him to spirit evolve to Agunimon. After a tough battle, Cerberumon is defeated, his Fractal Code scanned and purified by Takuya's D-Tector. All Aboard The resulting digitization of his fractal code restores a significant portion of the Flame Terminal. Lobomon: Warrior of Light


  • Portals of Darkness (Inferno Gate): Opens a "Hell Gate" engraved in the earth, then casts the opponent through it to the jet-black Dark Area.
  • Emerald Blaze (Hellfire): Spews a green jet of flames.


Mushroomon are former inhabitants of Breezy Village who have been subverted by Cherubimon. Disgusted by the Floramon's relentless work to save their village, they do nothing but bully them and destroy their achievements. Zoe refuses to stand for this injustice, and this action draws the H Spirit of Wind to her, letting her become Kazemon. Kazemon is more than a match for the Mushroomon, but they band together to become Woodmon, whom Kazemon needs Lobomon's help to defeat. After Lobomon scans Woodmon, he reverts back to the three Mushroomon, who wonder what they have been up to. The Floramon welcome them back into the village, and all is forgiven. Kazemon Kicks It

Mushroomon appear in the background of the Breezy Plains stage in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


As Mushroomon
  • Giggle Grenade (Poison S-mush[3]): Releases tiny mushroom bombs which cause his opponent to laugh uncontrollably.
  • Mushroom Mash (破壊のキノコ爆弾 Hakai no Kinoko Bakudan?, lit. "Destructive Mushroom Bomb"): Throws an explosive mushroom.
As Woodmon
  • Branch Bash (Branch Drain): Stretches out his branches to pierce the enemy and drain its energy.


ShadowToyAgumon are ToyAgumon and inhabitants of Toy Country who have been turned evil by Cherubimon. They initially worked together to play with children, but Cherubimon's influence led to them turning evil. They desire to go to the Human World to take revenge on children for discarding them. When the DigiDestined appear in Toy Country, the ShadowToyAgumon watch and wait in the background, eventually turning Monzaemon evil to kidnap Tommy. They guard Toy Country's castle as a group, able to merge together into different forms such as tanks and mecha, but they prove to be no match for Agunimon and Lobomon. The Legendary Warriors purify them back into regular ToyAgumon, and one of the ToyAgumon pilots a plane to take them close to the Forest Terminal. Island of Misfit Boys

ShadowToyAgumon randomly spawn in the Pipe Town stage in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


As ShadowToyAgumon
  • Plastic Blaze (Toy Flame): Spits a plastic blaze.



Bakumon is one of Cherubimon's agents sent to deal with the DigiDestined, losing his Holy Ring in the process. As the group spends the night in the TV Forest, Bakumon infects Tommy with bad dreams, exacerbating his loneliness and homesickness. The dreams cause Tommy to attack the others, and when that isn't enough, Bakumon attempt to infect Takuya in the same way. Takuya is strong enough to overcome the dreams, however, and realizes that he needs to snap Tommy out of it. Takuya attacks and purifies Bakumon, which releases his hold over Tommy. Bakumon thanks the DigiDestined for healing him and gives them good dreams as an apology. Welcome to My Nightmare


  • Nightmare Syndrome: Releases its captured nightmares all at once, drowning the opponent in terror.



Golemon are Grumblemon's servants which he creates from the earth, much like the mythological golems. Grumblemon uses one when he ambushes the DigiDestined at the Fortuneteller Village. Due to its nature, it is hardy and feels little pain, so it proves to be a tough adversary. It is destroyed when a rampaging BurningGreymon furiously blasts it. A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon When Grumblemon catches up to the DigiDestined after Seraphimon's defeat, he summons an entire army of Golemon, which manage to take down Kumamon and Beetlemon. It is only Whamon's intervention and the timely arrival of the B Spirit of Thunder and J.P.'s evolution to MetalKabuterimon that allows the DigiDestined to win over such numbers. No Whamon


  • Sulfur Plume (Curse Crimson): Fires super-heated gases from the small stacks on its back or from its mouth.



Toucanmon are members of Ranamon's fan club. Helplessly devoted to their idol, the Toucamon are ordered by Ranamon to steal the DigiDestined's Spirits. The Toucanmon set up Toucan Paradise, a beachfront store, where they pamper the DigiDestined until they change into swimsuits. The Toucanmon take the opportunity to steal the boys' D-Tectors and flee but are caught leaving. When Ranamon shows up to retrieve the Spirits, Zoe attacks her, but Ranamon manages to locate her B Spirit of Water during the battle. She uses her newly acquired spirit to slide evolve to Calmaramon, but Calmaramon's ugliness disgusts the Toucanmon, who quickly abandon their idol. Beastie Girl They decide to sell the D-Tectors rather than simply throw them away and head to the Autumn Leaf Fair. The Swiss Family Digimon At the Fair, they trade the Digivices to Datamon for a camera, but Tommy catches sight of them and gives chase. The Toucanmon fall into a weakness in the ice, but Tommy saves them. Rather than be grateful, the Toucanmon quickly flee with the camera until they are caught by Arbormon, who takes them to Datamon to have their camera returned for the D-Tectors. The Toucanmon then escape in confusion during the resulting battle. Bizarre Bazaar The Toucamon are still at the Autumn Leaf Fair during the Royal Knights' systematic scanning of the world, and, having turned over a new leaf, aid the DigiDestined in constructing a snow catapult before they too are evacuated with the others. All Aboard The Tag Team Express

Toucanmon randomly spawn in the Breezy Plains stage in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


  • Crazy Crest (Fancy Cut): Rapidly peck with his beak.


Chamelemon are Petaldramon's servants at his hideout. On his orders, they raid Hamburger Village, a town where families of Burgermon make their living cooking hamburgers. The Chameleonmon abduct a Burgermon to force the rest of the family to make hamburgers for Petaldramon. However, the DigiDestined arrive and aid in the creation of the food. The Chamelemon like Tommy's hamburgers, and so they abduct him and some of the DigiDestined; all of this a plan on the DigiDestined's part to discover the missing Burgermon's location. A battle ensues, but Kazemon, Beetlemon, and Kumamon have trouble fighting the Chamelemon due to their ability to camouflage their location. The Burgermon's children, TorikaraBallmon, help locate the Chamelemon, and the DigiDestined manage to win. Kumamon purifies the Chamelemon, reverting them back to Armadillomon, who quickly scatter. You Want Fries With That?


As Chamelemon
  • Tongue Lashing: Attacks with his tongue.



Volcamon is one of the guardians of Sakkakumon's Earth Area. He instantly attacks J.P. as soon as he appears, and he sows the seeds of doubt as he fights. To match his strong physical strikes, Volcamon also questions if J.P.'s friends are really his friends. Angered by the implication, J.P. powers through, defeats, and scans Volcamon, though he is still put off-balance by Volcamon's words. Alone But Never Alone


  • Magma Bass (Big Bang Voice): Puts the enemy into an absent-minded state when he takes out his mike and sings intense, super-heavy bass.
  • Tackle Time (Big Bang Tackle): An intense blow that destroys mountains.


