This is a list of episodes from the anime series Digimon Tamers.


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Japanese title (bottom)
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01 "Guilmon Comes Alive"
"Guilmon's Birth The Digimon that I Created"
"Girumon Tanjou! Boku no Kangaeta Dejimon"

April 1, 2001 September 1, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 01
While a mysterious, naive Digimon called Calumon bio-emerges (appears) in the Real World, a boy named Takato Matsuki finds a mysterious blue card. After swiping it through his card reader, it is converted into a Digivice. One things leads to another and he ends up swiping his drawings for a Digimon called Guilmon, creating a digi-egg. After a strange dream involving a Digimon Tamer and her Renamon defeating a Lynxmon, and his friends Kazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa dismissing his claims, the egg hatches. He tracks down his Digimon, Guilmon, but it looks like the dinosaur instead plans to attack him! 
02 "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere"
"You're my Friend—Terriermon Appears!"
"Kimi wa Boku no Tomodachi—Teriamon Toujou!"

(君はぼくのともだち テリアモン登場!)
April 8, 2001 September 1, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 02
After finding that Guilmon has no intention to kill him, Takato is in awe of the fact he is now partner to a real Digimon, in spite of the difficulty he has in sneaking the dinosaur past his parents. All the while, Rika Nonaka (notably the girl from Takato's dream in the first episode), a digimon tamer and her digimon, Renamon, easily defeat a Goblimon. Takato leaves Guilmon alone while he goes to school, but Guilmon follows him and causes chaos in the school, leaving Takato in a panic. Whilst searching for his wayward partner, Takato meets his friend Henry Wong and his digimon Terriermon. Takato's concerns about lacking worthiness to tame Guilmon are subdued when he finds Guilmon again. While looking for a place for Guilmon to stay, they're attacked by Renamon and Rika, to Takato's horror. 
03 "To Fight or Not to Fight"
"Renamon VS Guilmon! Fighting is a Digimon's Life"
"Renamon Tai Girumon! Tatakai Kosoga Dejimon no Inochi"

April 15, 2001 September 8, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 03
Whilst Takato panics at the concept of losing Guilmon so soon, Rika is irritated by the lack of data on the dinosaur, as well as Renamon's seeming inability to combat him. Fortunately for Takato, Henry and Terriermon stop the fight between Guilmon and Renamon. Takato and Henry talk things over and manage to find a new hiding place, but the next day, Guilmon and Renamon resume their fight, to Rika's joy and Takato's continued horror. Henry and Terriermon arrive, wanting to stop the battle. Terriermon inadvertently gets in the way of an attack. He digivolves into Gargomon, with some help from Calumon, but can't control his powers and almost hurts Rika, if not for Renamon and Guilmon's intervention. 
04 "It Came From the Other Side"
"A Tamer's Trial! Defeat Gorimon!"
"Teimā no Shiren! Gorimon wo Taose!"

April 22, 2001 September 8, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 04
Gargomon manages to de-digivolve to Terriermon and Henry is left thinking about destroying real living digimon after talking to Rika. He remembers when he first got his digivice and later, Guilmon and Terriermon defeat Gorillamon, a digimon from Henry's nightmare and Henry doesn't want Terriermon to absorb Gorillamon's data. 
05 "Dream a Little Dream"
"Kurukkurun! Playing with Culumon!"
"Kurukkurūn! Kurumon to Asobo!"

April 29, 2001 September 15, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 05
Calumon watches kids in Takato's school play soccer and dreams to be a really good soccer player. He convinces Guilmon to come out of his hiding place and play with him. While they're in the school, a digital field appear and a Vilemon attacks them. Rika and Renamon save them and Rika still thinks digimon are just data and for fighting. 
06 "O Partner, Where Art Thou?"
"The Meaning of Partner—Renamon Evolves!"
"Pātonā no Imi—Renamon Shinka!"

