Kudamon (ReArise) b
Appears in:Digimon ReArise
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Mariya Ise[1]
Partner(s):Mayu Kohinata

Kudamon is Mayu Kohinata's Partner.[2]




  • Bullet Whirlwind (弾丸旋風 Dangan Senpū?): Strikes with the whole cartridge while spinning its body.


Other Forms


Reppamon dl

Reppamon is Kudamon's Champion form.

When the group of Tamers are hanging out in the Truffle cafe, it is suddenly over come with a Digital Point. Kudamon, Herissmon, Salamon, Elecmon, and Dorumon fight against the Spirals but struggle due to the large amount of them, leading Chihiro Tsukimori to point out the five of them are a terrible team, and splits them up into separate teams, with Kudamon being paired with Dorumon and Herissmon. Dorumon and Herissmon do most of the work, which makes Mayu upset, thinking she and Kudamon are useless and only get in the way. Mayu is attacked by a Wizardmon Spiral, causing Dorumon to digivolve to Dorugamon to save her. Mayu then snaps out of depression, and her and Kudamon help defeat some of the Spirals. Kudamon then states that Mayu's kindness and the desire to help others gives him strength, causing him to digivolve to Reppamon, after which Reppamon defeats the remaining Sprials, returning the cafe back to normal. Whirlwind Reppamon!

Later, multiple Digital Points appear all over the City at once, so the group split up to deal with them at once. Mayu and Kudamon team up with Agumon, and after defeating a few Spirals together Kudamon digivolves to Reppamon to fight more of them, though as they begin to feel overwhelmed Falcomon and Peckmon arrive to help even the numbers, after which they defeat the Spiral and return the area back to normal. Leomon's Determined Fist!

When Tyrannomon goes on a rampage, Kudamon digivolves to Reppamon and attacks Tyrannomon, however it has no effect and Tyrannomon attacks Reppamon, though before it can do any serious damage, Dorugamon appears and protects Reppamon, after which Dorugamon fights Tyrannomon, whilst Reppamon, Leomon, Gatomon, Agumon, and Herissmon fight the Spirals. Even more and more Spirals appear, overwhelming the group. Agumon senses the courage between Herissmon and the Protagonist which causes Agumon to digivolve to Greymon, and Reppamon helps the others clear the path to Tyrannomon so that Greymon can try and talk to it, but it doesn't work as Tyrannomon attacks Greymon as he tries to reason with his friend. After defeating most of the Spirals, the Champion level Digimon help out Greymon, and they come to the conclusion that they will have to kill Tyrannomon to stop its rampage, though Greymon is able to talk them into giving him one more chance to talk to Tyrannomon. As Greymon and Tyrannomon fight, Tyrannomon attempts to digivolve which causes the remaining Spirals to resonate, and their dark energy cause Tyrannomon to dark digivolve to SkullGreymon. A Frenzied Menace! Tamers Unite!

During the battle, SkullGreymon defeats Greymon and reverts Greymon back to Agumon. Dorugamon, Reppamon, Gatomon fight back, and eventually, Herissmon digivolves to Filmon, which also causes the Spiral to freeze, which allows Leomon to join the fight. As the group of Champion level Digimon fight SkullGreymon, Agumon rejoins the fight and then once again digivolves to Greymon, only this time Greymon is able to digivolve a second time, and digivolves to MetalGreymon, after which it kills SkullGreymon, which ends the Digital Point. The group then hope they can see Tyrannomon again one day once it's reborn. Herissmon, Digivolve to..!

When it snows, the group all have a snowball fight, however in the middle of it Herissmon is suddenly enveloped in a dark aura and wanders off. After the group follow Herissmon they discover he had lead them to a Digital Point, in which Frigimon-type Spiral were attacking a Wanyamon and a Motimon. The Spiral split the Digital Point in two and cause the group to be split up, Herissmon's rage at seeing the In-Training Digimon being attacked causes him to defeat the Spiral, but in the process he harmed the In-Training Digimon as well. As more Spiral spawn, Herissmon and Kudamon digivolve to Filmon and Reppamon to fight them. As more and more Spiral spawn, Reppamon becomes exhausted and is saved by Filmon and Mayu just before Reppamon is killed by one of the Frigimon Spiral, and Reppamon is surprised to see Mayu run into the heat of the battle to save it, which causes Reppamon to digivolve to Chirinmon. An Onslaught of Spirals! Digimon Under Attack!

Worried about the fact that Herissmon would frequently wander off on its own and not remember doing so, the group come to the conclusion that Herissmon's ability to detect Spiral may be the reason and so decide to defeat all the nearby Spiral in the hope it would help Herissmon. Kudamon digivolves to Reppamon and teams up with Gatomon, Filmon, and Leomon to cleanse the nearby Digital Points - however as they continue to clear them out Filmon is surprise attacked by a SkullMeramon Spiral which causes a Digital Point to open up around Filmon, forcing it to digivolve to Stefilmon. The Spiral then posseses Stefilmon and forces it to go on a rampage, so Kudamon digivolves to Chirinmon. Stop the Rampage! Banish Evil with Holy Light!


  • Beast Fang Frenzy (獣牙乱撃 Jūga Rangeki?, lit. "Beast Fang Frenzy"): Wildly rips apart the opponent with its sharp claws.
  • Vaccum Slash (真空カマイタチ Shinkū Kamaitachi?, lit. "Vacuum Kamaitachi"): Shakes its tail, releasing a blade of wind that can't be seen by the eye.
  • Razor Wind (駆駆裂空斬 Kurukuru Rekkūzan?, lit. "Spinning Sky-fissure Slash"): Strikes during a forward somersault.


