Lillymon X is a Fairy Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. During direct confrontation with Lillymon, the enemy Digimon will be greeted lightheartedly regardless of how horrible they are; even if they threaten it, they will be lightly dismissed. However, it occasionally ignores them, and it is said that those ignored Digimon are the ones surprised instead. Its whimsical, tomboyish personality has been accelerated, and although it does not look scary, it has in a sense become the strongest Digimon around. It beautifully adorns itself with a tiara and ribbons because it knows it can be the best of itself, but when it starts crying, it indiscriminately unleashes its "Sleepy Bud".[2]


  • Flower Cannon (Flow' Cannon): Thrusts both of its arms forward, making a gun muzzle from the petals on its wrists, and shoots an energy shell.
  • Sleepy Bud: Kicks frantically with both legs while throwing a tantrum, absolutely powering up its selfishness as well.


Lillymon X is an altered version of Lillymon that enhances its plant traits. It gains yellow petals on its flower dress as well as a pink ribbon in a bow on its back. The flower on its heads gains additional yellow stamen.


Lilimon (X-Antibody) (リリモン(X抗体))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. Some media format the "(X-Antibody)" without parentheses[3] shorten it to "X"[4] or leave it out entirely.[5] Some American English media render the "X-Antibody" as "X Antibody".[6]

Lillymon X

Name used in Digimon Masters. Some American English media leave out the "X".[7]


Digimon Heroes![]

Lilimon X-Antibody is card 6-901.

Digimon Masters[]

Lillymon X digivolves from Togemon X and can digivolve to Rosemon X.

Notes and references[]