(パートナーの意味 レナモン進化!)
May 6, 2001 September 15, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 06
Rika is disappointed with her mother and with Renamon for not being able to digivolve while fighting Allomon and getting help from Guilmon and Terriermon. Renamon goes by herself and meets Impmon who tells her she doesn't need a human to make her stronger. When a Dokugumon appears and Renamon is badly hurt. Rika cares for her and she digivolves to Kyubimon and easily defeats Dokugumon with one hit. 
07 "Now You See It, Now You Don't"
"Guilmon in Danger! An Adventure in my Town"
"Girumon ga Abunai! Boku no Machi no Bouken"

(ギルモンが危ない! ぼくの町の冒険)
May 13, 2001 September 22, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 07
While passing by a tunnel, Guilmon begins to disappear. Worried that Guilmon would disapear forever, he seeks advice from the other Tamers to see why it was happenning. It turns out that Mitsuo Yamaki was running a prototype of a program that would trap and eradicate Digimon. When Guilmon disappears before Takato's eyes, the Tamers seek to rescue him. Plunging into the energy field set by Yamaki, Takato rescues Guilmon from deletion. 
08 "A Question of Trust"
"Guilmon Evolves! Decisive Battle in West Shinjinku"
"Girumon Shinka! Nishi-Shinjuku Daikessen"

May 20, 2001 September 22, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 08
Impmon is scaring couples at night in the park, but Takato suspects Guilmon of causing this trouble. Impmon takes Guilmon out and when Takato finds him missing he suspects more of him. When Guilmon comes back, not knowing what's happening, he says he scared a couple and Takato gets really mad at him. Later, Devidramon appears and fights Guilmon. Takato forgives him after finding out about Impmon and Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon and defeats Devidramon. 
09 "Not As Seen on TV"
"Revert to Guilmon! The Growmon Incident"
"Guilmon ni Modotte! Guraumon Soudou"

May 27, 2001 September 29, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 09
After the battle with Devidramon, Takato tries to make Growlmon de-digivolve into Guilmon, but all to no avail. When it begins to rain, Takato despairs of ever getting his old friend back. However, when the rain ends, Growlmon de-digivolves into Guilmon while watching the rainbow. 
10 "The Icemon Cometh"
"Renamon is my Friend! Ruki's Hesitation"
"Renamon wa Tomodachi! Ruki no Mayoi"

June 3, 2001 September 29, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 10
Rika is being followed by something strange and she gets scared. Not wanting to admit it, she refuses help from Renamon to protect her and Renamon feels bad by what Rika said to her. IceDevimon captures Rika and offers her to tame him, but she also refuses. Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon but fails to stop him and Guilmon comes and finishes him off. After that Rika is scared and sadly says she hates all Digimon. 
11 "Much Ado About Musyamon"
"Shinjuku Railroad Bridge—Duel for a Minute and a Half!"
"Shinjuku Dai Gādo—1 Fun 30 Byou no Taiketsu!"

(新宿大ガード 1分30秒の対決!)
June 10, 2001 October 6, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 11
As Musyamon attacks, Henry and Takato jump to the rescue. But Guilmon isn't able to win this battle alone and Henry has to fight with his own thoughts on the subject of Terriermon Digivolving since last time he couldn't handle the power of Gargomon. 
12 "Divided They Stand"
"Ruki and Renamon—Bond's Crisis!"
"Ruki to Renamon—Kizuna no Kiki!"

(ルキとレナモン きずなの危機!)
June 17, 2001 October 6, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 12
Rika and Renamon are thinking how much they don't need each other. Then Renamon is attacked by Flybeemon. She defeats her enemies. Later she is attacked by Harpymon. She can't win. She is about to be destroyed when Rika stabs Harypymon, giving Renamon time to digivolve into Kyubimon to destroy Harpymon. 
13 "Juggernaut"
"The Order to Capture the Digimon! The Sinister Foreboding"
"Dejimon Hokaku Shirei! Wazawai no Rai e"

June 24, 2001 October 13, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 13
Takato and Guilmon are about to defeat a DarkLizardmon when Yamaki comes and captures it. Back at Hypnos, they scan the data of the Digimon, destroying it and now know what Digimon are made of. Armed with this new knowledge, Yamaki prepares to launch the dangerous Juggernaut program to exterminate all the world's Digimon. 
14 "Grow Mon Grow"
"Tamer Stands! MegaloGrowmon Super Evolution"
"Teimā yo Tate! MegaroGuraumon Chou Shinka"

