Lianpumon is a Mutant Digimon. It dons a characteristic mask. The jovial Lianpumon loves festive revelry, swapping masks on the fly to liven up the mood. When it peels off a mask, another mask instantly appears from below, so no one’s ever seen its real face. Lianpumon is practically speechless, expressing its emotions instead through gestures or mask changes. Theory has it that the masks in Lianpumon’s cape resemble Digimon that it gets along with. It shows technical tactics in battle, demonstrating a variety of abilities by swapping out its masks. Three of its masks are the expressionless mask — the Cast-Iron Facet, the mask of affection — the Devotion Visage, and the mask of anger — the Nonuple Mask.[2]


  • Cast-Iron Facet (鉄壁相 (てっぺきのそう) Teppeki-no-Sō?, lit. "Iron Wall Phase"): Puts on the Cast-Iron Facet mask, rapidly boosting its defense and hardening its body like ore.
  • Devotion Visage (献身相 (けんしんのそう) Kenshin-no-Sō?, lit. "Devotion Phase"): When allies are hurt, it puts on the Devotion Visage mask. This lets it distribute its data into injuries it touches, healing them quickly.
  • Nonuple Mask Attack (九种九面击 (きゅうしゅきゅうめんげき) Kyūshu Kyūmen Geki?, lit. "Nine Kinds of Nine-Faced Strikes"): Dons its Nonuple Mask and hurls the masks it has on-hand like shuriken.


Lianpumon has five masks it switches between, its usual white one as well as a black/red one, a blue one, a pink one, and a green/white one.

Lianpumon has masks in the shape of the faces of Sunflowmon, Pumpkinmon, Pandamon, Mamemon, Tentomon, Andromon, Starmon, and Vilemon under its cape.


Lianpumon (リェンフ―モン)

Official romanzation given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon New Century[]

Lianpumon is a gift Digimon, given after completion of its event. In July and August 2022 it was a raid boss. It became playable on September 8 2022. On January 17, 2022, another Lianpumon was added that digivolves from Impmon and can digivolve to Xingtianmon.

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