This is a list of chapters from the manga series Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters.


Ep# English title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
air date
air date
1 "Protagonist Launch"
"Shujinkou Kidou"
September 21, 2016 N/A
A boy named Haru Shinkai acquires an App Drive and meets Gatchmon
2 "Determination Install!!"
"Ketsui Insutōru"
October 21, 2016 N/A
When fighting in the AR-Field, Haru meets another App Driver, Eri Karan, and her Buddy Dokamon
3 "Link!!"
(リンク !!)
November 21, 2016 N/A
Haru and Gatchmon meet another App Driver, Torajiro "Astora" Asuka, a famous AppTuber, and his Buddy Musimon
4 "L's Assassin!!"
"Eru no Shikaku!!"
( (エル)の刺客!!)
December 17, 2016 N/A
Haru, Eri, and Astora fight Rei Katsura and Raidramon
5 "Ultimate Time!!"
"Kiwami no Toki!!"
January 21, 2017 N/A
As Leviathan's army of Virusmon attack all computers of the world, Timemon tries to locate Haru. 
6 "Minerva and Leviathan!!"
"Mineruva to Rivaiasan!!"
February 21, 2017 N/A
Timemon tells the App Drivers about Denemon Shinkai's creation of Minerva and the subsequent birth of Leviathan. After that, the App Drivers summon Dantemon at the Dante Gate, but are interrupted by Mienumon, Sateramon, and Cometmon
7 "The Devil's Hand!!"
"Ma no Te!!"
March 21, 2017 N/A
Leviathan's lackeys attack the App Drivers at the Dante Gate. A hidden App Driver appfuses Mienumon and Sakusimon into Warudamon, who starts to control Dantemon as a puppet. Globemon fights Dantemon, while Eri, Astora, and Rei, app fuse their Buddies into their Ultimate forms, Oujamon, Entermon, and Revivemon, to take on Cometmon and his army of MiniCometmon, who want to destroy the Dante Gate. Revivemon destroys Cometmon and Sateramon, while Dantemon has the upper hand over Globemon. As Dantemon is about to hand a fatal attack, he is interrupted by Shutmon
8 "Friendship Update!!"
"Yuujou Appudēto!!"
April 21, 2017 N/A
9 "Cage!!"
May 21, 2017 N/A
10 "Overdrive!!"
June 21, 2017 N/A
11 "What Connects Us!!"
July 21, 2017 N/A
12 "Gatch!!"
August 21, 2017 N/A


# English title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
Air Date
Air Date
V1 "Protagonist Launch"
"Shujinkou Kidou"
April 4, 2017 N/A
  1. "Protagonist Launch"
  2. "Determination Install!!"
  3. "Link!!"
  4. "L's Assassin!!"
  5. "Ultimate Time!!"
  6. "Minerva and Leviathan!!
V2 "Gatch!!"
October 4, 2017 N/A
  1. "The Devil's Hand!!"
  2. "Friendship Update!!"
  3. "Cage!!"
  4. "Overdrive!!"
  5. "What Connects Us!!"
  6. "Gatch!!

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