July 1, 2001 October 20, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 14
As a strange tiger ultimate level Digimon, Mihiramon, attacks the tamers begin to fight it. However when its too strong for both Rika and Henry, Takato uses the power of the blue card to Digivolve Growlmon into his ultimate form: WarGrowlmon. Then, he gains a mental link with his Digimon and declares the "Atomic Blaster" attack. 
15 "Snakes, Trains, and Digimon"
"Giant Snake Appearance! Great Edo Line, Great Panic"
"Kyodai Hebi Shutsugen! Ōedo Sendai Panikku"

July 8, 2001 October 27, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 15
Takato is depressed after Henry and Rika have previous commitments and can't go Digimon patrolling, but he feels better when he goes with Guilmon to play with his school friends. But soon the Snake Deva Digimon, Sandiramon, attacks leaving Rika and Henry to fight it on their own, until Impmon helps out and tells Takato they need him. 
16 "Back to Nature, Back to Battle"
"Protect the Light of the Town! Dangerous Camp of the Digimon"
"Machi no Tomoshibi o Mamore! Dejimon-tachi no Kiken na Kyanpu"

July 15, 2001 November 3, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 16
During a school camping trip Takato, Henry, Guilmon, Terriermon and D have a fun time relaxing, but a series of black outs cause the gang to get suspicious. It turns out the Rooster Deva, Sinduramon is absorbing electricity and using it for power. The Rooster Deva heads for the dam for more power but Gargomon and Growlmon destroy it. 
17 "Duel with the Deva"
"Chase the Blue Card! Rapidmon Lightning-Speed"
"Burū Kādo wo Oe! Rapiddomon Denkousekka"

(ブルーカードを追え! ラピッドモン電光石火)
July 29, 2001 November 3, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 17
Henry was given a worthless card by one of Kenta's friend Jeramie, when the others left the card turned into a Blue card. After Henry, Rika and Takato go find Jeramie they where told he found the card after bumping into a mysterious man by a electronics store. While Takato, Henry and Rika wait for the mysterious man, they find an Ox and Sheep Deva, Vajramon and Pajiramon. During the battle between Gargomon, Renamon and the Deva, then Gargomon matrix digivolves into Rapidmon to win the battle. 
18 "Digital Beauty"
"Beautiful Evolution! Taomon Dances in the Moonlight"
"Utsukushiki Shinka! Gekkou ni Mau Taomon"

(美しき進化! 月光に舞うタオモン)
August 5, 2001 November 10, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 18
Rika is having a hard time with her mother, who makes Rika attend a photo session with her. Meanwhile, Renamon has been acting distant and it turns out that she has been meeting with Vajramon, who apparently survived the Tamers' previous battle with them. When Renamon reveals that she has been using Vajramon only to obtain information, the Deva becomes outraged and the Tamers fight him in a second battle. The Deva is defeated when Kyubimon Matrix Digivolves into her ultimate form, Taomon. 
19 "Impmon's Last Stand"
"We Would Like to Become Strong! Rise Impmon"
"Tsuyoku Naritai! Haiagare Inpumon"

(強くなりたい! 這い上がれインプモン)
August 12, 2001 November 10, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 19
Impmon says he hates humans to cover up his own insecurities. While the Tamers are battling the Horse Deva Indramon, Impmon decides to battle this Deva all by himself. 
20 "Out of the Blue"
"This is the Trump Card! Blue Card of Friendship"
"Kirifuda Hakoreda! Yūjou no Burū Kādo"

August 19, 2001 November 17, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 20
Impmon continues to battle Indramon to no avail, but Indramon retreated after the Juggernaut program started up again. Yamaki reunites the Monster Makers to try and find a way to destroy all Digimon. Meanwhile, Indramon returns and the Tamers have trouble until Guilmon digivolves into WarGrowlmon. 
21 "Jeri's Quest"
"Juri's Partner!? My Leomon"
"Juri no Pātonā!? Watashi no Reomon-sama"

