The L-Corp (Lコープ L-Kōpu?) is a corporation that owns many businesses. Although the company previously has human CEOs, its true leader is Leviathan. L-Corp manages the Appliyama 470 and AppTube.


A young Takeo Umematsu in front of Umematsu Electronics.

L-Corp started as a small electronics store named Umematsu Electronics (梅松電気 Umematsu Denki?). Takeo Umematsu inherited the store from his family in an era of giant electronics stores, and eventually had to close the shop. However, Leviathan contacted Umematsu, and helped him to reopen his store under the name of L-Corp, on the condition that Umematsu served Leviathan. High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!


Appliyama 470

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Men in Black

8-04 Men In Black.png

The Men in Black (黒服の男 Kurofuku no Otoko?) are Leviathan's human lackeys.

On October 31, 2016, two of them are working under Cameramon's orders, and take part in the ruse that Cameramon has captured Gatchmon by displaying a tablet with a animated puppet, but Haru Shinkai sees through it and flees. The pair give chase and eventually catch up to him, trying to steal his App Drive. They are thwarted at the last moment by Gatchmon and lose track of the pair when they enter an AR-Field. I'll Get You and Your Disguise Too! Caméramon's Halloween Scandal!

On summer 2017, after the Appliyama 470's elections, they are at the Gorgeous Knight ship, and try to prevent Eri Karan from escaping. They try to fight Dokamon. Election Results! The Hands of Evil Aproach Eri!


8-33 Shiraishi.png

Shiraishi[1] (白石?) is Knight Unryuji's secretary.

On spring 2017, she is by Knight's side on his inauguration as CEO. Later on the same day, she introduces the Ultimate 4 to him. High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!

Yujin's Mother

8-28 Yujin's mother.png

Yujin's Mother (勇仁の母 Yūjin no Haha?) is a researcher who created YJ-14 and all of his predecessors who posed as younger versions of "Yujin Ozora". She posed as Yujin's mother part of YJ-14's human disguise, and is able to scan Yujin's memory through a scanner at the house's door.

In spring 2017, when Yujin arrives home after defeating Musclemon, his mother is using a tablet and reads Yujin's mind. She tells him she has prepared pasta for lunch, and after Yujin says he was thinking about pasta earlier, the mother says she always knows what Yujin is thinking, to which the boy jokingly asks if she's a telepath. Appli Drive DUO! Offmon Appears

Former employees

Takeo Umematsu

8-33 Takeo Umematsu.png

Takeo Umematsu (梅松 竹男 Umematsu Takeo?) is the former CEO of L-Corp. He is 70-years old as of spring 2017.

Knight Unryuji

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L Coffee

8-33 L Coffee.png

L Coffee is a coffee produced by L-Corp.

On spring 2017, the Caught-Up Old Man is holding a L Coffee can while he watches Knight Unryuji's inauguration speech. High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!

Notes and references

  1. Shiraishi is only named in the closed captions.