Beetlemon is the second guardian of Sakkakumon's Earth Area and is birthed from J.P.'s doubts. Beetlemon takes form as the shadow of Beetlemon and continues Volcamon's psychological assault. He further questions whether J.P.'s friends are actually his friends by bringing up how lonely J.P. was in school, with only fair weather friends despite his best efforts. The shadow summons a fighting ring and fills the stands with copies of J.P.'s friends, who hurl insults at J.P. He brings J.P. to his knees, but before he can do the finishing blow, the other DigiDestined arrive and provide encouragement for J.P., who takes that strength and becomes MetalKabuterimon. The shadow slide evolves to MetalKabuterimon as well, but J.P. uses a close-range Electron Cannon to wipe out both the shadow and the surrounding copies with little regard to his own well-being in order to protect his friends. Because he was formed from J.P.'s shadow, Beetlemon has no fractal code to scan. Alone But Never Alone


As Beetlemon
  • Proton Slam (Lightning Bomber): Rams foe with electricity stored in horn.
As MetalKabuterimon
  • Bolo Thunder (Ultimate Thunder): Collects and then fires all of its energy from both of its arms.



Asuramon is the guardian of Sakkakumon's Flame Area, a volcanic landscape. When Tommy is trapped in the area, he is attacked by a Digimon and unable to spirit evolve. Asuramon appears to save him in a hooded form, and he tells Tommy that he wants to help him look for the other DigiDestined. Asuramon is overly friendly the entire time, forcing Tommy to depend on him before demanding his Spirits in recompense. Tommy rejects this idea of friendship, and, enraged, Asuramon burns his cloak away, revealing his true form as the Digimon who had attacked Tommy. Kumamon is at a great disadvantage due to the environment, and despite all of his tricks, Asuramon manages to trap him in a circle of flames. When Tommy realizes the lessons on true friendship his brother tried to impart, Tommy slide evolves into Korikakumon and uses his power to defeat and scan Asuramon. As Tommy is scanning his Fractal Code, Asuramon's angry red face rotates to his happy yellow face, thus showing that he is being purified of his anger and evil. The Dark Heart of Friendship


  • Fire Fist of Shiva (阿修羅神拳 Asura Shinken?, lit. "Asura God-fist"): Unleashes a Punch Rush from its four arms which possesses the offensive power to completely annihilate the opponent itself. Naturally, when that is used while Asuramon has its face of wrath, it is its last and strongest technique.
  • Fire Fist of Shiva (阿修羅炎熱拳 Asura Ennetsuken?, lit. "Asura Sweltering Fist"): Fires off the flames that were wrapped around the fists of its four arms.
  • Asura Bakunenken (阿修羅爆燃拳? lit. "Asura Exploding Fist"): Simultaneously fires off the flames that were wrapped around the fists of its four outstretched arms.



Karatenmon is the guardian of Sakkakumon's Wind Area and wielder of the "Irataka no Ken" (伊由太加の剣? lit. "Irataka Swords"). A master tactician who has dedicated his life to training, he can read Koji's heart with his abilities. He can dodge and block every one of Lobomon's moves, and he inflicts psychological damage at the same time, calling out Koji's lone wolf tendencies and intense loneliness. Though he does have great skill, Karatenmon pushes Koji too far, and when he becomes KendoGarurumon, the Beast Spirit's speed proves to be too much for his reactionary abilities. Koji defeats and scans Karatenmon, winning exit from the Wind Area. The Dark Heart of Friendship


  • Satori (悟り? lit. "Enlightenment"): Reads the opponent's spirit to anticipate their attacks.
  • Feather Flare (衝撃羽 Shougekiha?, lit. "Ballistic Feathers"): Flaps his jet black wings, driving his feathers in the opponent alongside a shock wave.



A trio of Honeybeemon are members of Ranamon's fanclub and are her assistants in Sakkakumon's Water Area. They attempt to lay traps for Zoe in their idol's everlasting vendetta against the Warrior of Wind, but they prove to be so incompetent that Zoe has to help them when they get inevitably caught in their own attempts. Due to these repeated rescues, the Honeybeemon become enamored with Zoe, and when Ranamon gives them a poisoned apple to give to Zoe, they only reluctantly do so. In the resulting fight between Zoe and Ranamon, they unenthusiastically cheer for Ranamon before they give in to their true feelings and root for Zoe. When Ranamon is finally defeated, the Honeybeemon help Zoe escape from Sakkakumon and become the founding members of her fanclub. Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure



Parrotmon is the guardian of Sakkakumon's Thunder Area. After Takuya wanders the world, Parrotmon attacks him from the sky. It proves to be no match for Agunimon, however, and it is quickly dispatched and scanned, letting Takuya head deeper into Sakkakumon. Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure


  • Sonic Destroyer: Unleashes a powerful bolt of lightning from its forehead.



Cherrymon is the guardian of Sakkakumon's Wood Area. J.P. traverses the Area looking for his friends, and he accidentally stumbles upon the slumbering Cherrymon, whose tree-like body blends in with the landscape. Though Cherrymon attacks, J.P. quickly defeats him and wins escape from both the area and Sakkakumon. Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure


  • Cherry Blast: Tempts the opponent with the fragrant smell of the forbidden fruit which grows from the branches on its head, but certain death awaits if this fruit is eaten.



IceLeomon is the guardian of Sakkakumon's Ice Area. Normally a proud, heroic being, Cherubimon's control renders him cold and unwilling to go against orders. Takuya gets into a fierce battle against him as Agunimon, and they are evenly matched. Agunimon eventually gets the upper hand and scans him, though he views him as a mere speed bump in his attempt to find and aid Koji. Stuck In Sakkakumon With You


  • Frozen Fury (氷獣拳 Hyoujūken?, lit. "Ice Beast Fist"): Fires a fist packed with cold air.
  • Blizzard Breath (冷気功 Reikikou?, lit. "Cold Qigong"): Unleashes frozen qi from his breath.


Phantomon t

Two Phantomon are servants of Cherubimon and guard the entrance to his castle at the Rose Morning Star. When the DigiDestined spirit evolve, the Phantomon quickly capture their opponents within their cloaks until only Loweemon is left. Loweemon uses his sharp senses to dodge the Phantomon's next strike, forcing them to smash into each other. He then defeats and scans the two, freeing his allies and gaining access to the castle. Operation: Free Ophanimon


  • Soul Chopper: Cuts even the opponent's soul to pieces with his gigantic sickle and chain, completely annihilating the soul.