(樹莉のパートナー !? 私のレオモン様)
August 26, 2001 November 17, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 21
When Jeri meets Leomon after being attacked by the latest Deva Digimon, she realises her love for Digimon since she collected an impressive collection of cards. Even after Leomon and Gargomon defeat the Rat Deva Kumbhiramon and Leomon leaves, she is still convinced he is her partner. 
22 "The Boar Wars"
"Vikaralamon Appears—Protect Our Town!"
(ヴィカラーラモン登場 僕たちの街を守れ!)
September 2, 2001 November 24, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 22
When the Pig Deva appears, the Tamers find themselves outmatched and unable to keep the situation discreet—Vikaralamon is larger than life and wrecking havoc. 
23 "A World Apart"
"Digimon Combat Mission! Advancing while Facing the Wind"
September 9, 2001 December 1, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 23
Just when the Tamers defeat Vikarylamon, the strange child who they keep running into reveals himself to be the Monkey Deva and kidnaps Calumon, taking the Digimon back to the Digital World. Meanwhile, Jeri receives a Digivice and a new partner... 
24 "The Journey Begins"
"To the Digital World... The Day of Departure"
September 16, 2001 December 8, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 24
The Tamers find a way into the Digital World to save Calumon. 
25 "Brave New Digital World"
"Enter the Digital World! Goodbye to Our City"
September 23, 2001 December 15, 2001
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 25
The Tamers finally make it to the Digital World and meet a Meramon along with a bunch of Jagyamon. The Jagyamon point them in the direction of where they had seen Makuramon. While on their way, a data stream appears and is about to suck up Kenta and Kazu. Rika goes after them with Renamon, but all three end up getting sucked up. Who knows where they'll end up now? 
26 "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure"
"Little World! Jijimon and Babamon in the Strong Wind Valley"
(小世界 ! 風の強い谷のジジモン・ババモン)
September 30, 2001 February 9, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 26
Blown far away from the other Tamers, Rika and the others meet the married couple Jijimon and Babamon. The two feed and leave the Tamers with a place to stay while the wind in the village dies down. Kazu and Kenta, desperate for Digimon partners, ask Babamon and Jijimon to be their partners. Rika and Renamon make a kite to take advantage of the winds. Along with Kazu and Kenta, the separated Tamers fly off in hopes of being reunited with the others. 
27 "Motorcycle Madness"
"Impmon Evolves! The Shudder of Beelzebumon the Dark Lord"
(インプモン進化! 魔王ベルゼブモンの戦慄)
October 7, 2001 February 9, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 27
While searching for Rika and the others, Takato, Jeri and Henry come across a village full of Chuchidarumon. The motorcycle, Behemoth, rampages throughout the village. Impmon encounters Chatsuramon, the Dog Deva and he offers to help Impmon digivolve. Seeking strength, Impmon relunctantly agrees to obey the sovereign and digivolves into Beelzemon. Beelzemon emerges in the village and takes control of Behemoth, riding off into the desert. 
28 "Blame it on Ryo"
"Enemy or Ally? The Legendary Tamer Ryo Akiyama"
"Teki ka Mikata ka? Densetsu no Teimā Akiyama Ryō"

(敵か味方か? 伝説のテイマー秋山リョウ)
October 14, 2001 February 16, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 28
Rika, Kazu and Kenta get sucked into yet another data stream and end up in a weird location. While fending off an attack from a Megadramon, Cyberdramon appears and destroys it. Then they meet Ryo Akiyama. Meanwhile, Takato and the others get sucked into another dimension. 
29 "Goliath"
"Here is the Ghost Castle! The Great Escape of Stray Culumon"
"Koko wa Yūrei no Shiro! Mayoeru Kurumon Daidasshutsu"

(ここは幽霊の城 ! 迷えるクルモン大脱出)
October 21, 2001 February 16, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 29
Takato and the others meet up with Ryo, Kazu and Kenta in yet another strange area. Rika goes off by herself and Calumon searches for everyone. When Takato and the others make it out of the strange area, they find Makuramon along with Majiramon, the Dragon Deva closing in on Calumon. With the help of Cyberdramon and Ryo's Goliath card, Majiramon is destroyed. Ryo goes off to control Cyberdramon and wishes the others luck in finding Calumon. 
30 "The Imperfect Storm"
"Urgent Message from the Digital World! Culumon is..."
"Dejitaru Wārudo kara no Kikyū Renraku, Kurumon ga..."

