Knight Unryuji
(雲龍寺 ナイト Unryūji Knight)

Knight Unryuji t

8-34 Cloud

Appears in:Digimon Universe App Monsters
First appearance "Let's All Bring him Out! The Shut-in Offmon!" [32]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Nobunaga Shimazaki
Partner(s):Leviathan (manga)
Age 16
Gender Male
Known relatives Parents
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student
Aliases Cloud

Knight Unryuuji (雲龍寺 ナイト Unryūji Naito?) is the CEO of L-Corp. When disguised, he uses the pseudonym Cloud (クラウド Kuraudo?).


Knight is a teenage boy with fair skin, white hair, and central heterochromatic eyes that fade from yellow to purple. His attire consists of a maroon collar shirt under a black blazer with gold stripes going across the shoulders and chest, a pair of black dress-pants with gold stripes going down the sides, and brown dress-shoes that are black at the bottom.


Knight's catchphrase is "Thank you, future" (サンキュー未来 Sankyū Mirai?). He also tends to announce his name by saying his surname and pointing for his audience, who respond by shouting his name.


Knight Unryuji (雲龍寺 ナイト)

Name used in Digimon Universe App Monsters and related materials. Officially romanized in a cloud writing. High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!

Cloud (クラウド)

Alter-ego used in Digimon Universe App Monsters.



Due to his parents' job, Knight was raised abroad. He graduated from high school at age 12, and graduated from college in 2016. Thank You Future! Welcome to the City of AI!

In 2017, after Sateramon is defeated by Shutmon plus Globemon, Knight collects Sateramon's Chip. Let's All Bring him Out! The Shut-in Offmon! After Takeo Umematsu is fired from L-Corp, Knight becomes the new CEO. He arrives at his inauguration ceremony from space and becomes popular fast due to his good looks. High School CEO! Knight Unryuji Appears!


Knight is an App Driver. Cage!!


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