Kaoru Hyuuga (日向薰 Hyuuga Kaoru?) is a main character in Digimon New Century. His partner is Monodramon.



Kaoru's family has been affluent since he's young. When facing his father's strong and strict discipline, Kaoru seems weak on the surface, but in fact has a rebellious side. For example, he prefers eating ramen at the side of the street over eating European cuisine that requires one to behave himself. The worshiping of his father and the explicit ban on D-Zero by his father have made Kaoru very fond of Digimon. When he saw his friends all battling alongside their partners, he wanted to own a Digimon that belongs to him too.[1]


Kaoru Hyuuga (日向薰)

Name used in Digimon New Century.


After finding that Hyuuga Technology was performing illegal experiments, DTF sent the captain and the Protagonist's team to investigate. During the investigation, it was discovered that Hiroyuki Hyuuga and Phantomon secretly joined forces, preparing to open a channel to an unknown domain. Under the guidance of King Drasil's will, the captain dissuaded Hiroyuki's plan, but unexpectedly learned his's true thoughts. When Hiroyuki was opening the gate of the channel, Kaoru followed the team to stop him. He brought his father’s D-Seed in front him, trying to use family love to soften him. Finally, Hiroyuki revealed his real plan. Before being taken to the DTF headquarters, Hiroyuki gave his D-Seed to Kaoru and stated that Kaoru had the right to use it freely. Under the influence of his father, Kaoru embarked on the path of independent growth.[1]

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