Kazuma Natsuyagi (夏八木 和真 Natsuyagi Kazuma?) is a character in Digimon ReArise Season 2. His Partner is Bearmon.



Kazuma is a second year high school student and is a member of the basketball club. He has a positive personality.[1] As he is the junior member of the club, Kazuma respects Takumi Hiiragi, a senior member, more than anyone else. Kazuma tends to get in trouble because of his straightforward personality, though he is likeable because he is positive about everything.[2]


Kazuma Natsuyagi (夏八木 和真)


Digimon ReArise

Kazuma's middle school made it a requirement for all students to join a club, and so Kazuma tried to joined the basketball club. The practices were tough and had lots of members, so Kazuma thought that attempting to join the basketball club may have been the wrong idea, however he changed his mind and realised it was the right decision when watching his upper-class man and idol, Takumi Hiiragi, playing basketball. Kazuma tried to befriend Takumi, however Takumi had no interest in befriending a first year who had never played basketball before and instead told him to go home and wouldn't allow him to join the team. Wanting to be able to befriend Takumi, Kazuma practiced basketball as much as he could also studied as hard as he could for three years and was able to get accepted into the same high school as him. Now better at basketball, he was able to join the high school basketball team and finally be able to befriend Takumi. Kazuma & The Upperclassman The two remained friends even after Takumi graduated and went to College. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

One day, Takumi was supposed to join the rest of the former members of the basketball club for a meeting, however he didn't show up. Kazuma looked all over for him, including at Takumi's College, and eventually storms into the Truffle Cafe demanding that Takumi accept his challenge, though is disappointed to learn that Takumi hadn't visited the Cafe for over month. Instead, he finds himself surprised at the fact the Partner Digimon of the rest of the group can talk. Mon and Hackmon suddenly arrive and take the group to the Digital World to fight Spiral though they leave a disappointed Kazuma behind due to him not having a Partner Digimon.

After leaving the Cafe he eventually sees Takumi in the distance and inadvertently follows him into a Digital Point. Having lost track of Takumi again Kazuma instead finds a Digi-Egg, and worried about an Egg being in the middle of the park, takes it with him. A Spiral-1021R suddenly attacks the Digi-Egg and so Kazuma flees with it, narrowly avoiding all the other Spiral that suddenly spawn to try and attack the Digi-Egg as well. As he continues to protect the Digi-Egg they are eventually saved by Mayu Kohinata and Chirinmon and the group escape to the Digital World to reunite with the rest of the Tamers. After they defeat all the Spiral the Digi-Egg hatches as Botamon and it happily assigns itself as Kazuma's Partner Digimon due to Kazuma having protected its Digi-Egg. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

When Kazuma and Botamon are shopping in the Mall a Digital Point opens up and Kazuma is attacked by a Spiral-2015B. Not wanting to see its partner hurt, Botamon fights the Spiral and digivolves to Wanyamon but it is easily defeated. Kazuma putting Wanyamon in danger by having it fight despite being an In-Training Digimon pisses off Mon though she calms down after Wanyamon defends Kazuma.

Later the two Deva, Vajramon and Pajiramon arrive in the Digital Point and attack the group as the Deva assumed the Humans were behind the constant Spiral attacks in the Digital World. The group try to talk them down, stating they were not behind the Spirals, however the two Deva refuse to believe it as they do no trust Humans and also express shock at Mon and BaoHuckmon helping Humans. As the two Deva continue to fight Chirinmon they tell it to prove that it is strong and to gain their trust by fighting them. As the fight continues they acknowledge that Chirinmon is strong however as the fight halts the two Deva are suddenly attacked and defeated by Machinedramon. Assuming that Machinedramon was on a rampage BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon and attacks Machinedramon, though Gaiomon suddenly arrives and intercepts the attack. As Takumi arrives Kazuma runs up to him, reuniting with the friend he had been searching for. Mon angrily yells at Kazuma for putting Wanyamon into danger yet again by running up to the enemy in the middle of battle. Wanyamon chases after Kazuma, stating it will protect him and digivolves to Bearmon — to the shock of Mon, confused as to how a newly born Digimon was able to digivolve twice in such a short space of time though Takumi has Gaiomon fight SaviorHuckmon instead of Bearmon. Takumi, deciding that he needs to press "them" for answers, moves onto the next location though is chased by SaviorHuckmon and Bearmon. As the fight continues Takumi is sent a message, which causes him to have Gaiomon retreat from the battle. SaviorHuckmon and Mon attempt to chase the duo though Gaiomon aims an attack at Mon, which SaviorHuckmon blocks, the distraction giving Takumi and Gaiomon enough time to escape. This upsets Kazuma as their reunion was short lived. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow

When on a trip to the Digital World to fight Spiral, Kazuma tells the group about the times he played basketball with Takumi however during the conversation the group are attacked by a group of Spiral, and so they digivolve to their Champion levels to defeat them. A Spiral-4036Y spawns in front of Kazuma however, and after Kazuma remembers a lesson he learned from Takumi in which he doesn't have to do everything himself, has Grizzlymon flee when Grizzlymon realises it stands no chance at defeating such a powerful Spiral. BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon and Filmon warp digivolves to Rasenmon, and the duo proceed to defeat the Spiral as it was chasing Kazuma and Grizzlymon. Kazuma then tells the group about his friendship over the years with Takumi. Kazuma & The Upperclassman

Sometime after that Grizzlymon and the others defeat a large amount of Spiral and notice that the amounts they had to defeat were getting lower – though rather than celebrate they realise this was most likely because something else was going on. As they clear out more Spiral they find a group attacking a group of Lalamon, though they are "saved" by Sandiramon, who defeated the Spiral whilst simultaneously hurting the Lalamon. The group are mad at this, though a fight is defused when they learn Sandiramon is one of the Deva, after which it informs them that the Four Holy Beasts were awakening and later learn from Kumbhiramon that they were awakening due to the lower amount of Spirals restoring the balance of the Digital World meaning they no longer had to slumber.