Snimon is the boss of the Wind Factory. He orders the Goblimon to capture the Kokuwamon capable of producing electricity for his own use. Snimon then sets them to work as slaves, harvesting that power for himself. When the DigiDestined intervene, disabling his Goblimon guards, he himself takes the floor and starts making inroads against the rebellion. J.P., who was assigned to aiding the Kokuwamon flee, finds his courage and comes to battle, discovering the H Spirit of Thunder and the ability to become Beetlemon. After a fierce battle, Snimon is defeated and the Kokuwamon, freed. The remnants of his operation scatter to the winds. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon


  • Twin Sickles (Shadow Sickle): Launches two pink crescent beams from his sickles.
  • Ultimate Twin Sickles: A more powerful version of Twin Sickles with four pink crescent beams.



ShadowWereGarurumon is a racer in the Great Trailmon Race, accompanied by Doggymon and partner to the Trailmon (Buffalo). He is harsh and mean, doing anything he can to win the race. His very participation scares off all of the other racers, leading to the DigiDestined taking over. ShadowWereGarurumon's frustration at being passed by Takuya leads to him taking out a fragile bridge and then confronting Takuya himself in battle. Though he is warded off, ShadowWereGarurumon has his revenge in the final tunnel, when Doggymon derails the Trailmon (Worm) he is riding on then ignites the DemiMeramon within. Takuya evolves to BurningGreymon, however, and knocks Buffalo off track, leading to ShadowWereGarurumon's loss. Trailmon vs. Trailmon During the Royal Knights' campaign to scan the Digital World, ShadowWereGarurumon and Doggymon are two of the Digimon who are evacuating Autumn Leaf Fair. They try to catch a Trailmon that just left without realizing that they were cutting in line before Zoe rebuffs them. Zoe, however, reminds them that everyone will have a chance to leave, and the two get back in line. All Aboard The Tag Team Express


  • Shadow Claw (Kaiser Nail): Cuts apart the opponent with the sharp talons on both of his hands.
  • Full Moon Kick (円月蹴り Engetsugeri?, lit. "Circle Moon Kick"): Kicks in a circle.
  • Doggymon: ShadowWereGarurumon's ally, a sneering dog who can stretch like elastic and has a large set of bombs. It's wheezing laughter is similar to the American fictional, Hannah-Barbera character, Muttley.


IceDevimon t

IceDevimon is a mass murderer in the Digital World, infamous for destroying villages and absorbing the fractal code of his victims. He became so powerful that it took an army to defeat him and was sentenced to eternal imprisonment beneath Cherubimon's Castle, as not even Cherubimon could destroy him. However, when the DigiDestined face Cherubimon in his home base and temporarily defeat him, their battle destroys a large portion of the castle and accidentally releases him. IceDevimon begins his next massacre by fighting the DigiDestined. He takes out Takuya and Koji early by sealing their D-Tectors in ice and then sadistically plays with the others. When he begins torturing Koji with ice, JagerLoweemon grows incensed and rallies the troops. Unable to stand against the combined assault from four Beast Spirits, IceDevimon is scanned by Loweemon. Ice Ice Baby

Dave Wittenberg voices IceDevimon in the style of Christopher Walken[4].



Sagittarimon is a bandit who rampages around Steel Town. He is sought after by Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo, who style themselves as guardians, and their protector, Angemon. Sagittarimon holds up the DigiDestined, who have just returned from the Blue Moon and are worried about the Royal Knights. Upon determining that he isn't under the Royal Knights' control, they start their attempt to take them out when Katsuharu and his group intervene, and Angemon drives off Sagittarimon. Angered, Sagittarimon returns, this time with a Centarumon army. Angemon attempts to take them on alone, unwilling to risk the Digital World's last hope, when another Centarumon army ambushes them from behind and strike at the vulnerable humans. The DigiDestined spirit evolve, taking care of the Centarumon army, and Angemon drives off Sagittarimon once more. The Bully Pulpit

One of the recurring jokes in the American English is Sagittarimon's mix up between the words "obsessions" and "possessions", while in Japanese it's "kigurumi" (着ぐるみ? lit. "costumed performers") and "migurumi" (身ぐるみ? lit. "all of one's possessions").


  • Centarumon: Sagittarimon's subordinates, centaur Digimon who can fire the "Solar Ray" (Hunting Cannon) attack from their arms.


Main article: Lucemon (Frontier)

Lucemon's Army[]

Royal Knights[]

Main article: Knightmon (Frontier)



A pair of SkullSatamon are servants of Lucemon who are tasked when scanning and collecting the data around the Village of Flames. The SkullSatamon destroy all in their path, deleting a group of Palmon when they wouldn't cooperate, and even destroying a Gazimon who eventually gives up the key to the forest surrounding the Village. They eventually attack the Village itself, but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon stand against them. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are too strong for the pair, so they reveal that they aren't just a pair—they are a trio. After summoning the third SkullSatamon, their superior numbers give them the upperhand. One of the SkullSatamon threatens a Biyomon into revealing the location of the key. EmperorGreymon's and MagnaGarurumon's desperate defense inspires the Village of Flames Residents to take up arms themselves, going headfirst into battle. By combining their attacks, they manage to get the SkullSatamon into position for a finishing blow that takes out all three at once, after which they are scanned. Bad To The Bones


  • Bone Blaster (Nail Bone): Fires a powerful light from the jewel at the end of its staff, disrupting and obliterating the opponent's data.



Ornismon t

Ornismon is an ancient Digimon who was sealed away on the Lost Island by AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon when he terrorized the Digital World. A prophecy is left in his resting place that foretells the means of his revival through sacrifice of fractal code. When the villainous Murmukusmon hears of this, he plans on reviving Ornismon to get revenge on the ones who banished him. To do so, Murmukusmon starts a war between the Human and Beast Digimon on the island to get the Fractal Code needed to revive Ornismon. Although the DigiDestined find out his plans, they are a step too late, as Murmukusmon has harvested enough data to bring back Ornismon. The two then go on a killing spree on the Lost Island, but the DigiDestined as well as the tanks of both factions are able to cause some damage to the powerful Digimon. Kotemon's prayers and eventual sacrifice finally allow AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to appear, and they destroy Ornismon, this time for good. Island of Lost Digimon

Ornismon appears on Bo-98t.


  • Cosmic Ray: Fires a dazzling laser beam.
  • Tempest

Lost Island Digimon[]


Main article: Darcmon (Frontier)


Kotemon t

Kotemon is one of the Human-type Digimon who live on the Lost Island, where his race constantly war with the Beast-type Digimon also living there. His elder brother is Dinohyumon, who is in the upper echelons of the Human Digimon. Kotemon dislikes this, however, because he is best of friends with Bearmon, a member of the Beast Digimon. He and Bearmon also lead the children of the island when they gather.

Kotemon greets Takuya, J.P., Tommy, Bokomon, and Neemon when they end up on the Lost Island's Human Digimon Area. He then takes them to a neutral point to meet with Bearmon, where they reunite with Koji and Zoe. The DigiDestined get into an argument around the war, which Kotemon, Bearmon, and the children of the island stop by pleading with them. In return, Kotemon takes them to a cave they found bearing the symbol of Ornismon, the alleged guardian spirit of the island. They are found by Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon, who begin to fight each other, only to be stopped by KendoGarurumon and Agunimon. The divisions between the two camps are wide, however, and Kotemon is forced to part with his friend.

