This article is about the 2020 Adventure: character. For for the 1999 Adventure character, see Kari Kamiya.

Kari Kamiya (八神 ヒカリ Yagami Hikari?) is a DigiDestined in Digimon Adventure:.


Kari is a young girl with fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. She wears a pink scarf, a yellow shirt with short, loose sleeves, short blue overalls with a pocket on the stomach, tight, orange socks, and yellow and white sneakers.


Kari is a shy and timid girl when she's out and about, and often worries about her brother going off and do things without her.


Hikari Yagami (八神 ヒカリ)

Japanese name used in Digimon Adventure:. Officially romanized in the official site.

  • (Ja:) Yagami (八神?). Japanese surname that means "eight gods".
  • (Ja:) Hikari (ヒカリ?). A Japanese feminine name. Usually means "light" (?).
Kari Kamiya

Name used in the American English release of the Digimon Card Game.

  • Kari. Derived from Hikari.
  • Kamiya. A Japanese surname. Yagami (八神?) written backwards.


Tokyo Digital Crisis

During the Tokyo crisis, Kari and Yuuko Kamiya left the apartment and decided to move to her Grandpa's for a bit. The Jet-Black Shadow Invades Tokyo

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