Keramon (Cyber Sleuth)

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Keramon is Arata Sanada's Partner Digimon.




  • Crazy Giggle: Spews out an exceptionally destructive bullet of light while laughing (?)


When Arata entered the Digital World as a child, he met Kuramon.

At some point it digivolved into a Keramon. Eight years after meeting Arata, it meets him again in EDEN, possibly recognizing him. Arata shows Keramon to Aiba for the first time when they enter a digitalized Shinjuku subway, after the duo notices Digimon are able to materialize in the area. By the time Arata and Aiba have entered a digitalized Akihabara, Keramon has digivolved into Kurisarimon.

Other Forms


Kuramon dl.png

Kuramon is Keramon's Fresh form.

When Arata entered the Digital World a child, he met Kuramon.


Kurisarimon dscshm.png

Kurisarimon is Keramon's Champion form.

By the time Arata and Aiba enter a digitalized Akihabara, Keramon has digivolved into Kurisarimon.


  • Data Crusher: Destroys the opponent's configuration data with the tentacles extending from its back.


Infermon dl.png

Infermon is Keramon's Ultimate form.


  • Spider Shooter (Hell's Grenade): Fires off shells of a terrible, destructive energy from the gun muzzle inside of its mouth.


Diaboromon dl.png

Diaboromon is Keramon's Mega form.

Before going to the Digital World, Arata asks Aiba to come to Under Zero with him to help defeat the Knightmon that defeated him and the rest of Jude years before. Should Aiba choose to do so, they defeat the Knightmon together. Arata's happiness at finally breaking into Under Zero causes Infermon to digivolve to Diaboromon.

If Aiba chooses not to do the quest, Infermon digivolves offscreen and appears as a Diaboromon to help Aiba fight against a King Drasil unit whilst in the Digital World.


  • Catastrophe Cannon: Fires a powerful shot of destructive energy from its chest-cannon.

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