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Kurata's Real Plan
(破滅のパワー シャイングレイモン暴走)
(Hametsu no Pawā-Shaingureimon Bōsō)
""The Power of Destruction—ShineGreymon Runs Wild""
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Studiopolis
Airdate (Ja:) December 10, 2006
(En:) July 7, 2008
Toei Animation
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The episodes starts with ShineGreymon battling MirageGaogamon. Despite ShineGreymon's questions why, MirageGaogamon simply states that he is loyally following Thomas' orders. On the ground, Marcus is battling fist to fist with Thomas. Marcus, who is enraged at Thomas' betrayal changes his burst mode into a vengeful burst. He then orders ShineGreymon to finish Thomas and MirageGaogamon off; however, ShineGreymon loses control of his emotions and starts to destroy everything. Kristy stops Marcus who realizes what he has done, who starts sobbing for his Digimon to stop. When Marcus' tears fall on his Digivice, ShineGreymon self-destructs and reverts back into a Digi-Egg, much to Marcus' dismay.

Marcus feels grief for Agumon, who is now a Digi-Egg, meanwhile the others discuss how long it will probably take before Agumon's egg hatches; however, Lalamon regretfully says that it might take even a year, or it may never hatch at all. PonchoLeomon then visits to say that even if Agumon's egg hatches, he will retain no memory of what has happened in his past life and the remaining Data Squad will have to do it without Agumon's help. Miki then states that she wished Thomas was here to help, but Marcus' denounces it, saying he never wants to hear his name again.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Gaomon reaches the Kurata's place to discuss matters. Unknown to them, Keenan and Falcomon has followed them secretly. Thomas enters Kurata's office, where Kurata gladly says that he is happy to see him unharmed and that ShineGreymon is now out of the way. Keenan and Falcomon secretly watch from the air vent in the ceiling of the office. Thomas states that he can probably work out how to do a burst mode for MirageGaogamon, so he can defeat ShineGreymon, but Kurata dismisses that, saying ShineGreymon is now a Digi-Egg and is out of the way. Thomas then asks what is Kurata's true intentions. Kurata brings Thomas and Gaomon to a chamber where Belphemon Sleep Mode is residing. Kurata reveals that he had been taking the life force from Digimon, so he can nurture Belphemon, a Digi-Egg he has found and hatched while exploring old ruins. He plans for world domination for the human and Digimon world. Thomas comments that it is an excellent plan. Keenan suddenly springs out of the darkness, attempting to attack Kurata, but Kurata sidesteps. Gaomon leaps to defend; however, Falcomon intervenes and grabs Keenan and uses a FireCracker Smokescreen to escape. Kurata then orders Thomas to make sure that Keenan and Falcomon to be eliminated, since they know too much. Falcomon evolves into Peckmon and is now attempting to escape with the valuable information, so they could warn the others. Gizumon follow them, but soon Thomas and Gaomon catches up to them. Thomas evolves Gaomon to MirageGaogamon and Keenan evolves Peckmon to Crowmon and an inevitable battle ensues.

Back at the base, Marcus questions Miki and Megumi's progress, who calmly tell him that the computer they are working on is much older than the one they had at the DATs headquarters. Yoshi then wonders what happen to Yoshima, but Lalamon senses Keenan and Thomas' battle. Kristy states that she doesn't want to them to fight. Miki and Megumi says that they have to help Keenan, since Crowmon doesn't stand a chance against MirageGaogamon, but BonchoLeomon dismisses the idea. Yoshi protests saying that Keenan needs them and Marcus marches up to BonchoLeomon asking him to get out of his way, so he can help Keenan. BonchoLeomon then says that he is useless without his digimon. BonchoLeomon points out that he heard ShineGreymon cry out in pain because of Marcus' actions. Soon the building shakes due to the battle outside.

Crowmon is smashed into the side of the building, but Keenan jumps off and yells to leave Crowmon alone. Thomas then orders MirageGaogamon to focus his attacks at Keenan instead of Crowmon. As MirageGaogamon closes in on Keenan to attack, Crowmon grabs Keenan just in time. Crowmon questions MirageGaogamon's actions, but again he states that he is just following Thomas' orders. Crowmon then says that Thomas is wrong.

Meanwhile, in the base, Marcus argues with BonchoLeomon about going to help Keenan. Marcus then punches BonchoLeomon, who swiftly deflects it. Then he questions Marcus relation to his father. This enrages Marcus; however, BonchoLeomon leaves.

In the battle outside, Keenan and Crowmon are trying desperately to avoid MirageGaogamon's attempts to eliminate them. Keenan then notices that MirageGaogamon is wounded on his arm and says to Crowmon that they need to strike at the weak point. They close in to attack, but Crowmon is blasted away by MirageGaogamon's attack, but Keenan leaps from Crowmon's back and strikes MirageGaogamon's weak point with his boomerang. Keenan is then plucked from the air by Crowmon, and they attempt their escape. Thomas then orders MirageGaogamon to do what it takes to make sure they are eliminated for good. Keenan and Crowmon approach Marcus and the group, with Keenan screaming for Marcus to help him. Unfortunately, MirageGaogamon strikes and knocks both Crowmon and Keenan into the ocean into their seemingly death. Marcus calls out to Keenan, but there is no answer or sign of him or Crowmon.

Kurata welcomes Thomas back, and thanks him for removing Crowmon and Keenan out of the picture. Thomas confirms his sister's recovery, but since there is time before her operation, he claims to do a test run with Belphemon.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega

Digimon Analyser[]

Belphemon Sleep Mode
DigiAnalyserDS-Belphemon Sleep Mode
Kurata: "He's a powerful Mega level Digimon. Belphemon can be so cute when he's in his Sleep Mode, but I assure you, Thomas, his Rage Mode is much more terrifying."


ShineGreymon 1 ShineGreymon Ruin Mode 2 Digi-Egg
ShineGreymon b Arrow R ShineGreymon Ruin Mode b Arrow RR Red 5-35 Koromon's Digi-Egg
MirageGaogamon 3 Gaomon 5 MirageGaogamon 7 Gaomon
MirageGaogamon b Arrow RR Red Gaomon b Arrow RR MirageGaogamon b Arrow RR Red Gaomon b
Rosemon 3 Lalamon
Rosemon b Arrow RR Red Lalamon b
Crowmon 3 Falcomon 4 Peckmon 6 Crowmon
Crowmon (2006 anime) b Arrow RR Red Falcomon (2006 anime) b Arrow R Peckmon b Arrow R Crowmon (2006 anime) b


Other Notes[]

Animation errors

  • In a shot of Kristy and BanchoLeomon looking at ShineGreymon Ruin Mode, BanchoLeomon's nose is yellow instead of black.