When the war reaches a critical point and a massive battle begins, the DigiDestined manage to distract the leaders long enough to reunite Kotemon and Bearmon. The two, along with the other children, help Bokomon, Neemon and Tommy to reassemble the shattered hieroglyphics in Ornismon's chamber, only to discover that the ancient Digimon was not a protector at all but an evil force—one which is then unleashed by Murmukusmon, who fostered the conflict on the island to gather the necessary amount of Fractal Code to revive Ornismon. Kotemon begs for AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to save them, only to be killed by a blast from Ornismon. The sadness of his passing and Bearmon's anguish summons phantasms of two Legendary Warriors, who use their power to defeat Ornismon.

In the wake of the DigiDestined's departure, Kotemon is reborn and reunited with Bearmon, and they make a mural of the DigiDestined on the cave wall. Island of Lost Digimon


Dinohyumon t

Dinohyumon is the second-in-command of the Human-type Digimon on the Lost Island and rival of Grizzlymon. He is first encountered by the DigiDestined as he attempts to stop a Beast-type Digimon attack on the Human-type settlement in vain. Later, when attempting to drive Bearmon, a friend of his younger brother Kotemon, away, he gets into a big fight with Grizzlymon. Agunimon stops Dinohyumon, who tries to recruit him in preparation for the impending climactic battle. Takuya agrees, as part of the DigiDestined's plan to stop the fight.

When Zoe and J.P. reveal the connection between the two faction's leaders, Dinohyumon challenges their claim, but Takuya counters by asking him where Darcmon is, forcing Hippogriffomon to transform into Darcmon before Dinohyumon's eyes and revive Ornismon. Spurred on by Kotemon's sacrifice, Dinohyumon and Grizzlymon join forces and have their armies weaken Ornismon, allowing AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to destroy the demon bird once and for all.

With the Lost Island back on the Digital World, Dinohyumon gives his thanks to the DigiDestined, apologizes for his actions, and becomes friends with Grizzlymon. Island of Lost Digimon

His subordinates are Yasyamon, Bucchiemon, FlameWizardmon, and Nohemon, while his army fields the Pinocchi and Tacos tanks.



Bearmon t

Bearmon is one of the Beast-type Digimon who live on the Lost Island, where his race constantly war with the Human-type Digimon also living there. His elder brother, Grizzlymon, is a high-ranking member of the Beast Digimon. Bearmon, however, hates the fighting, because he is secretly best friends with Kotemon, a member of the Human Digimon. He and Kotemon also lead the children of the island when they gather.

Koji and Zoe wind up in the Beast Digimon Area, where Bearmon takes care of them, telling them about the conflict. When the DigiDestined are reunited, the kids begin to take sides themselves, each having seen the war from one side's point of view. Bearmon and Kotemon reveal their friendship to the kids and, as a "reward" for not fighting amongst each other, take them to a cave they had found bearing the symbol of Ornismon, the alleged guardian spirit of the island. They are found by Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon, who begin to fight each other, only to be stopped by KendoGarurumon and Agunimon. The divisions between the two camps are wide, however, and Bearmon is forced to part with his friend.

When the war reaches a critical point and a massive battle begins, the DigiDestined manage to distract the leaders long enough to reunite Bearmon and Kotemon. The two, along with the other children, help Bokomon, Neemon and Tommy to reassemble the shattered hieroglyphics in Ornismon's chamber, only to discover that the ancient Digimon was not a protector at all but an evil force—one which is then unleashed by Murmukusmon, who fostered the conflict on the island to gather the necessary amount of Fractal Code to revive Ornismon. Kotemon begs for AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to save them, only to be killed by a blast from Ornismon. Bearmon's anguish combines with Kotemon's sacrifice to summon phantasms of two Legendary Warriors, who use their power to defeat Ornismon.

In the wake of the DigiDestined's departure, Bearmon is reunited with the reborn Kotemon, and they make a mural of the DigiDestined on the cave wall. Island of Lost Digimon

Bearmon and the children are depicted on Bo-144t: Let's Stop Fighting.


Grizzlymon t

Grizzlymon is the second-in-command of the Beast-type Digimon on the Lost Island and rival of Dinohyumon. He is first encountered by the DigiDestined when he wards off an attack on the Beast Digimon settlement by Dinohyumon, who is retaliating from a suicide strike by the Beast Digimon. Later, Grizzlymon comes to his younger brother, Bearmon's, aid when he is being attacked by Dinohyumon for his friendship with Kotemon. KendoGarurumon stops Grizzlymon, who tries to recruit him in preparation for the impending climactic battle. Koji agrees, as part of the DigiDestined's plan to stop the fight.

When Zoe and J.P. reveal the connection between the two faction's leaders, Grizzlymon challenges their claim, only to watch as his leader Hippogriffomon turns into Darcmon and revive Ornismon. Spurred on by Kotemon's sacrifice, Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon join forces and have their armies weaken Ornismon, allowing AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to destroy the demon bird once and for all.

With the Lost Island back on the Digital World, Grizzlymon gives his thanks to the DigiDestined, apologizes for his actions, and becomes friends with Dinohyumon. Island of Lost Digimon

His subordinates are Oryxmon, Rabbitmon, Boarmon, Bullmon, Prairiemon, and Moosemon, while his army fields the Arca, Yubo, and Tortoise tanks.

Lost Island Children[]

M7 09
  • Japanese: Yukiko Hanioka (YukimiBotamon), Yukie Muraoka (Paomon)

The Lost Island Children are the Baby Digimon who inhabit the Lost Island and are largely unconcerned with the conflict, save for the fact that they are unable to meet with their friends. Their leaders are essentially Bearmon and Kotemon. They help the DigiDestined upon their arrival on the Lost Island and reunite them on neutral ground. When the DigiDestined begin to fight among themselves, they stop them by threatening to cry and then bring them to the ruins bearing the symbol of Ornismon, the alleged guardian spirit of the island. They are interrupted by the fighting of Dinohyumon and Grizzlymon who force their younger brothers apart. The children's fear at the fighting is what prompts Takuya and Koji to intervene, though they are unable to prevent the increasing divide between the two camps.

When the war reaches a critical point and a massive battle begins, the children aid the DigiDestined in reuniting Bearmon and Kotemon. They, along with their leaders, Bokomon, Neemon and Tommy, help to reassemble the shattered hieroglyphics in Ornismon's chamber, only to discover that the ancient Digimon was not a protector at all but an evil force—one which is then unleashed by Murmukusmon, who fostered the conflict on the island to gather the necessary amount of fractal code to revive Ornismon. Kotemon begs for AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to save them, only to be killed by a blast from Ornismon. The children help Bearmon see the miracle that Kotemon's death brings: the revival of the two Legendary Warriors, whose phantasmal forms defeat Ornismon once and for all.

