Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai (東御手洗 清司郎 (ヒガシミタライ キヨシロウ) Higashimitarai Kiyoshirō?) is one of the main characters of Digimon Ghost Game. He is partnered to Jellymon.


Kiyoshiro is a teenage boy with fair skin, silver hair, and blue eyes. His right arm is wrapped in bandages. He wears a blue turtleneck sweater, a grey pendant, a black collared jacket with rolled up sleeves with two breast pockets, light blue jeans, and dark grey and blue sneakers with light grey laces.

At school he wears the Hazakura Private Academy uniform; a white collared shirt, a maroon necktie, a blue blazer with brass buttons and pockets, black slacks. He wears brown loafers with the uniform, and his arm is still wrapped in bandages.


Kiyoshiro is second year junior high school student who serves as head of the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory. He is 14 years old. He is a genius who graduated from an American graduate school by skipping grades, and is living the student life in Japan for some reason. He usually talks with condescending attitude, but on the other hand, he's actually quite the coward, however, once he gets serious...?[1] "An unfortunate hottie." While he longs for strength, he is devastatingly cowardly, which is why his right hand is wrapped in bandages as a symbol of two extremes - one where he pretends to be a martial artist who does it "so as not to hurt his fist" and the other where he makes the excuse that "by injuring it, he can't give it his all." He might just be suffering from eight-grade syndrome though.[2]

Jellymon likes to scare Kiyoshiro.[3]


Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai (東御手洗 清司郎 (ヒガシミタライ キヨシロウ))

Name used in Digimon Ghost Game. Officially romanised by Toei Animation on the Digimon Ghost Game website.[1]

  • Ja: Higashimitarai (東御手洗?). Japanese surname that combines the words "higashi" (? lit. "east") and "mitarai" (御手洗? lit. "purifying water at the entrance of a shrine"). "Higashi" is possibly a reference to the Azure Dragon of the East, fitting the space theme of Hiro Amanokawa and Ruli Tsukiyono's surnames, while the water-related "mitarai" may relate to his Partner, Jellymon, being a jellyfish Digimon.
  • Ja: Kiyoshiro (清司郎 Kiyoshirō?). A Japanese masculine name that combines the kanji for "pure" ( kiyo?) and "director" ( shi?), and the suffix -rō (? lit. "nth son"). "Kiyo" might be a reference to the Kiyomizu-dera, which contains an Azure Dragon statue, while "shi" might be a reference to his position as the head of a dormitory.


Digimon Ghost Game[]

Kiyoshiro is a genius who was sent to study in the United States of America, where he met Emma Hanes Red Eye and graduated from college at age 13. However, his desire to live a school life similar to that of anime led him to enroll at the Hazakura Private Academy, Divine Anger where he became the leader of the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory.

On October of his 8th grade year at Hazakura, he reminds Hiro Amanokawa and Kotaro Nomura of the time. When Hiro asks why Kiyoshiro wears bandages, his vague answer leads Kotaro to mistake him as a victim of the "Sewn-lip Man". This gets Kiyoshiro alarmed and he screams at Kotaro for possibly jinxing him. He reminds Hiro of his duties and leaves. At night, Kiyoshiro talks to Hiro about the Sewn-lip Man's attack on Kotaro and gives the boy a talisman to protect him. Kiyoshiro also wears multiple talismans affirming he is not cursed. The Sewn-lip Man Two days later, after Hiro has his window fixed and Kotaro returns from the hospital, Kiyoshiro asks which type of glass Hiro ordered, vaguely warning him of many recent dangers. After Hiro asks him about it, Kiyoshiro denies seeing anything and runs away, visibly afraid of something. His behavior confuses the two boys. The Mystery of the Museum

On the day Hiro is helping Ruli Tsukiyono, Kiyoshiro asks about the reason he left class early and inquires about the Digivice -V-. As Hiro leaves, Kiyoshiro is desperate about his talismans no longer working.

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When Espimon asks for help investigating the cause of his twisted arm, Kiyoshiro is preparing for a forum and insists he can't leave his room, annoying Jellymon. Spiral Beach When Hiro and Ruli go see the Pierre Dream Circus, Kiyoshiro is unable to go because of the forum in Fukuoka. This leads to Jellymon quarreling with him because she insists they have to see the circus together. The two take a taxi, with Jellymon still angry at him and trying to drag Kiyoshiro. Clown

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Nine days after Manami Jinno's death, Kiyoshiro spends the entire night watching anime. The next day, at Ruli's request, the group goes to Kotoha Igashira's house investigate her claims about Manami's dead body moving at night. A scared Kiyoshiro is dragged by Jellymon to prevent his escape. In disbelief and fear, he begs to be allowed to go home. Despite his fear, he falls asleep at the house, and a group of Vilemon cause him to have a nightmare. When Toru Igashira arrives home, the group witnesses Manami moving. After the group is noticed by Manami, she absorbs energy from Toru, Kotoha, and Kiyoshiro, allowing the Moon=Millenniummon hidden inside Manami's body to revive itself as ZeedMillenniummon. A weakened Kiyoshiro watches the battle against ZeedMillenniummon, and is restored to normal after its defeat. He is alarmed by Hiro's decision to keep watch over a hybernating Moon=Millenniummon, in fear of these events repeating, but accepts Hiro's resolve they can solve the problem again if the need arises. The group watches as Toru mourns Manami. Resurrection

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