Kudamon is an allied Digimon in Digimon Data Squad. He is Richard Sampson's partner, but also one of King Drasil's Royal Knights.



Kudamon is a calm and collected fellow who carries out precise assessments of things and can progress through battle with superiority and smugness. It is said that he accumulates holy power in his left earring every day, intending to use the energy to digivolve eventually.


Kudamon is Commander Richard Sampson's partner, not only fighting alongside him, but also advising him on Digimon-related issues and assisting in the running of DATS. In times of danger Kudamon can digivolve to Reppamon, Chirinmon, or his Royal Knight form, Kentaurosmon.

Kudamon had been sent by King Drasil to keep an eye on the humans while undercover. However, as time passed, Kudamon grew fond of the humans and could not accept King Drasil's orders to exterminate them. He exposed his identity to Gallantmon and fought him to protect the DATS crew, their battle ending in a draw and leaving their fates unknown when they disappeared in Kentaurosmon's attack. Gallantmon and Kentaurosmon are seen falling into a deep trench, but Gallantmon eventually returns holding an unconscious Kudamon, explaining that Kentaurosmon told him why he sided with the humans and set him free. Kudamon later reunites with Sampson, but the meeting is cut short when he decides to return to the Digital World with the other Digimon.


  • Zekkoushou (絶光衝? lit "Blinding Ray"): Blinds the opponent with a great radiance emitted from its earring.

Other forms[]



Reppamon is Kudamon's Champion form.

Reppamon is a brown fox with dark brown front paws and hind legs, black claws, an yin-yang symbol on the thighs, and blue blade for a tail, with three red marks and a red eye on each side of it. He wears a white kitsune mask with three black marks on the front, two red zigzag-shaped marks in place of eyes, and red borders for ears. The mask has long white hair and two light blue cloth bands coming out of it.

Reppamon shows up to take out the cars slowing down the vehicle the DATS members are in and degenerates to Kudamon while jumping to Richard Sampson's shoulder. The Beginning of the End!



Chirinmon is Kudamon's Ultimate form. In episode 27, Kudamon warp digivolved to Chirinmon to help fight against the Bio-Hybrids.

He is named after the Qilin, a Chinese mythical animal.


  • Wind Cutter Sword (疾風天翔剣 Shippūten-shou Ken?, lit. "Gale-and-Heaven Soaring Sword"): Abruptly swoops from the skies and runs through the opponent with the horn on his head.
  • Knowledge of Swift (迅速の心得 Jinsoku no Kokoroe?): Uses his fast movements to unleash clones and confound the opponent.



Kentaurosmon is Kudamon's Mega form, and is one of the Royal Knights. He first appears in episode 40 to save the DATS team from the Royal Knights. When Gallantmon attacked the Real World, Kudamon double warp digivolved again into Kentaurosmon to fight Gallantmon.


  • Inferno Frost (Bifröst): Fires incandescent arrows of light from Múspellsheimr.
  • Icy Breath (Odin's Breath): Uses Niflheimr to lower the temperature of its climate and generate a blizzard.

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