Kazuma Natsuyagi
(新海沙羅 Natsuyagi Kazuma)
Kazuma Natsuyagi b.jpg
Appears in: Digimon ReArise
Actor(s): (Ja:) Soma Saito
Partner(s): Bearmon
Grade 11th[1]
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student

Kazuma Natsuyagi (夏八木 和真 Natsuyagi Kazuma?) is a character in Digimon ReArise Season 2. His Partner is Bearmon.



Kazuma is a second year high school student and is a member of the basketball club. He has a positive personality.[2] As he is the junior member of the club, Kazuma respects Takumi Hiiragi, a senior member, more than anyone else. Kazuma tends to get in trouble because of his straightforward personality, though he is likeable because he is positive about everything.[3]


Kazuma Natsuyagi (夏八木 和真)


Digimon ReArise

Kazuma and Takumi Hiiragi originally went to the same High School and were both part of the basketball club. The two remained friends even after Takumi graduated and went to College. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

One day, Takumi was supposed to join the rest of the former members of the basketball club for a meeting, however he didn't show up. Kazuma looked all over for him, including at Takumi's College, and eventually storms into the Truffle Cafe demanding that Takumi accept his challenge, though is disappointed to learn that Takumi hadn't visited the Cafe for over month. Instead, he finds himself surprised at the fact the Partner Digimon of the rest of the group can talk. Mon and Hackmon suddenly arrive and take the group to the Digital World to fight Spiral though they leave a disappointed Kazuma behind due to him not having a Partner Digimon.

After leaving the Cafe he eventually sees Takumi in the distance and inadvertently follows him into a Digital Point. Having lost track of Takumi again Kazuma instead finds a Digi-Egg, and worried about an Egg being in the middle of the park, takes it with him. A Spiral-1021R suddenly attacks the Digi-Egg and so Kazuma flees with it, narrowly avoiding all the other Spiral that suddenly spawn to try and attack the Digi-Egg as well. As he continues to protect the Digi-Egg they are eventually saved by Mayu Kohinata and Chirinmon and the group escape to the Digital World to reunite with the rest of the Tamers. After they defeat all the Spiral the Digi-Egg hatches as Botamon and it happily assigns itself as Kazuma's Partner Digimon due to Kazuma having protected its Digi-Egg. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

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