With the Lost Island back on the Digital World, the children present the reborn Kotemon to Bearmon. Island of Lost Digimon

The children include Tsubumon, YukimiBotamon, Poyomon, Paomon, and Pururumon. They are depicted alongside Bearmon on Bo-144t: Let's Stop Fighting.

Other Digimon[]

Village of Flames Residents[]

Village of Flames Residents

The Village of Flames Residents live in the Village of Flames and its Flame Terminal. The Poyomon who live in the village fly around, and the DigiDestined's introduction to Digimon are the Poyomon who fly around their Trailmon. The residents are terrorized by Cherubimon's servants, and their Village is only part of its former glory with so much of its fractal code taken. Takuya manages to defeat Cerberumon and restore the village. All Aboard All of its inhabitants celebrate its restoration. Lobomon: Warrior of Light

During the Royal Knights' rampage, Poyomon bring word that the village is being attacked, and so the DigiDestined quickly return. The SkullSatamon are scanning data here, and they destroy the Palmon who get in their way. A watching Gazimon gives up the location of the surrounding forest's key, only to be killed in response. The rest of the residents intend to flee when the DigiDestined arrive, expressing disappointment that, despite holding the Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors, they haven't been able to stop the destruction. The DigiDestined ask they to continue to believe, and the residents watch as the DigiDestined battle the SkullSatamon, though a Biyomon gives up the location of the key after being threatened. Eventually realizing that they can't simply wait around, they participate in the battle themselves, distracting the SkullSatamon long enough for the DigiDestined to get in finishing blows. The residents have renewed faith in the DigiDestined, such that even when Crusadermon comes at the last moment to scan the area, they continue to place their hopes in the DigiDestined. Bad To The Bones

  • Bokomon: Keeper of the Guidebook, journeying with the DigiDestined.
  • Neemon: Bokomon's close friend, journeying with the DigiDestined.
  • Poyomon: Floating Baby Digimon capable of spitting bubbles.
  • Pagumon: Pragmatic Baby Digimon who can spit bubbles.
  • Palmon: Plant Digimon who can use "Poison Ivy" to elongate their vine-like hands.
  • Gazimon: Beast-like Digimon.
  • Biyomon: Bird Digimon who can summon phantasmal flames with their "Spiral Twister" (Magical Fire).
  • Elecmon: Beast-like Digimon who can shoot electricity with their "Super Thunder Strike" (Sparkling Thunder).


Pagumon are residents of the Flame Terminal. When the DigiDestined first arrive in the Digital World, the sight of a crowd of them scares Tommy into trying to flee on the dangerous Trailmon tracks. All Aboard After the following battle with Cerberumon, J.P. and Tommy attempt to find a way back to the Human World, and J.P. bribes a Pagumon with chocolate for help. The Pagumon directs them toward a Trailmon (Angler) who refuses to help them, and then a group of Pagumon proceeds to harass them for more chocolate. The two are eventually driven to the underground labyrinth, where Koji fends them off. One of the Pagumon, however, is angered enough to digivolve to Raremon, which requires Takuya's intervention as Agunimon. His evolution gives out, however, and Koji discovers the H Spirit of Light, which he uses to become Lobomon and handily defeat Raremon, scanning its Fractal Code. Lobomon: Warrior of Light

When the DigiDestined receive word that the Flame Terminal is under attack by the SkullSatamon, they rush back to defend it. Pagumon are among the few remaining residents, and one Pagumon is the most vocal in its disappointment in the DigiDestined's inability to protect the Digital World. When the DigiDestined show their resolve, the Pagumon regain their motivation and faith, aiding in the battle against and eventual defeat of the SkullSatamon. Even when Crusadermon comes at the last moment to scan the Flame Terminal, the Pagumon continue to place their hopes in the DigiDestined. Bad To The Bones

Pagumon appear in the background of the Factory stage in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


As Raremon
  • Acid Sludge (ヘドロ Hedoro?, lit. "Sludge"): Spits gas or acid from its mouth that corrodes away anything it touches.


Candlemon, led by the Candlemon Elder, are residents of the Candlemon Village in the valley. Heading toward the Forest Terminal, the DigiDestined stumble across the village because the bridge crossing the valley is out. The Candlemon attack them for trespassing, accusing them of trying to steal their artifact, but Bokomon reveals that Takuya holds the H Spirit of Flame. Drunk on their power, however, the Candlemon Elder tricks DigiDestined with sleep clover, and they are forced to flee. Amid their attacks, Takuya spirit evolves to Agunimon to buy them some time, but Tommy refuses to be weak. His courage brings him the H Spirit of Ice, which lets him become Kumamon. A Candlemon steps up his game by digivolving to Wizardmon, but Kumamon sees through his illusions and allows Agunimon to win. Afterward, the Elder apologizes to the DigiDestined, as the battle was a test to see if they truly wielded the Spirits. Wizardmon was protecting the bridge's Fractal Code, and his defeat allows Takuya to restore the bridge for crossing. Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire

Candlemon randomly spawn in the Ice Park stage in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


As Candlemon
  • Lava Loogie (Bonfire): Fires a small flame from his DigiCore fire energy that explode if hits.
  • Paraffin Paralyzer (Melt Wax): Fires multiple globs of hot wax to paralyze opponent.
As Wizardmon
  • Electro Squall (Thunder Cloud): Unleashes an intense lightning strike.
  • Magical Game (Magic Game): Demonstrates the breadth of his magical knowledge, from invisibility to illusions.


Floramon t

Floramon are inhabitants of Breezy Village. Their fondest wish is for their village to grow happy and prosperous with visitors who enjoy the breeze. Unfortunately, they are being harassed by a trio of Mushroomon who destroy their hard work and prevent them from completing anything. Bokomon deduces that Cherubimon twisted their hearts, and Zoe cannot stand for this injustice. With the help of Kazemon and Lobomon, the Mushroomon are purified, and the Floramon and Mushroomon are free to live in their village as they wish. Kazemon Kicks It


Kokuwamon are residents of the forest near the Wind Factory who have been enslaved by Snimon for their ability to generate electricity. They are forced to work in the factory generating wind, and they live in a rundown conditions. The DigiDestined refuse to stand for this, and the battle-capable group leads a rebellion while J.P. leads those unable to fight away. Their rebellion is eventually successful due to J.P. discovering the H Spirit of Thunder and the ability to become Beetlemon, and the Factory is destroyed, with the Kokuwamon free to return to their home and its overseers scattered to the winds. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon

Kokuwamon appear in the background of the Rock Dome stage in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.


  • Power Surge (Scissor Arms Mini): Discharges electricity from the pincers on both of its arms and cuts through solid objects.


