King Drasil is a mysterious antagonist in Digimon Adventure tri..


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King Drasil never actually appears itself, meaning its appearance is unknown, though it likely follows the same appearance of its counterparts in other media.



Maki Himekawa works with King Drasil to force the reboot to bring Tapirmon back to life. Confession

Dark Gennai and Alphamon work for King Drasil, and claim the entity is their ally. Dark Gennai states the actual plan for the reboot was to revive all the Digimon that had been killed in the real world, and then use them to take over and then destroy the Human World. Loss

After Jesmon cuts Gatomon out of Ordinemon, King Drasil replaces Gatomon's place with new files, causing her to return to the fight. Ordinemon however is killed by Omnimon Merciful Mode, and shortly afterwards, Homeostasis shuts down King Drasil. Future

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