A few days later they test out Eiji's new app that allows communication between the Human World and Digital World, though whilst testing it the test is suddenly interrupted by Seraphimon of the Three Archangels and Examon of the Royal Knights. Realising that the two were about to fight Hackmon digivolves to BaoHuckmon and gets the Tamers and fellow partner Digimon out of the way, as the group would not survive with how close they were to the two Digimon in question. The fight continues and after Seraphimon launches a powerful attack, the ground below them splits and everyone falls inside. Kazuma finds himself on his own and after looking for Bearmon and the others and comes across Dorumon, who had also coincidentally gotten separated from Takumi. Dorumon is surprised to see Kazuma in such a place and after learning that Dorumon is Gaiomon – Takumi's partner – the two share stories about Takumi. Dorumon, remembering all the bad things they had done to the Tamers recently, feels weird about talking like that with Kazuma though Kazuma doesn't mind as he was lonely and the two call a truce until they find their partners. As they search for everyone else Dorumon defeats Spiral, however they eventually become too strong for the Rookie level Dorumon to defeat. As they are about to be killed by a group of Spiral Dorumon is enveloped in a Dark Aura, loses control, and defeats the Spiral. Dorumon tells Kazuma to flee as it could not control this power but Kazuma is unable to and Dorumon unwillingly attacks him. Takumi arrives just in time to quell his partner's rampage, though Kazuma still bore wounds from the attack. Takumi apologises and tells Kazuma not to bother with him and Dorumon again. Kazuma refuses, though is unable to stop the duo leaving as he collapses from the wounds with the rest of the group finding him whilst unconscious. After he awakens he sees Jesmon and Crusadermon, and Examon and Seraphimon fighting over the fact that Seraphimon wouldn't let the Royal Knights into its domain, with Examon and Crusadermon assuming that Seraphimon was sheltering Lucemon in its former home. The fighting stops with Zhuqiaomon of the Four Holy Beasts awakens and demands to know why everyone was fighting however. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts

Unsatisfied with the explanations of the quarrelling factions Zhuqiaomon decides to take the matters into its own hands and joins the battle. Mon however is able to stop the fighting, following Eiji's advice, by pointing out that not all members of the groups had let their opinions be known and set up a summit between the groups. The summit doesn't go well however, as the Archangels refuse to get involved in the Spiral problem and Examon pisses off the Holy Beasts by pointing out how badly their previous attempt at dealing with the Spiral had gone — as they and sent them to the Dark Area, which had cause them to learn how to transverse between the Dark Area, Digital World, and Human World. Before a fight escalates the Tamers are able to defuse the situation by calling for a break. They then decide to talk to each group individually, with Kumbhiramon escorting Kazuma, Grizzlymon, Keito, and HeavyLeomon to the Four Holy Beasts. Keito is able to convince the Four Holy Beasts to end the meeting amicably by telling them how much he loves Digimon and the Digital World, though Zhuqiaomon points out there's not much they can do when the problems are between the Archangels and Royal Knights in the first place. Due to the hard work of the others convincing the other groups to trust them as well the three groups agree to work together. A Digimon Summit Begins?

Some time after the summit, Kazuma and Grizzlymon help HeavyLeomon and Rasenmon clear out Digital Points. Kazuma wonders if they can use the Digital Point to travel to the Digital World, since other Digimon and Spiral were able to do so, though Keito states he had already thought of this and that they weren't able to do so. Rasenmon decides to try something out, wondering if it was what the Spiral do to get to the Digital World, and to everyone's surpirse is able to open a portal to the Digital World. Rasenmon leads the group through it, only for it to instead lead to the Dark Area. As they transverse the Dark Area they find Seraphimon and Sandiramon attacking Dorumon and Takumi and jump in to protect them, however during the battle a group of Spiral arrive and, using their new skill hacked into them by Eiji, paralyse everyone. As they are unable to move the Spiral attack them and the entire group de-digivolve back to their Rookie forms. Luckily for the group, Takumi and Dorumon return to the side of good and defeat the Spiral with their new form, Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode. To Wield a Blade for Justice Rasenmon then opens up another portal, taking everyone back to the Human World. Having learned from Takumi that Eiji was evil, they decide to confront him. The group are able to find him and, finding him with Sara and Machinedramon – who are in the middle of fighting Cherubimon, LovelyAngemon, and Mitamamon – join the battle. The group fail to stop Eiji however as he is able to have Machinedramon and the Spiral stall them long enough to be able to run through the gateway to the Kernel. Unfortunately for Eiji, the gateway remained open due to Cherubimon using its remaining power with the Tamers being able to get Rasenmon, Jesmon, and their Tamers through the gateway as well before Cherubimon passes out. God's Territory

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