KaratsukiNumemon are residents of the KaratsukiNumemon Mountain. Their daughters have been captured by Grumblemon, and they seek help. The DigiDestined, thus far unable to find food, agree to help them in exchange for a meal and a place to stay. When they reveal they are the Legendary Warriors, however, the KaratsukiNumeon hold them hostage in order to force Grumblemon to release his own hostages. Grumblemon, however, is under Cherubimon's employ and couldn't care less about what happens to the DigiDestined. The KaratsukiNumemon free the DigiDestined and battle ensues, except Grumblemon plows through them when he reveals his Beast Spirit form, Gigasmon. With his victory, Grumblemon scans the mountain and scatters all on it. A Molehill Out Of A Mountain


Monzaemon is an eager but lonely resident of Toy Country. When he first meets the DigiDestined, he wants to play with them but is rebuffed due to his overenthusiam. The ShadowToyAgumon contract him to take care of the children, but Monzaemon refuses, forcing them to turn him into the evil WaruMonzaemon. WaruMonzaemon kidnaps Tommy and takes him to the castle, but Tommy's innocent and trusting nature wins WaruMonzaemon over. By the time Takuya and Koji finish their rescue attempt, Tommy's pure heart has already reverted WaruMonzaemon back to his kind Monzaemon self, and the two are playing video games together, safe and sound. Island of Misfit Boys


As WaruMonzaemon
  • Heartbreak Attack: Gives everything a dark mood and depresses them, making the opponent's feeling become dark and sorrowful so that they completely lose their fighting spirit.



Togemon is the teacher for the Digimon School where young Digimon learn the necessary skills for society. Her students are all Fresh and In-Training Digimon. When Zoe, J.P., Bokomon, and Neemon wash up nearby, Togemon saves them and has them guest lecture for the day. The DigiDestined bond with her students but discover that Tsunomon is ostracized for his ability to digivolve. As they speak, however, heavy rains threaten to flood the school, and so Zoe and J.P. work to create a safe spot for the school and its students. During the flood, Kapurimon falls out, and Tsunomon digivolves to Gabumon to save him. In thanks for saving their school, the children build the DigiDestined a raft that can sail across the plains, with which they continue their journey to the Forest Terminal. The Odd One Out


  • Togemon Jab (Togemon Punch): Closes in at the speed of light to jab the enemy multiple times.

Her students are: Jyarimon, YukimiBotamon, Zerimon, Conomon, Yaamon, Nyaromon, Kapurimon, and Tsunomon.


Tsunomon is one of the students at Togemon's Digimon School. At some point in the past, he gained the ability to digivolve to Gabumon, but the students begin to fear him. Because of his fellow students' ostracization, Tsunomon lashes out against everyone. His pain resonates with Zoe, who had much of the same problems due to her foreign background. Tsunomon slowly begins to trust the DigiDestined. When a flash flood threatens the school, J.P. and Zoe work to save it, but Kapurimon gets knocked into the water. Tsunomon takes strength from the fact that J.P. was initially scared by the lightning but now works fearlessly to protect them. He digivolves to Gabumon and saves Kapurimon. In the aftermath, Tsunomon is now accepted by this peers. The Odd One Out


As Gabumon
  • Blue Blaster (Petit Fire): Releases a stream of blue ice-like flames from its mouth.


Shamanmon is one of the few, true fortunetellers at the Fortuneteller Village. The DigiDestined go to him in order to figure out more about the Beast Spirits. Grumblemon attacks before they can get any information. Unable to do anything, the B Spirit of Flame responds to Shamanmon's desperation, allowing him to spirit evolve to BurningGreymon. Unfortunately, he is unable to control himself, and while he drives off Grumblemon and destroys his Golemon, he attacks the DigiDestined. Takuya is forced to subdue him, and he takes Shamanmon's Spirit away, though Shamanmon himself survives. A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon



Deramon is owner of Dera Soba, a noodle restaurant near the Forest Terminal. He offers the DigiDestined a free meal when they stop by, but his food is horrible, and the DigiDestined soon leave after getting directions to the Forest Terminal. Later, Grumblemon is offered the same meal, but Deramon is threatened by the fallen Warrior and gives up information on the DigiDestined's location. Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell



Gomamon are inhabitants of the ocean near the island where the Toucan Paradise is located. Their island, Goma Island, has been surrounded by whirlpools which impede approach by sea, so they cannot return home. Goma Island is where the Toucanmon flee to after stealing the DigiDestined's D-Tectors, so the group decides to head there anyway, with Zoe especially moved by their plight. The whirlpools are caused by the B Spirit of Wind, and when Zoe takes ownership of it, she calms the seas and allows the Gomamon to return to their home. The Swiss Family Digimon

Trailmon Racers[]

Racers at the Start Line

The Trailmon Racers are participants in the Great Trailmon Race. Each one of the racers has their own strengths and weaknesses. Originally, each Trailmon had a rider, but when ShadowWereGarurumon enters, their riders flee. The DigiDestined take up the slack, but the race is slowly whittled down to ShadowWereGarurumon, Doggymon, and Buffalo vs. Takuya and Worm. After evolving to BurningGreymon, he and Worm manage to win the race, with a trip to the Hamburger Village as the prize. Trailmon vs. Trailmon

  • Trailmon (Angler): Angler is partnered with Tommy and gets taken out alongside Franken when Doggymon eats through Franken's brakes and Tommy and Koji work together to save them. Dave Wittenberg voices Angler in the style of Heimlich the Caterpillar from A Bug's Life.
  • Trailmon (Buffalo): Buffalo is partnered with ShadowWereGarurumon and Doggymon and is defeated when BurningGreymon derails them near the finish.
  • Trailmon (Franken): Franken is partnered with Koji and is knocked out of the race when Doggymon chews through his brakes and causes him to fall off the cliff.
  • Trailmon (Kettle): Kettle is partnered with Neemon and never actually leaves the starting line; both he and Neemon fall asleep.
  • Trailmon (Mole): Mole is partnered with Zoe and loses at Canyon Bridge, where Doggymon destroys the overpass and Zoe only barely manages to save them. Dave Wittenberg voices Mole in the style of Droopy Dog.
  • Trailmon (Raccoon Dog): Raccoon Dog is partnered with J.P. and gets stalled by a Raremon early in the race.
  • Trailmon (Worm): Worm is paired with Takuya and manages to win with BurningGreymon's power.



Piddomon is the announcer for the Great Trailmon Race. Impartial to the proceedings, he hams it up and excites the crowd as he relays the elimination of each Trailmon. At the end of the race, he triumphantly announces the winner as well as the prize: a year's supply of Digi-Lube, and a trip to the Hamburger Village. He apologizes to Zoe, who mistook the prize as an actual cheeseburger. Trailmon vs. Trailmon



Burgermon are residents of the Hamburger Village, with six TorikaraBallmon as their children. When the three moons align, Petaldramon gets hungry, and so he goes to the Village to ransack it for burgers. One family in particular has its father kidnapped and taken to Petaldramon's Hideout to be his personal chef. The DigiDestined after the village begins rebuilding and meets this family, where they decide to make burgers in hopes it'll help. When the three moons align again, Petaldramon's Chamelemon servants come and deem Tommy's burgers worthy, and so they kidnap them, but the TorikaraBallmon follow. The DigiDestined then break out, defeating the Chamelemon with the TorikaraBallmon's help and collapsing Petaldramon's Hideout around him after the father Burgermon distracts him with burgers. The DigiDestined manage to reunite the family. You Want Fries With That?

