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Kotone Amano
(天野 コトネ Amano Kotone)
Kotone Amano m
Appears in:Digimon Xros Wars (manga)
First appearance "Xros Generals!! Form the Anti-Bagra Allied Forces!!?" [8]
Latest appearance "BONUS TRACK" [22]
Partner(s):Sparrowmon, Monimon
Digivice(s):Fusion Loader
Age 7
Gender Female
Known relatives Nene Amano (Older sister)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation General in Xros Heart United Army

Kotone Amano (天野 コトネ Amano Kotone?) is Nene Amano's younger sister in the manga.



In the manga, Nene is helping DarkKnightmon because he promises to help Nene free Kotone, who is in a coma and sealed within a crystal. She is considered a General, and DarkKnightmon plans to use the Xros Codes of Kotone, Nene, and either Christopher or Mikey to create the Darkness Loader. However, Nene sacrifices herself to take Kotone's place as DarkKnightmon's puppet General, while Xros Heart and Blue Flare rescue Kotone, with her becoming one of Xros Heart's Generals.

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