Komondomon is a Beast Digimon. It is a Vehicle Digimon that loves to carry and transport Digimon. It feels like it is taking a walk wherever it goes and has a carefree personality that doesn't mind wherever it sets foot. It can dive and navigate underwater by spinning its tail. Although its long fur coat constantly gets dirty from being dragged along the ground, it actually likes to keep itself fairly clean. It hates fighting and will try to flee, prioritizing the safety of the Digimon aboard it, but as for those who attack it, it repels them with its “Wi-wiper (ワイワイパー? lit. "Howling Wiper")".[2]


  • Wi-wiper (ワイワイパー? lit. "Howling Wiper"): Leans over those who attack it with its large body and scrubs them with the shaggy hair on its feet.
  • Masshigurun (マッシグラン? lit. "Full-speed Run"): Blows the opponent away with its violent dashing.


Komondomon resembles a gigantic shaggy, eight-legged dog with mechanical elements, namely a deck on its back, a helmet on its face and windows on its neck. Its interior consists of a single table with a wrap around bench and a fridge as well as a set of stairs.

There are two variants of Komondomon. The one in the foreground of the official Bandai image from Digimon Web wears a rusty red helm baring two fins at the sides and an antenna on the top, which may be a reference to MS-06S Char's Zaku II; while the one in the background wears a silver, fin-less and antenna-less helm.


Komondomon (コモンドモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Komondo, from the Komondor dog breed. May also be a pun with "Commando", due to them sounding similar and Komondomon having robotic elements.


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