There are some Burgermon and TorikaraBallmon on the Moon Base who are friends of the Burgermon in the village, and they miss them dearly. When the DigiDestined try to return back to the planet, the Burgermon help build their rocket and plan their escape, entrusting their families to the DigiDestined. The Man In The Moon Is You The Burgermon on the Moon Base, as well as the rest of the Moon Base inhabitants, are unfortunately killed when Lucemon Chaos Mode destroys the three moons. The Brothers Yin and Yang

Family Members



Pipismon are inhabitants of the Continent of Darkness. When the DigiDestined first enter the continent, they are fearful of the sounds which come out of the darkness. Koji throws some glowing moss in the dark patches, revealing the originators as gentle Pipismon. Enraptured with the knowledge that such Digimon can live even here, Bokomon resolves himself to document their trip and tell the truth about the Continent of Darkness. Unfortunately, when Arbormon attacks the DigiDestined, he kills a flock of Pipismon first. From Dawn To Duskmon

Pipismon randomly spawn in the Terminal stage in Digimon BattleSpirit 2.

Dark Trailmon[]

Dark Trailmon

The Dark Trailmon is a special Trailmon who runs in the Dark Terminal. When Takuya finds himself there after his crushing defeat against Duskmon, it offers to return him to the Human World, and Takuya accepts this offer. Darkest Before Duskmon He turns to Flamemon within it. Instead of taking him directly back, the Dark Trailmon instead takes him to the past, to right before he decides to go the Digital World. After Flamemon comes and demands to be returned, the Dark Trailmon tell him that it's one way, but Flamemon continues. The Dark Trailmon takes him back to the Digital World and its present, and he emerges as Agunimon with new resolve. Home Again, Takuya Returns

Dave Wittenberg voices the Dark Trailmon in the style of Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey

Trailmon (Angler)[]

Trailmon (Angler)

Trailmon (Angler) is a Trailmon who Zoe, J.P., and Tommy find at the Trailmon Graveyard. Old and rusted, Angler wishes to be left alone, but the DigiDestined ask if he knows anything about the Rose Morning Star. Angler reveals that he does know things, and he holds this information over the DigiDestined to get them to help clean up his outer shell and do various other favors, up until it looks like he is about to die. The DigiDestined begin to mourn him, when Angler then appears, whole and clean. The entire situation turns out to be a ruse, and the Trailmon Graveyard is more where Trailmon go to be refreshed rather than a final resting place. Angered by Angler's deception and his continuing refusal to share his information, the DigiDestined threaten him but hold back punishment after seeing how pathetic he is. They demand a ride, and along the way, Angler reveals that he was contracted by Cherubimon in the past to transport a package to there. It was right after the battle between the Celestial Digimon, and Angler believes that the container held either Seraphimon or Ophanimon. Knowing that Seraphimon was sealed in his castle at the Forest Terminal, the DigiDestined conclude that Ophanimon is being held at the Rose Morning Star. Workin' On The Train Gang Angler drops them off back where the DigiDestined originally left Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon at, but the three Digimon have vanished. They decide to meet back up with Angler and find the others. My Brother In Spirit After Duskmon is defeated and purified back to the human Koichi Kimura, the DigiDestined ride Angler to the Rose Morning Star, but they are interrupted in their journey by an image of Cherubimon himself. Angler is derailed in the opening strike and retreats as the DigiDestined do battle. Ne'er The Twins Shall Meet



SuperStarmon is the commander and maintainer of the Moon Base, situated on the Blue Moon. He is the leader of the community that has gathered over there, and he is distressed by the degradation of the planet. He observes that the DigiDestined were hurtled onto the moon and sends his Starmon to retrieve them, and he gives them refuge at the Moon Base. When the DigiDestined go to try and leave the moon, the residents of the Moon Base first observe them and then aid in their construction of a rocket. SuperStarmon helps Tommy come up with the plan to use a slingshot for a rocket and then go through the brief window of time in which the Electromagnetic Stream, which usually prevents passage through to the planet, has a hole when the Red and Yellow Moons pass each other. SuperStarmon then sets the rocket off himself and sees them off. The Man In The Moon Is You Unfortunately, SuperStarmon and his community are killed when Lucemon Chaos Mode destroys the three moons. The Brothers Yin and Yang

In the American English dub, SuperStarmon is patterned off the famous singer Elvis Presley and makes numerous references to that person, such as saying "baby" and "all shook up", the latter being the name of one of his famous songs. He also refers to a "deep fried peanut butter banana sandwich" which was one of Elvis's favorite foods.


  • Halley's Squall (Halley Squall)
Moon Base Residents


  • Japanese: Yukiko Hanioka (Mamemon), Masaaki Tsukada (Mamemon Elder)
  • English: Bob Papenbrook (Mamemon Elder[1])

Mamemon are residents of the Beanstalk Village, descendents of the beans. Their lives are tough because of the dry, arid land, but they work hard to make a living. Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, Teruo, and Angemon visit their village, and for their guests, they give their last bean seeds. The children plant the seeds for the Mamemon, and from it sprouts the Beanstalk Village's titular beanstalk, bringing fresh bounty to the Mamemon. This beanstalk acts as the key for the village, with its roots locking its fractal code in place. The Mamemon save for the Elder are unaware of this, however, and deny knowing where the key is when the Royal Knights arrive. They beat up and imprison the Mamemon, as well as the children who helped them before. The Mamemon stage a futile rebellion, ending with the Royal Knights threatening the Elder. Katsuharu's group attempts to intervene, but Crusadermon turns her attentions to Katsuharu himself. They are rescued by the DigiDestined. The DigiDestined are still not powerful enough to win though, and in order to spare the Legendary Warriors from utter defeat, the Mamemon Elder tells the Royal Knights that the key is at the beanstalk's top. The Beanstalk Village is lost, but the Mamemon Elder promises the humans that they'll build anew, and he reveals the bean he saved—a promise of a new future. Jerks And The Beanstalk


  • Smiley Bomb: Throws a bomb from his glove.