(デジタルワールドからの緊急連絡 クルモンが …)
October 28, 2001 February 23, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 30
While Takato and the others continue their search for Rika, Guilmon picks up Calumon's scent. Meanwhile, Beelzemon, still searching for the Tamers, come across a bunch of Chrysalimon. Wanting to test his power, he destroys a number of them before the remaining ones digivolve into an Infermon thanks to an unintentional boost by Calumon. Beelzemon defeats the Infermon and absorbs its data, satisfied with his new-found strength. After an encounter with the Digi Gnomes, Rika and Calumon are reunited with the others. Things get bad though when Beelzemon shows up, ready to fight the Tamers. Then things get worse when the Juggernaut program starts up again, with Beelzemon retreating and Henry and Takato are blown into a data stream. Catsuramon then appears and kidnaps Calumon. 
31 "Kazu's Upgrade"
"Friendship with Guardromon! Tamer Hirokazu, "I also wanna fight""
"Gādoromon to no Yūjou! Boku mo Tatakau Teimā Hirokazu"

(ガードロモンとの友情 ! 僕も戦うテイマーヒロカズ)
November 4, 2001 February 23, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 31
Rika and the others encounter an Andromon who's fighting a snake Digimon called Orochimon who's been terrorizing a bunch of Gekomon to make it milkshakes. The Tamers decide to help Andromon defeat Orochimon, but after a hard battle, Andromon de-digivolves into Guardromon. Orochimon is finally defeated when Jeri uses a LadyDevimon card on Leomon. When all is said and done, Kazu receives a Digivice and Guardromon becomes Kazu's partner. Meanwhile, Takato and Henry are still falling through the data stream leaving Guilmon to worry about Takato with Rika and the others. 
32 "Shibumi Speaks"
"The Mystery of Guilmon's Birth! The Mystic Water Space"
"Girumon Tanjou no Nazo! Shinpi Naru Mizu no Uchū (Wōtā Supēsu)"

(ギルモン誕生の謎! 神秘なる水の宇宙 (ウォータースペース))
November 11, 2001 March 2, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 32
Takato and Henry find a weird library in the Digital World. Inside one of its rooms they find Mr. Shibumi, a friend of Henry's Dad. Shibumi was also on the team who created Digimon. He explains many Theories on the Digimon and Human worlds as well as the Blue cards. 
33 "Rabbit Transit"
"Where is Terriermon? Shaochung Goes to the Digital World"
"Teriamon wa Doko! Shiuchon Dejitaru Wārudo e"

(テリアモンはどこ ! 小春デジタルワールドへ)
November 18, 2001 March 2, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 33
Henry's younger sister, Suzie Wong, arrives in the Digital World and quickly meets Antylamon, the Rabbit Deva Digimon. As the two become friends Henry, Takato and Terriermon track her down. But then Antylamon degenerates to Lopmon and becomes Suzie's partner. 
34 "Lionheart"
"The Kind-Hearted Hero—Leomon Dies"
"Kokoro Yasashiki—Yūsha Reomon Shisu!"

(心優しき勇者 レオモン死す!)
November 25, 2001 March 9, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 34
As the gang meet up again they are quickly attacked by Beelzemon. However after Beelzemon kills Leomon, Takato forces Guilmon to Digivolve to his Mega Form...but something goes wrong. 
35 "Give a Little Bit"
"The Name is Dukemon! Holy Ultimate Evolution"
"Sono Na wa Dyūkumon! Shin Naru Kyūkyoku Shinka"

