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LACUNA (ラクーナ Rakūna?), sometimes formatted as Lacuna, is a cyberspace within the video game Digimon Liberator. It was formed via a fusion of mapping data from the Real World.[1] Players are able to log in at arcades in which they can full dive into LACUNA by connecting their D-STORAGE to the T.A.L.E. Welcome to LACUNA

It is divided into seven islands; Emerald Coast, Ruby Mountain, and five currently unrevealed islands.[1]

The game's story is single player, in which LACUNA was a sprawling metropolis with a highly advanced civilization of Digimon. 300 years in the past, the inhabitants vanished with LACUNA instead populated by robots and androids and the robots/androids having sealed almost all of the Digimon within trading cards. A Human from an unspecified dying planet is sent out to survey LACUNA hoping to see if it was an acceptable place for the entire population to migrate, with this human being the player.[1]

Emerald Coast[]

Emerald Coast (エメラルドコースト Emerarudo Kosuto?), referred to as the Invasive Forest City (侵森都市 Shin Mori Toshi?), is one of the seven islands in LACUNA.[1]

Its atmosphere feels like a post-apocalyptic World. It has a station — in which there's a shopping mall within — a research station, a rest area, and many other buildings. Its landmark is the giant tree in the middle. It mostly has skyscrapers, though does have a few Japanese styled buildings and has some south-east Asian styled ruins. Due to how peaceful it is, many players set up their base of operations here.[1]

Emerald Coast's quests are split into two types. The first is to defeat a certain amount of NPCs within a time limit. The other is to answer quizzes given by NPCs. The quiz style quests are exclusive to Emerald Coast and range from easy questions such as the name of Digimon or hard questions about how to solve complex scenarios set up in card battles. The higher level the quest, the better the reward — with most rewards being cosmetic items for a player's D-STORAGE. Players who solve difficult questions have a chance for the reward to be a new ability for their Tamer card. Quiz NPCs are very popular, with social media videos featuring them getting a large amount of views. Supposedly there is a rare NPC with really hard questions that has amazing rewards but no one has ever actually seen this NPC despite many players searching for it. Players are so interested in the myth of this NPC, search groups have been set up to try and find it.[1]

Emerald Coast is the tutorial area of Digimon Liberator, with most of the NPCs there being weak. The NPCs mostly use green cards and tend to lose on purpose unless their opponent makes a massive mistake and so feel like punishing them for doing so. As such, beginner players start their journey here. The main scenario of Digimon Liberator starts here, with some of the NPCs allowing the players to begin the story's prologue. The prologue has players arrive in Emerald Coast, in which they meet an NPC named Makina. Makina was on the verge of shutting down and is able to complete its mission just in time, to give the last person it speaks to some Digimon trading cards. Makina shuts down, and with the player having their own Deck — they are able to venture out into the World to fight the robots/androids.[1]

Pteromon claims to be the leader of the island, and helps out those it finds in need. DigitalGate Open

During Shoto Kazama's first three months playing the game he got really good at answering the NPC's questions and got a rare reward of an ability for his Tamer card.[1]

Emerald Coast is where Shoto and Arisa Kinosaki have their friendly duel. As it ends, Frozen Knight and its Bulucomon, from an unspecified island, chase Shoemon all the way the the Emerald Coast. Shoemon asks the humans for help, with Shoto protecting it by defeating the rogue NPC. Welcome to LACUNA DigitalGate Open Out of Control (Part 1) Out of Control (Part 2)

In one part of the City, Yuuki challenges a main story NPC who uses a deck focusing on EX7-047: Tlalocmon. She loses so fast that her friend Winr is unable to analyse its deck. DEBUG.2-1 Winr. Wanting to learn how to defeat the NPC so he could teach Yuuki how to beat it, Winr challenges the NPC and is able to defeat it. DEBUG.2-2 GOOD GAME

Ruby Mountain[]

Ruby Mountain (ルビーマウンテン Rubī Maunten?) is one of the seven islands in LACUNA. It has multiple active volcanos, with their smoke and ash covering the sky. The only light comes from the magma. Endless rocks line the floors, with lava filling large parts of the area and the sounds of the lava being the only background noise. Despite all this, players wont actually feel the heat since the game isn't programmed for them to feel the it. Just seeing it could cause players dehydration issues though, with their mind registering how hot it's supposed to be. Most NPCs don't dare to enter the Ruby Mountain. DEBUG.1-1 Yuuki

Ruby Mountain is where Yuuki duel the rogue NPC that uses a deck focused on EX7-046: Metallicdramon and EX7-014: Volcanicdramon. She loses her first duel against it, though wins a rematch after constructing a new deck. DEBUG.1-1 Yuuki DEBUG.1-1 HEAVY METAL PLAY

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