Chirinmon dl

Chirinmon is Kudamon's Ultimate form.

When Kudamon, Mayu, the Protagonist, and Herissmon are split up from the rest of the group in a Digital Point, Kudamon and Herissmon digivolve to Reppamon and Filmon to fight the Spiral and stop them from killing a Motimon and Wanyamon. As Filmon starts to lose control of its rage again, Reppamon is stopped by Mayu from interfering and Mayu blames herself for the In-Trianing Digimon getting harmed, and starts to consider herself worthless. As Reppamon fights the Spiral on its own, Filmon eventually comes to its senses and Mayu asks it to help Reppamon fight the Spiral. Mayu and Filmon charge in and save Reppamon's life, and Reppamon is surprised to see Mayu there as well. She states that whilst she doesn't like fighting, sometimes there's no choice when it comes to saving a friend, and this causes Reppamon to digivolve Chirinmon. Filmon digivolves to Stefilmon and helps Chirinmon defeat the rest of the Spiral, however Stefilmon starts to feel the influence of the Spiral effecting it again, so Chirinmon tells Stefilmon to revert back to Herrismon, which it reluctantly does. An Onslaught of Spirals! Digimon Under Attack!

After DoruGreymon is easily defeated by a Chaosdramon in a Digital Point, Takumi asks the group for help and they return to the Digital Point together so they can fight the Chaosdramon and stop it before it attacks the Town. Kudamon warp digivolves to Chirinmon and fights the Spiral there with the rest of the group. After defeating all the Spiral they find Chaosdramon, and DoruGreymon fights it alone however its attacks once again do nothing though this time DoruGreymon is able to withstand Chaosdramon's attack. As Chaosdramon readies its second attack Filmon runs in the way of it to protect DoruGreymon and after taking the blow is overcome by a dark aura, demanding more power so that it can protect Takumi and DoruGreymon. This worries Chirinmon and GrapLeomon however they are unable to do anything as Herrismon digivolves to Stefilmon and so Chirinmon and GrapLeomon instead decide to team up with Stefilmon to fight Chaosdramon. After Michi and Mayu lecture Takumi and he realises that he isn't on his own and that the rest of the group are there to help him, DoruGreymon digivolves to Gaiomon, and the group team up and eventually kill the Chaosdramon. Crisis in the Real World: The Mega Digimon Blocking the Way!

After Filmon is surprise attacked by a SkullMeramon Spiral a Digital Point opens up around Filmon and forces it to digivolve to Stefilmon. The Spiral then posses Stefilmon, forcing Stefilmon to go on a rampage, and so Reppamon digivolves to Chirinmon. The Spiral's influence increases Stefilmon's power and Stefilmon easily beats down GrapLeomon and Chirinmon. During the battle Gatomon digivolves to Angewomon and uses its "Heaven's Charm" to remove the Spiral's control, however it doesn't last very long and the Spiral possesses Stefilmon again. Chirinmon then uses its "Holy Wave" which fully removes the Spiral's possession, reverting Stefilmon back to Herissmon and ejecting the Spiral out of its body, after which Angewomon kills the Spiral. Chirinmon then reverts to Kudamon. Stop the Rampage! Banish Evil with Holy Light!

When Herissmon runs away due to the Spirals telling it to kill all of its friends the group split up and Mayu and Kudamon find themselves in a Digital Point and so Kudamon digivolves to Chirinmon to destroy them. Eventually they find Stefilmon who is arguing with the Spiral about killing of its friends, and so Mayu and Chirinmon contact the rest of the group to tell them where Stefilmon is, though they end up losing track of it. Eventually the group reconvene and find Stefilmon where the Protagonist and Herissmon first met however the Spiral trick it into thinking that the Protagonist had replaced it as its partner with Agumon and the shock of this causes Stefilmon to become depressed, which allows the Spiral to take control and force Stefilmon to go on a rampage and so Kudamon digivolves to Chirinmon to fight it and the nearby Spiral that were controlling it. As the group fight Stefilmon and the Spiral, the Spiral fuse with Stefilmon, force it to digivolve to Rasenmon Fury Mode, and then force it to leave the Digital Point in an attempt to destroy the City. The Boundary Shaken by Fury The Boundary Shaken by Fury

As Rasenmon Fury Mode attacks passersby the group realise they can't fight in the City due to buildings and the nearby people and so try to evacuate the City and find a more safe place to fight. Chirinmon attempts to leave to help evacuate the citizens, however Takumi points out that Gaiomon is faster and so would be able to do it quicker and so leaves to do so. The rest of the group distract Rasenmon and whilst doing so Gaiomon is able to evacuate everyone from the City. The group then continue to fight Rasenmon, only for a Digital Point to suddenly open up, after which a group of Spiral spawn, leading to group to fight not only Rasenmon but the Spiral as well. The Unforeseeable Future Part One


  • Holy Wave (改心の波動 Kaishin no Hadou?, lit. "Wave of Reformation"): Flaps its wings to fire off its aura, which guides even its opponents on the path to holiness. Chirinmon is able to use it to remove the Spirals influence over Digimon.
  • Wind Cutter Sword (疾風天翔剣 Shippūten-shou Ken?, lit. "Gale-and-Heaven Soaring Sword"): Abruptly swoops from the skies and runs through the opponent with the horn on its head.


Mitamamon ra

Mitamamon is Kudamon's Mega form.

Chirinmon digivolves to Mitamamon whilst fighting Machinedramon.

Notes and references

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