Zanbamon leads an aerial strike force of Digimon consisting of a GranKuwagamon, a Gryphonmon, a Pteramon, and five Airdramon who attempt to take down the Royal Knights while the DigiDestined evacuate and fortify the Autumn Leaf Fair. Sepikmon's boomerang brings him visions of their attempt, and EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon try to rescue them. Zanbamon's forces attack before they can make it, with Dynasmon easily destroying Zanbamon's swords before killing Zanbamon himself. Crusadermon redirects attacks from GranKuwagamon, Gryphonmon, and Pteramon, killing the latter two before dealing with GranKuwagamon personally. Dynasmon takes out three of the Airdramon, but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon arrive in time to save the last two, who flee from the battle. All Aboard The Tag Team Express


  • Mystic Flame (十文字斬り Jūmonji Giri?, lit. "Cross Slash"): Unleashes an attack from its youtou which releases a shock wave, generated by the nimble swings of the blade, that can cut the opponent apart crosswise.
  • Focal Blade (打首獄門 Uchikubi Gokumon?, lit. "Prison Gate of Beheadings"): Unleashes an attack from the Ryūzan-maru which has the power to cut through the opponent's armor with its gigantic blade, regardless of whether they are defending themselves.
  • GranKuwagamon: A large insect Digimon who can fire blasts of energy from his front pincers using "Dimension Scissors".
  • Gryphonmon: A gryphon Digimon who can turn his voice into a ranged attack with "Solo Roar" (Supersonic Voice).
  • Pteramon: An armored dinosaur Digimon who can fire missiles from his wings with "Missile Storm" (Side Winder).
  • Airdramon: Five winged dragon Digimon.

Other Humans[]

Kanbara Family[]

4-50 Takuya Ending 1

The Kanbara Family. Clockwise starting at the left: Takuya, Yuriko, Hiroaki, Shinya

The Kanbara (神原?) family consists of the following people:

  • Takuya Kanbara (神原 拓也 Kanbara Takuya?), the Legendary Warrior of Flame.
  • Hiroaki Kanbara (神原 宏明 Kanbara Hiroaki?), Takuya's father. He teaches Takuya soccer. Home Again, Takuya Returns On the day Takuya goes to the Digital World, he is late for Shinya's birthday All Aboard though he does manage to make it home. End of the Line
  • Yuriko Kanbara (神原 由利子 Kanbara Yuriko?), Takuya's mother. She is berating her husband for being late for Shinya's birthday when Takuya leaves for his journey All Aboard and celebrates it with the rest of the family at the adventure's conclusion. End of the Line
  • Shinya Kanbara (神原 信也 Kanbara Shin'ya?), Takuya's younger brother. His birthday is at the start of the series, All Aboard and Takuya returns in time for the party. End of the Line The two have a strained relationship, but truly care about each other, something Takuya realizes through his relationship with his friends, particularly Tommy Himi. My Brother In Spirit

Himi Family[]

4-25 Himi Family

The Himi Family. Left to right: Mother, Tommy, Father, Yutaka

4-25 Yutaka Himi


The Himi (氷見 (ヒミ)?) family consists of the following people:

  • Tommy Himi (氷見 友樹 Himi Tomoki?), the Legendary Warrior of Ice
  • Tommy's Father (友樹の父 Tomoki no Chichi?, lit. "Tomoki's Father"). He tends to spoil Tommy, which irritates Yutaka. The Dark Heart of Friendship
  • Tommy's Mother (友樹の母 Tomoki no Haha?, lit. "Tomoki's Mother"). Her image in the TV Forest induces an intense feeling of homesickness in Tommy, which Bakumon preys upon to trap him in a nightmare and have him attack his friends. Welcome to My Nightmare She tends to spoil Tommy, which irritates Yutaka. The Dark Heart of Friendship
  • Yutaka Himi (友樹の兄 Tomoki no Ani?, lit. "Tomoki's Older Brother"), Tommy's older brother. Yutaka is harsh and impatient with his younger brother's spoiled nature, but he ultimately wishes for Tommy to stop being so dependent on others so he isn't taken advantage of—a lesson which Tommy finally learns during his confrontation with Asuramon, who had attempted to coerce Tommy into unjust favors. Afterward, Tommy makes a wish for Yutaka to see how much he's matured. The Dark Heart of Friendship Tommy writes to him during his journey, trying to show how much he's grown with the help of his friends, who are also like family to him. To My Brother

Minamoto and Kimura Families[]

4-50 Koji Ending 1

The Minamoto Family. Left to right: Father, Koji, Stepmother

4-50 Koichi Ending 1

The Kimura Family. Left to right: Koichi, Mother, Koji

4-33 Koichi and Grandmother

Koichi and Koji's Maternal Grandmother

The Minamoto (?) and Kimura (木村?) families consist of the following people:

  • Koji Minamoto (源 輝二 Minamoto Kōji?), the Legendary Warrior of Light.
  • Koichi Kimura (木村 輝一 Kimura Kōichi?), the Legendary Warrior of Darkness.
  • Koichi and Koji's Grandmother (輝二・輝一の母方の祖母 Kōji/Kōichi no Hahakata no Sobo?, lit. "Kōji/Kōichi's Maternal Grandmother"). She reveals to Koichi that he has a twin brother before passing away. Ne'er The Twins Shall Meet
  • Koichi and Koji's Father (輝二の父 Kōji no Chichi?, lit. "Kōji's Father"). He separated from Koichi's mother while they were young enough to not remember each other and married his current wife. He asks Koji to accept his new stepmother, though Koji is initially resistant to the prospect. Stuck In Sakkakumon With You
  • Koichi and Koji's Mother (輝一の母 Kōichi no Haha?, lit. "Kōichi's Mother"). She separated from the twins' father while they were young enough to not remember each other and remains single. She works hard to support her family, and seeing what he believes to be the Minamoto family's relative affluence irritates Koichi and allows Cherubimon some measure of control over the darkness in him. My Brother In Spirit Koji grew up believing that she was dead. Stuck In Sakkakumon With You On the boys' first birthday after their adventures in the Digital World, she makes a cake and writes their names on it. She also gives Koichi money after the boy tells her he wants to buy a train pass to see Koji. From Kōichi to Kouji...
  • Koji's Stepmother (輝二の母 Kōji no Haha?, lit. "Kōji's Mother"). Koji has a strained relationship with his stepmother, though he learns to regret his stance and comes to see her as a true mother. Stuck In Sakkakumon With You On the boys' first birthday after their adventures in the Digital World, she makes an apple pie. From Kouji to Kōichi...

J.P.'s classmates[]

J.P.'s classmates. In the American English dub, the boy with glasses is named Kenta, likely as a reference to Kenta Kitagawa from Digimon Tamers.

J.P. used to perform magic tricks and give chocolate to his classmates, believing he would make friends if everyone liked him. One day, it started raining despite the weather forecast not saying anything about it, and J.P. didn't have his umbrella with him. J.P. asked everyone to share an umbrella with him, but nobody did.

When J.P. fights his doubts, the shadow Beetlemon uses this memory to make J.P. distrust the other DigiDestined. Alone But Never Alone

4-50 J.P

J.P.'s new friends share their umbrellas with him.

After J.P. returns from the Digital World, Kenta and the other two boys who once ignored J.P.'s request for help, offer to share their umbrellas with him in a rainy day. End of the Line

Michi's Family[]

4-22 Michi and Mother

Mother (left) and Michi (right)

Michi (みっちゃん Micchan?) and her mother are Takuya's neighbors. They are leaving home in the latter's car when Flamemon accidentally hits them. Though Flamemon tries to explain that he is actually Takuya, they are scared by his appearance. Home Again, Takuya Returns

Notes and references[]