Keito Tamada
(玉田 彗斗 Tamada Keito)
Keito Tamada and Elecmon b
Keito is the boy.
Appears in:Digimon ReArise
Actor(s):(Ja:) Miyu Irino[1]
Grade University, first year[2]
Gender Male
Known relatives Nozomi Tamada (younger sister)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student

Keito Tamada (玉田 彗斗 Tamada Keito?) is a main character in Digimon ReArise. His Partner is Elecmon.


Keito is an young man with short black hair and brown eyes. He waers blue-framed glasses, orange headphones around his neck, a grey shirt, a green jacket, an orange belt, grey shorts, white socks, and brown shoes. His belt has a metallic quadrangular buckle.



Keito Tamada (玉田 彗斗)

Name used in Digimon ReArise.

  • Ja: Tamada (玉田?). Japanese surname that means "jewel rice field".
  • Ja: Keito (彗斗?). A Japanese name composed of the kanji for "comet" (?) and "to" (?), an unit of measure for liquids.


Notes and references

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