This is a list of characters from the Digimon manga series Digimon Chronicle, and its sequel, Digimon Chronicle X.


Kōta Doumoto and Dorumon

Yūji Musha and Ryudamon





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Seven Great Demon Lords


GranDracmon b

GranDracmon created the Dark Area. GranDracmon arrives to the old Digital World, and plans to make all Digimon undergo Death-X Evolution, and then send them to the Dark Area. The Seven Great Demon Lords sense this, and use GranDracmon's plans for their own advantage. Digimon Chronicle X

Royal Knights

Other Characters

King Drasil


Anubismon b

Anubismon judges the Digimon that are transferred to the Dark Area, deciding whether they are good or evil. If they are good, Anubismon allows them to be reborn as Digi-Eggs, but if they're evil, Anubismon seals them in the Dark Area. Eventually, the sealed Digimon attempt to break out of the Dark Area, leading Anubismon to ask the Royal Knight Examon for help. Despite managing to kill a large amount of the evil Digimon, Examon is defeated, and the remaining evil Digimon escape the dark area. Digimon Chronicle X


AxeKnightmon b

AxeKnightmon X b

At some point, AxeKnightmon had been sealed in the Dark Area due to its cruel nature. AxeKnightmon's plan had been to target Barbamon's position in the Seven Great Demon Lords, as well as steal Barbamon's treasure. When AxeKnightmon came across Barbamon, it challenged Barbamon to a fight, and the duo realised that the old and new Digital Worlds were trying to connect, leading them to fight over who would be the first to break into the new Digital World and claim its treasures. During the fight, the two of them acquired the X-Antibody, X-evovled into AxeKnightmon X and Barbamon X, and continued to fight. Digimon Chronicle X

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