December 2, 2001 March 9. 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 35
With the unfortunate help of dark digivolution Guilmon digivolves into Megidramon. Megidramon battles Beezlemon and almost has him killed but Makuramon comes to confront Beezlemon on how useless his digivolution was. Beezlemon kills Makuramon and breaks free. He kicks Megidramon at his weak point, the chest. He reverts back to Guilmon. Takato goes through deep sorrow and reaffirms his friendship with his Digimon. After making a wish that he could fight, Takato and Guilmon Biomerge to become Gallantmon! 
36 "The Battle Within"
"Final Fight! Dukemon vs. Beelzebumon"
"Kessen! Dyūkumon Tai Beruzebumon"

December 9, 2001 March 16, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 36
Gallantmon faces Beelzemon in a tough one-on-one battle. During the battle, Gallantmon destroys Behemoth and rescues Kazu and Kenta which causes them to realize that Takato has merged with Guilmon. Meanwhile, the Sovereign sends his last Deva Chatsuramon to destroy Lopmon for being a traitor. Chatsuramon goes to kill Suzie and Lopmon, but Terriermon takes the hit, saving them and mortally injuring him. Before Chatsuramon can do more, Gallantmon destroys him, taking out the last Deva, but Beelzemon absorbs his data which makes him stronger. Beelzemon beats down Gallantmon and is about to kill him, but Guardromon and Kazu intervene and buy Gallantmon enough time to recover. Beelzemon's attacks do no damage to him after that and he runs out of ammo. Once that's done, Gallantmon blasts Beelzemon with his Shield of the Just, finally defeating him. Gallantmon goes to kill him, but Jeri stops him as it won't bring Leomon back. Beelzemon remembers his own Tamers and leaves regretting his actions. 
37 "No Mon Is an Island"
"Battle with Zhuqiaomon! SaintGalgomon, Ultimate Evolution"
"Taiketsu Sūtsēmon! Sentogarugomon Kyūkyoku Shinka"

(対決スーツェーモン ! セントガルゴモン究極進化)
December 16, 2001 March 16, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 37
The crew meet Zhuqiaomon. Henry has self-doubt and Terriermon has to boost his confidence. With renewed strength and courage, Henry and Terriermon Biomerge to become MegaGargomon and defeat their foe. 
38 "Azulongmon Explains It All"
"The True Enemy Comes Alive! Battle of the Four Holy Beasts"
"Ugokidashita Shin no Teki! Shiseijū no Tatakai"

(動き出した真の敵 ! 四聖獣の戦い)
December 23, 2001 March 23, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 38
After the degenaration of MegaGargomon the tamers came to know that Zhuqiaomon is still alive and still wants to fight. Zhuqiaomon attacks the tamers. Taomon protects them until Zhuqiaomon is stopped by another Sovereign, Azulongmon. Zhuqiaomon battles him and Guilmon and Terriermon join in to no effect and are nearly destroyed. Takato jumps out of Taomon's shield to help and Guilmon and Takato Digivolve to Gallantmon to fight. Azulongmon lets the battle go on a bit to make a point of how strong Bio-Merged warriors are but ultimately stops the battle and manages to convince Zhuqiaomon the this fight is useless and they should all fight against the real enemy D-Reaper. 
39 "Song of Sakuyamon"
"Whirling Ultimate Flower! Sakuyamon Evolution"
December 30, 2001 March 30, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 39
Sakuyamon was formed when Rika Biomerged with Renamon while they took a leap of faith to save Calumon from the D-Reaper. Rika fell back into Renamon and there was a blinding flash of blue light. 
40 "Janyu's Ark"
"Evolution's Radiance—Shining Evolution"
"Shinka no Kagayaki—Shainingu Eboryūshon"

(進化の輝き シャイニング・エボリューション)
January 6, 2002 April 6, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 40
Janyu's Ark is completed and the team races to get to the Ark before their time runs out, but after Renamon picks up his scent, Rika and Renamon rush to save Impmon and get back in time. 
41 "Homeward Bound"
"Return—To the Real World!"
"Kikan—Riaru Wārudo e!"

