Kernel (Lost Evolution) b
Appears in:Digimon Story: Lost Evolution
Partner(s):Apocalymon, Examon, Minomon
Gender Male

Kernel (カーネル Kāneru?) is the main antagonist of Digimon Story: Lost Evolution. He is the leader of Selector.





Kernel is a copy of one of the engineers who created the Digital World. According to Terriermon, the original Kernel died a long time ago.

He is later fought in the Legendary Tamer Battle. His Digimon are Apocalymon, Minomon, and Examon. Winning against him provides 180000 EXP and 60000 bits.

Monster Mode

Giga Devast

Giga Devast b

Giga Devast is Kernel's true form.

When confronted by Shuu/Kizuna in the Ancient Tree, Kernel transforms into Giga Devast to defeat the Tamer, but loses. He then digivolves to Tera Devast.

Tera Devast

Tera Devast b

Tera Devast is the digivolved form of Giga Devast.

After being by Shuu/Kizuna as Giga Devast, he digivolves into Tera Devast to once again try to defeat the Tamer, but is defeated.

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