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The Light Fang (ライトファング Raito Fangu?) is an organization from Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. It is a Tamer Organization based in Sunshine CITY; they accept quests from Holy, Dragon, Aquan, and Bird Digimon.


Digimon World Dawn[]

Digimon World Dusk[]

Digimon Card Game[]

Light Fang is a trait.


Koh and Partners[]

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Chief Glare[]

Chief Glare (グレアたいちょう Gurea-taichou?) is the leader of Light Fang, and is partnered with Ophanimon. In Dawn, he begins acting strangely after a certain point, and is encountered at the Access Glacier during a quest. In Dusk, he is under the control of the ChronoCore.

In Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, Chief Glare is fought in the Legend Tamer Battle. His Digimon are a Gallantmon Crimson Mode, Ophanimon, and ShineGreymon Burst Mode. Winning against him provides provides 105000 EXP and 45000 bits.


Ophanimon is a Mega-level Ophan Digimon and Chief Glare's partner. One of the few Digimon not degenerated by the Mystic Energy, she helps Chief Glare manage the Light Fang organization. In Dawn, she is fought at Access Glacier as a temporary puppet of Grimmon; in Dusk, she is instead found merged with the ChronoCore in the form of Ophanimon C during the infiltration of Sunshine CITY. It is revealed in an optional quest that she was once a member of Gaia Origin.

Ophanimon is a member of Koh's Team Sunburst in Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue, and is fought in the first round.


Litton is a Gold Tamer who takes over for Chief Glare after he goes missing. She is partnered with an Anubismon. It is implied that she has a crush on Glare, as when Koh says that he can't take Sayo in, Glare suggests that she stays at his home, and Litton gets angry.


Gideon is a Silver Tamer.


Gaoh is a Bronze Tamer.


Lyla is a Bronze Tamer.


Pulsa is a Normal Tamer. In Dusk, he is partnered with Tapirmon, Digitamamon, and KaratsukiNumemon.


Komachi is a Normal Tamer.


Kenpa is a Normal Tamer. In Dusk, she is partnered with a Silphymon.


Tonpei is a Normal Tamer partnered with a Monodramon (who digivolves to Megadramon in Dusk).


Cheetah is a Normal Tamer. In Dusk, he is partnered with a JumboGamemon.

Digimon Card Game[]