(クウト Kuuto)
Appears in:Digimon World 3
Gender Male
Known relatives Ivy (Sister)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Tamer
Aliases Lucky Mouse

Kurt (クウト Kuuto?), also known as Lucky Mouse (ラッキーマウス Rakkī Mausu?), is a character in Digimon World 3. He is a member of the Digimon Online staff, a world-renowned hacker, and Ivy's brother. He is partnered to a Datamon, a Bulbmon, and an Armageddemon.


When the Matrix Chamber breaks down due to Kurt's efforts to stop Bulbmon from transporting A.o.A troops, the Game Master accuses Kurt of being the one sabotaging Digimon Online, and convinces Junior to after him.

Kurt, disguised as a Numemon, tries to dissuade Junior from entering Byakko City, but is ignored. When Junior ends up trapped in a cave, Kurt rescues him and tries to leave, but Junior decides to follow him in order to find out what is happening. Kurt tries to lose Junior in the Dum Dum Factory, but ends up deciding to join forces when Junior defeats a WaruMonzaemon that was threatening Lisa in the factory sewers. He leads Junior and Lisa to the Secret Room, his base of operations in the quest of slowing down the A.o.A, and explains the Game Master's scheme. Shortly afterward, A.o.A. soldiers storm the Secret Room and reveal that they are holding "Kail" (Ivy's alias) hostage. They demand the Vemmon Digi-Egg that Kurt had stolen in exchange for her safe release, but once Kurt hands it over, one of the soldiers shoots Kurt with a weapon that steals his matrix data and transforms him into an Oinkmon.

Later, after Junior restores to restore the various Oinkmon's humanity, Kurt tells Junior that he will be able to fix the Matrix Chamber, but cannot do it at present because someone is interfering with the system from the Asuka System's Master Room.

After Galacticmon's defeat, Kurt becomes the Digimon Online World Champion, and the new president of MAGAMI.

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