(帰還 リアル・ワールドへ!)
January 13, 2002 April 13, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 41
After some serious difficulty, the Tamers and their partners finally arrive at the Real World and the Arc is dragged to the Digital world. Takato tries to talk with Jeri (actually ADR-01, a doppleganger created by the D-Reaper), but with no sucess. Meanwhile, the D-Reaper is spotted in Shinjuku, in the Hypnos Headquarters area. 
42 "Reunion"
"A City Attacked by the D-Reaper"
"De-Rīpa ni Osowareta Machi"

January 20, 2002 April 20, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 42
The Tamers returned to the Real World. Takato finds out that Jeri's parents are not coming to get her. He takes the responsibility to return her to her home. On the way to her home, Jeri keeps on acting weird. Takato tries to admit his real feelings for her, but she doesn't even respond to that. Takato left Jeri to her parents and Calumon went with her. Jeri's father was very angry with her. On the way back Takato heard the news about the D-Reaper which was sighted in the Real World. Takato, Henry and Rika decide to return to stop it and sneak off to do so, meeting up in a tunnel that leads to Shinjuku Park. 
43 "Beelzemon's Big Day"
"Connected Minds. Resurrected Beelzebumon"
"Tsunagaru Kokoro. Fukkatsu no Beruzebumon"

January 27, 2002 March 27, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 43
The team finally confronts the D-Reaper, but they soon realize it is able to mimic their attacks. Unable to biomerge, the team loses hope, until the mighty Impmon comes to the rescue! 
44 "The Messenger"
"The Mysterious Girl! Bringer of Miracles, Dobermon"
(謎の少女! 奇跡を運ぶドーベルモン)
February 3, 2002 May 4, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 44
The team meets a strange gothic girl named Alice McCoy. Her strange dog turns out to be Dobermon, a messenger of the Sovereigns. Better yet, he has a gift for the tamers. 
45 "The D-Reaper's Disguise"
"Stand Up to the D-Reaper—Break into the Zone!"
"De-Rīpā ni Tachimukae—Zōn Totsunyū!"

(デ・リーパーに立ち向かえ ゾーン突入!)
February 17, 2002 May 11, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 45
The D-Reaper had been spying on the team all along and it finally reveals itself when Takato falls into the depths of the reaper with Guilmon. 
46 "When Is A Mon Justimon?"
"Invigorating Ultimate Warrior—Justimon Arrives!"
"Sawayakana Kyūkyoku Senshi—Jasutimon Kenzan!"

(爽やかな究極戦士 ジャスティモン見参!)
February 24, 2002 May 11, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 46
A mysterious new Digimon arrives to help the tamers in their efforts to destroy the D-Reaper. Justimon—a half-man, half-cyborg—comes to aid the tamers in their epic battle! 
47 "His Kingdom For A Horse"
"Save Dukemon! Grani Scramble"
"Dyūkumon wo Sukue! Gurani Kinkyūhasshin"

March 3, 2002 May 18, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 47
Calumon finds Jeri in the heart of the D-reaper. She opens her eyes but doesn't respond to Calumon. Meanwhile Takato tries to convince Mr. Katou (Jeri's father) to stop being angry at her. Yamaki is designing a more complex version of the D-arc which he calls "Grani" after a famous warhorse, which he plans to become a steed for Gallantmon. Jeri has flashbacks of when her mother died and begins to mutter, frightening Calumon. Meanwhile, the Tamers have to fight an ADR-07, who is using Jeri's voice. 
48 "Shadow of the Beast King"
"The Power to Protect Juri, Beelzebumon's Fist"
"Juri wo Mamoru Chikara, Beruzebumon no Ken"

