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This is a list of characters in Digimon Fortune.

Main characters


The Protagonist of Digimon Fortune is an avatar that can be chosen by the player. The Protagonist can be either male or female, and besides the default, there are five types of Protagonist of either gender: elementary school student, lower grades (小学生 低学年 shogakusei teigakunen?), elementary school student, upper grades (小学生 高学年 shogakusei kougakunen?), middle school student (中学生 chuugakusei?), twenties (20代 20-dai?), and thirties (30代 30-dai?). The default is the same gender as the one registered in the user's Mobage account, but the other characters can be chosen regardless of the player's registered gender. The "Upper grades" male reuses the design of Koh, while the "Middle school" female reuses the design of Sayo.

The Protagonist is a Tamer brought to the Digital World to help collect Fortune Code to defeat the Wish Program.


Sistermon Blanc b

Sistermon Noir b

The Sistermon sisters. Noir is the older sister, and Blanc is the younger. They guide the player through missions in Packet Island.

Other characters

Dark Masters

Digimon Sovereigns

Notes and references

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