The Legend-Arms (伝説の古代武器 (でんせつのこだいぶき) Densetsu no Kodai Buki?), also known as Weapon Digimon (武器デジモン Buki Dejimon?), are unique Digimon who carry out transformations into giant, peerless weapons based on the master they choose, and which according to legend, "if held by an angel will save the world, and if held by a demon will destroy the world." The strongest sword among the Legend-Arms is Durandamon, while the strongest shield is said to be BryweLudramon.[1] The Legend-Arms in the LS-tou Zone used their strongest member, Spadamon, to repel invaders, but eventually, they seemingly sealed away its abilities and memories before releasing it in a different Zone, which allowed the invading army to occupy the Zone and force the other Legend-Arms into stasis.[2]


Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue

Spadamon is one of the main characters in the game as well as the mainstay of Fusion Fighters. It is said to be the last and strongest among the Legend-Arms and is handed down through legend as a being that "if held by an angel will save the world, and if held by a demon will destroy the world".

In the game, Spadamon trusts in the comrade that it acceptes as its master and consequently changes its shape. It can lend its power to either Shoutmon X4 or Shoutmon X5, forming Shoutmon X4S and Shoutmon X5S respectively, which vastly increases the user´s power. This singular ability can also be used when fighting an opponent that wields more than one weapon at a time, balancing or turning the tide of the battle and greatly improving the chance of triumph as the fight progresses. Although it is powerful when it becomes a weapon, as a Digimon its combat abilities are low.

The same as Spadamon, Armamon is the final antagonist of the game and also part of the group of the Legend-Arms. The Demon Lord Barbamon attempts to awaken this massive Digimon for use it as a weapon against Fusion Fighters, but is instead turned into its sword and used as a weapon himself. After Barbamon's mind awakens inside the sword folllowing a vicious battle, it manages to Force DigiFuse with Armamon into OmegaArmamon Burst Mode, who is finally destroyed for good by Fusion Fighters.

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