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Tentomon b

When Kosuke Kisakata was a teenager, he was partnered to a Tentomon. More than a decade later, as the leader of the Sons of Chaos, he is partnered to Dorumon with Tentomon's whereabouts not being stated.

Whilst working on Mindlink tests for Tomonori Ryusenji; Kosuke, Saya Ryusenji, and Shuu Yulin were given partner Digimon. Kosuke's was able to turn his life around since he had to make sure he was able to properly look after Tentomon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-5

All three of them would go through many Mindlink tests though thus far had only explored their Digimon Docks. To be able to explore further than that, and reach the Digital World, they would need better computers. They would also need to learn how to control their partners, since if they lost control they would go passed the Mindlink limit and be unable to return to their bodies. Kosuke was in charge of the development of the Digimon tools and would send Digimon out to the Digital World to explore. Around 80% of the Digimon would return alive, giving them lots of useful information. Tomonori muses that it would be impossible for such tests to be 100% successful, comparing it to space mission in the past — this making the students uncomfortable since he brought up instances of astronauts failing to come back especially since they would soon be joining the Digimon on their travels via Mindlinking. They would refer to said upcoming Mindlinking project as the Tartarus program.

Some time later, and now ready to begin the Tartarus program Kosuke, Yulin, and Saya Mindlink to their partners and have them board the Tartarus probe, a digital observation vessel. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-6 The Digimon search the Digital World on their own virtual vessels with their partners controlling the vessels using Kosuke Kisakata tools. Due to the weak technology being used, the groups visibility was low but despite this they followed the path set for them and continued on their journey. As they explored, they were attacked with Kosuke and Yulin having no clue what had attacked them. Yulin and Kosuke figure BlackAgumon had been the attack target, and were unable to do anything as Saya's unit vanished without a trace. Kosuke blamed himself, as he had been the one to push for her to be a one woman rescue team, and regretted it wishing he had been doing it instead so that she would've returned safe in place of him. Tomonori forces Kosuke and Yulin to retreat as he considered it far too dangerous to have them try and rescue his daughter. The Tartarus probe was damaged and Palmon and Tentomon were injured and as such he had them withdraw as the chance of all three of them falling into DMIA was too high. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-7

Two Unknown Mega level Digimon[]

Kosuke also has two other Partner Digimon at the Mega level, which he keeps in their own individual Digimon Docks.

When Kosuke hacks into the Gateway to the Digital World, he needs three Prototype Digimon that can digivolve to the Ultimate level — with them being Vaccine, Data, and Virus Attributes. These were Dorumon, Loogamon, and Ryudamon. During the hacking, the three of them were unable to battle. This left Marvin Jackson and Chaosdramon as their only defence against anything that would try to stop them. This included Gatekeeper Digimon, as well as the DigiPolice. Satsuki Tamahime showed up with a Brigadramon, which Chaosdramon had to fight against to protect Kosuke, Eiji Nagasumi, and the Prototype Digimon. Before Brigadramon can kill Chaosdramon, Eiji yells at them to stop fighting as "it" was here. Omegamon of the Royal Knights had arrived.

Omegamon attacks Kosuke, but Marvin is able to have Chaosdramon block the attack. As it falls to the powerful Royal Knight's attack, it is able to launch one final attack itself but Omegamon avoids it. Satsuki has Brigadramon attack Omegamon, though its attacks do little to it. Though she had no desire to help the SoC, she continues to have Brigadramon attack the Royal Knight as she didn't want Omegamon to kill Ryudamon/Shuu Yulin alongside the others. Brigadramon overheats, with it now unable to continue fighting. Omegamon comes out of the smoke unharmed, with there now being nothing to stop it killing Kosuke. The hacking was at 97%, and as Omegamon charged at Kosuke the mission seemed like it was going to fail. Kosuke however, reveals he had a trump card — and pulls out two Digimon Docks. He summons the two Mega level Digimon and has them block Omegamon's attacks. With the hacking now at 99%, the gateway scans the three Prototype Digimon with its analysis bringing up holograms of their Ultimate forms. This confirmed they met the requirements, with the gateway giving Kosuke the key. The hacking was complete. Omegamon kills Kosuke's Mega Digimon but it is unable to reach the group in time as upon Kosuke activating the key — he, Eiji, and the Prototype Digimon vanish. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-5

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