(樹莉を守る力 ベルゼブモンの拳)
March 17, 2002 May 18, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 48
Grani is fully developed. Calumon tries to help awake Jeri. Meanwhile, Beelzemon, released by the D-Reaper, tries to break open the kernel sphere in which Jeri is with no results. He's joined by Gallantmon who manages to use Grani's Yugooth Blaster to destroy the Agent guarding it. Kazu and Kenta are nearly killed, but are saved by Antylamon. During the battle, the adults learn the truth of the Bio-Merging and are shocked. The shots of the kids inside the Digimon is somehow broadcast on live TV and Ms. Asaji leads Takato's entire class in cheering him on once she sees this. Finally Beelzemon manages to break through to Jeri by using Leomon's Fist of the Beast King attack (its indicated with the help of Leomon's spirit) and Jeri finally wakes up, but grows depressed when she realizes its Beelzemon and not Leomon coming to save her. She eventually tries to reach Beelzemon, but its too late and the Kernel Sphere closes up again and Beelzemon is struck down by the D-Reaper and falls towards the Chaos Mass. 
49 "D-Reaper's Feast"
"Destruction of the Capitol! Culumon's Wish"
"Shuto Kaimetsu! Kurumon no Negai"

March 17, 2002 June 1, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 49
The Tamers try to get in Kemel Sphere to save Jeri and Calumon, but they receive a menssage from Yamaki to leave the area, so the Army can attack the Quantum Bubble with eletro-magnetic discharges. Despite this, the D-Reaper absorbs both the Jeri Type and the Gatekeeper Agents into itself, becoming the Mother D-Reaper 
50 "Jeri Fights Back"
"Crimson Warrior Dukemon—Save Those you Love!"
"Guren no Kishi Dyūkumon—Aisurumono-tachi wo Sukue!"

(真紅の騎士デュークモン 愛するものたちを救え!)
March 24, 2002 June 8, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 50
The Tamers enter the D-Reaper to fight and to rescue Jeri. At Hypnos, everybody is working on Operation Doodlebug that is supposed to revert the D-Reaper to its original harmless form using the Juggernaut program. The D-Reaper opens a wormhole connecting it to the D-Reaper in the Digital World and summons the Cable Reaper. Sakuyamon destroys some of the Agents which frees Jeri. Jeri's own determination boosted by Calumon causes her to start to fight again and the Kernel Sphere is cracked by her Digivice although Chaos Mass starts to flow in. Outside, some cops are attacked by an Agent but they're rescued by Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon and MarineAngemon who are then surronded by police (its never explained how they get away). Impmon, Ai and Mako escape the city on a bus, but Impmon is seriously injured and doesn't know if he'll survive. Suddenly a Dig-Nome grants Ai and Mako a Digivice which heals Impmon and officially confirms the two as his tamers. Gallantmon tries to reach the top of the Mother D-Reaper but falls. Grani then approaches him asking if he wants wings to fly. Grani sacrifices itself and enables Gallantmon to become Gallantmon Crimson Mode. 
51 "Such Sweet Sorrow"
"The Power to Dream is our Future"
"Yumemiru Chikara Koso Bokura no Mirai"

March 31, 2002 June 8, 2002
List of Digimon Tamers episodes 51
Gallantmon in his new form seems to be making some headway. Meanwhile, the others are losing. In a last attempt Sakuyamon gives all of her power to Justimon who then inserts it into his blade and cuts the Cable Reaper but it proves to be in vain as it regenarates. However, the Digimon Sovereigns suddenly appear and drag the Cable Reaper back to the Digital World where they apparently destroy it. The Juggernaut program is revealed to be in MegaGargomon and he activates it in the wormhole vortex. As the vortex is going at the speed of light, the Juggernaut reverses it causing a minture Big Bang and a reverse time effect in it which will devolve the D-Reaper and send it back to the Digital World. Gallantmon Crimson Mode comes into conflict with the Jeri Agent and he finally destroys her before arriving at the cracked Kernel Sphere. Jeri and Calumon are not there anymore as they escaped and Calumon somehow protects them with a forcefield. Unfortunatly, the Red Card's effects wear off and the Megas de-digivolve, but Guilmon flings Takato to Jeri and the two are finally reunited. The Tamers try to figure a way out and are suddenly rescued by Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, MarineAngemon and Lopmon and escape and the D-Reaper is fully sucked into the wormhole and devolves. The Tamers digimon suddenly change to their in-training forms and are forced to return to the Digital World. Before leaving, Impmon asks for Jeri's forgiveness in killing Leomon and she grants it to his surprise. Epilogue – Takato refinds the portal to the Digital World at Guilmon's old hiding shed.